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Free 3 month Tastecard trial & Free RakutenTV Movie at Sweatcoin app
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Download the Sweatcoin app for free on your Apple or Android device. Claim your free 3 month Tastecard (50% off pizza delivered) ;) and a free RakutenTV movie rental worth £4.50. … Read more
Avatardeleted2393521Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks Rosie, love a free movie and pizza. 🌹🍕


Forgot about that, worth doing both sides though


If you pay through PayPal go to payments and cancel future payments


it's a bit of a pain to locate how to cancel for those that do, I found this link to their cancellation page https://www.tastecard.co.uk/mytastecard/cancel


Enjoy (y)

FREE Rakuten HD Movie Rental + 3 Months of Tastecard+ (for 'new' customers) @ Tastecard
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Offer is from TOTUM but generic link . Sign up to Tastecard via the link in the OP and get 3 months Tastecard+ free plus a free Rakuten HD movie rental. Tastecard+ allows you to b… Read more

Glad I could help :D


Cheers @jamie15 got the code


Deal expired. 3 month offer still there but no free rental.


Rented Ice Age 5, other Ice Age movies are on Disney+ except for this one.


Same. Thanks for reminding me to check!

3 Months of Tastecard for free + £3.03 Cashback @ Topcashback
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Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
3 Months of Tastecard for free + £3.03 Cashback @ Topcashback
Search tastecard on topcashback, click through and sign up. You also get £3.03 cashback.

Will be charged after the three months if not cancelled

Free 3 Month Tastecard @ Tastecard.co.uk
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Posted 31st Oct 2019Posted 31st Oct 2019
Free 3 Month Tastecard @ Tastecard.co.uk
FREE£79.99TasteCard Deals
Buy a tastecard for £0. Save £79.99 today and get 50% off or 2 for 1 at over 6,000 UK Restaurants for a year! This is a free 3 Month trial. Then cancel at https://www.tastecard.… Read more

Thanks OP got one for my Dad although he'll probably struggle as it's an app rather than a plastic card.


Thanks, signed up via PayPal then cancelled both so will just wait for my tcb £3


I've had absolutely no issues cancelling any trials I've had with tastecard over the last 5 years or more. I also received tcb for the last one I took out.


Good to see you've got another message to copy and paste onto these threads (y)


it says charge will be added to your mobile phone???

Tastecard 90-Day Trial: £1
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Posted 22nd Oct 2019Posted 22nd Oct 2019
Tastecard 90-Day Trial: £1
Link taken from the Tastecard newsletter. This is usually 60 days so another 30 days added

Had a Tastecard for years, usually make the money back after one meal, well worth the money in my opinion


heat.. I too love this card. great for when visiting new places too, we phone and book somewhere that accepts it for tea. well worth the money even when it's full price.


Love this card! Brilliant if you’re in a group or if you head out for food now and again. Worth the offer price even if you use it just once!!


I used to use it in some holiday inns, the discount was 50 % off the bill, savings used to really stack up, over a three day break Sadly they rules keep changing, last time I had to book the meals in advance and certain days where excluded.


In my case, because I'm being paid £3.15 to use it for 2 months ;) Let's see if TCB tracks - it's worked before but they are really poor now, I'm continually having to chase them up!

Tastecard Annual Membership: £34.99 + Free £5 Voucher (Amazon/Costa/M&S)
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Posted 14th Oct 2019Posted 14th Oct 2019
Annual membership for £34.99 and get a FREE £5 gift card for M&S, Costa Coffee or Amazon

App, you show it at the place, says at the bottom Powered by Tastecard, the resturants process as a tastecard.


How does it work - do you get a card or is it an app?


Meerkat Meals membership which can cost £1 a year is the same as tastecard, it runs on the tastecard platform. I think it actually says that at the bottom of the screen. "powered by tastecard" Same deals, same restaurants, hence this deal is going to voted cold by me I'm afraid.


Just cancelled a trial I was on as I didn't think it was worth it after getting a Meercat meals membership. I was told that Meercat meals is a franchise of Tastecard which is why they have the same basic list of restaurants. There may be others on Tastecard, but for me it wasn't worth continuing.


Had a free taste card for 3 month, carried it on because of all the other discounts such as £7 vue cinema ticket any day/film/time. It's much more than food now. Unless there is a cheaper way to get the deal, i think this is a great price

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Tastecard 3 Month Trial £1 (Plus £3.50 Cashback @ TopCashback!)
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Posted 23rd Jul 2019Posted 23rd Jul 2019
Tastecard 3 Month Trial £1 (Plus £3.50 Cashback @ TopCashback!)
Saw an advert on Instagram for Tastecard offering a 3-month trial for only £1. Had a look on TopCashback and it seems you can get £3.50 cashback if you sign up for it via their sit… Read more

Around the same time.


Good for the £2.50, but l tried taste card and found it a bit limited. It didn't cover places l wanted to eat when I wanted to eat there and you had to order off the full price menu so savings were somewhat less than they appear ed. I'm pretty certain you also got sidelined by the staff who quickly sussed you were a cheap-skate (or maybe that's just me?).


Heat. I did a trial for this last time and saved a lot, only days I can really go out for dinner is Friday/Saturday so never use meerkat meals


When did you sign up? I signed up to the trial on 25th June and got my £4 payout on 19 July.


Same wold

Free 3 month Tastecard with up to £3 at Topcashback
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Posted 25th Jun 2019Posted 25th Jun 2019
Free 3 month Tastecard with up to £3 at Topcashback
Get a three month Tastecard free trial, and topcashback will pay you £3! Seems too good to be true...

Did anyone else do this on 25th June (not afterwards when the advertised rate changed) and have less than £4 track?


I didn't ask about the claims process, it was the fact that the last 2 transactions I've put through that have both been on here haven't tracked - I had rarely had an issue but now tcb is becoming unreliable. To the same level that lots of other people are on - with them complaining that things aren't tracking or aren't being paid. Obviously if this takes 12-16 weeks then I'll have cancelled the payment and it WONT then track - fantastic! Time to move to Quidco?!


When something doesn't track we have to submit your claim, amongst others to the tracking network. Other sites will also submit their own claims which means there can be a lot at any one time ,meaning it can take 12-16 weeks for the network to identity whether we should be eligible for the cashback. Best wishes,Matt


@TopCashbackRep How come it seems as though everyone else has had their cashback track almost straight away, yet I had to put in a claim after the order on the 25th June and it's still "awaiting for retailer"? I've been happy to back TCB on here but that's the last 2 offers I've put through that I've had to struggle to get.


I can

Free 2 months tastecard trial @ Hold app (requires 60 points)
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Posted 1st May 2019Posted 1st May 2019
Free 2 months tastecard trial @ Hold app (requires 60 points)
FREE£0.01TasteCard Deals
For 60 points, you can get a free 2 months tastecard trial. Download Hold for free on Android or iOS
Get deal*Get deal*

I just keep getting the free trials for tastecard with a new email


Can't see why this is cold. I get a tastecard through work and also have Meerkat meals. I use the tastecard more you can use it on Saturdays in a lot of restaurants and there's also a lot of places on the Tastecard that aren't on Meerkat The tastecard usuallys pays for itself after one meal anyway but yes you do have to remember to give them a call to stop it automatically renewing but I do this as soon as the card comes through (you still get the full 12 months usage)


TASTECARD Not worth it in my opinion, I'm going back some years, I got a similar deal for 3 month trial of Tastecard which I NEVER used, tends to be only the very posh restaurants & places where you can use it and you only get a discount or 2 for 1 at best... just a way to get you to sign-up with your details so they can sell your email address to 3rd parties, or hoping you forget to cancel so they can charge you full price, personally I never used it, but did get a lot of emails from various sources once I had signed up for the trail.


Probably better getting free Meerkat Meals (powered by Tastecard) for a year, not voted. I am waiting for the £1 trial with £5 PizzaExpress to come back.

50% OFF Annual tastecard Limited time only £39.99
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Posted 23rd Apr 2019Posted 23rd Apr 2019
50% OFF Annual tastecard Limited time only £39.99
£39.99£79.9950%TasteCard Deals
tastecard terms and conditions of membershipKey facts Please Note : 13th Birthday Golden Ticket giveaway. 1,300 members who purchase a £1 trial will be automatically entered int… Read more

I used to have one but with my wuntu dine and meercat meals it's no longer needed.


£29.99 if you buy or renew through their mobile app.

Free tastecard 60 day trial - no bank details needed - includes beefeater
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Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Free tastecard 60 day trial - no bank details needed - includes beefeater
Free 60 day trial (No bank details needed).

Brillant, just saved nearly £60 at Beefeater with instant activation on app. Thanks OP!


From the Terms and Conditions..... "The automatic renewal does not apply to gift purchases or free trial memberships where you are not required to enter payment details to redeem" Just sent off for mine no problem cost = Zilch (y)


Top cashback seem to be offering a free 90 day trial but when you click that it redirects to a page offering a 60 day trial for a pound. Not great.


I did this on a computer - no need for payment. But it didn’t ask me for a password so getting the app was annoying. I had to request a forgotten password and then it worked fine. The app is a bit clunky however I wanted to make full use of those 60 days


Same for me

Tastecard have added Beefeater  - 2 for 1 on starters, mains & desserts at Beefeater with Tastecard
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Refreshed 15th Apr 2019Refreshed 15th Apr 2019
Tastecard have added Beefeater - 2 for 1 on starters, mains & desserts at Beefeater with Tastecard
£10£2050%TasteCard Deals
Tastecard have added Beefeater to their list of restaurants and they give you 2 for 1 for all courses 7 days a week.

you pay for 2 meals


Just been caught out with autorenewal and charged £40. F****


I think it's about the same savings.


Cineworld: Additional booking fees apply on cineworld's website. Adult: £6.60 Child: £4.90 VUE: Flat rate:£4.05 + 45p admin fee per ticket Odeon: Adult: £8.57 + 45p admin fee per ticket Child: £6.69 + 45p admin fee per ticket The prices may be cheaper outside of London. I live within London so these (above) are the prices I get for my selected cinemas. For example if you select Odeon in Guildford you get an adult ticket for £7.22 + 45p admin fee which works out slightly cheaper.


Are these the approximate rates you get?

FREE £5 Burger voucher with a £1 60 Day Trial of Tastecard
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Posted 23rd Feb 2019Posted 23rd Feb 2019
FREE £5 Burger voucher with a £1 60 Day Trial of Tastecard
A £5 voucher for £1 plus a free tastecard for 2 months!
Get deal*Get deal*

Where does it say anyway free burger ?


the compare the market deal is only valid sun-thurs,tastecard is valid most places on friday,and some places saturday


for £2 would be better getting this for the year https://www.comparethemarket.com/customer-rewards/


It was ok until they stopped Cineworld...

Free Tastecard 60-Day Trial
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Posted 8th Jan 2019Posted 8th Jan 2019
Free Tastecard 60-Day Trial
60 day free trial or £1 for 120 days. 2-4-1 deals / 50% off restaurants. Free trial is hassle free and no bank details are needed. £1 offfer you will need to cancel before the end… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Hi please try this join.tastecard.co.uk/mse-exclusive/?utm_source=mse&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=jan19_mse_trials&utm_content=mse_site


I can not see the deal page Only this page appears http://hotukdeals.digidip.net/visit?url=https://join.tastecard.co.uk&ppref=https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-tastecard-60-day-trial-3160112&ref=1700805111


Totally agree. They will not refund under any circumstances once they have your money!


Agree meerkat is good but personally I find there is more choice on the taste card


I think meerkat meals is just as good. Got mine for a year by buying travel insurance for 89p

3 month digital TasteCard membership, for nothing per Month (£0 in total), at TasteCard
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Posted 4th Jan 2019Posted 4th Jan 2019
3 month digital TasteCard membership, for nothing per Month (£0 in total), at TasteCard
3 month digital TasteCard membership, for nothing per Month (£0 in total), at TasteCard Promo Code: BCWYC3MF4991218. Card Type: 3 month digital tastecard membership* Includes … Read more

You should have a policy number from the insurance. If you go to Meerkat redeem on compare website or the app it should let you use your policy number. The number should be in your email that the policy documents were emailed to. Hope it helps. Nobody else I know has had a problem.


Well I didn't get any codes?


I've explained all already in my Freebie Deal Description ... Explanations, telephone number, web links - the whole shabang basically?. (Like I tend to do with pretty much all my Post's upon here ... ) :-) Find your answers here: https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/36737459 Enjoy your evening. :-)


How do you cancel


Fair play to that. :-)

3 month digital TasteCard​ membership​, for £1 per Month (£3 in total), at TasteCard
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Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
3 month digital TasteCard​ membership​, for £1 per Month (£3 in total), at TasteCard
3 month digital TasteCard membership, for £1 per Month (£3 in total), at TasteCard Promo Code: MVC0518 . Card Type: 3 month digital tastecard membership * Includes FREE acce… Read more

Lol, cool, thanx.


Just fixed it. Here’s the link again. https://www.tastecard.co.uk/m/purchase/join/promo:BCWYC3MF4991218


No problem. Edit: Why isn't your link active?, thanx.


Voted cold. You can get 3 months for free. https://www.tastecard.co.uk/m/purchase/join/promo:BCWYC3MF4991218


Fair enough, that's a shame, no problem.

TasteCard 60day Trail - £1 - £34.99 after
-70° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
TasteCard 60day Trail - £1 - £34.99 after
£1£79.9999%TasteCard Deals
TasteCard are offering a 60 day trial for £1, then it's on £34.99 instead of £79.99 for a years membership. Can be used in absolutely loads of eateries, along with Cinemas and a fe… Read more

I can’t add heat to any tastecard deal as I had full paid subscription in the past & learnt my lesson: 1) this deal is there as frequent as dfs sale 2) reactions from restaurants after telling them we have tastecard is appalling. We have even highlighted to tastecard but get no response. 3) restaurants treat you subpar when you say you have tastecard


Corrected, thank you


Says 60 days not 6 months


Isn’t it 60 days and not 6 months. worth a quid.. Ed’s easy diner at 50% is well worth it

Free Bluetooth Speaker with annual Tastecard membership - £34.99, was £79.99
-59° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
Free Bluetooth Speaker with annual Tastecard membership - £34.99, was £79.99
£34.99£79.9956%TasteCard Deals
Members get 2 for 1 or 50% off meals at over 6,100 restaurants Digital & physical tastecard Instant access with our free app High Quality membership guide Access to o… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Fair enough. I bought one as a Gift so not really gonna go through that hassle


Here is a similar thread I found a few days ago. hotukdeals.com/deals/free-bluetooth-speaker-with-annual-tastecard-membership-at-3499-3129302 See my comment on the cost of the speaker etc.


It's fair enough if it works for your area. I have had both too and found that I never used the tastecard due to the restrictions.


Seems good for Aberdeen as the ones I've looked at are valid 7 days. I've got meerkat aswell but tend not to go out on the valid days, just usually the weekend


So are quite a few of the decent Tastecard places

Free Bluetooth Speaker with Annual Tastecard Membership at £34.99
-80° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
Free Bluetooth Speaker with Annual Tastecard Membership at £34.99
£34.99£79.9956%TasteCard Deals
This is the normal "reduced" cost of Tastecard. But this time it comes with a Free Bluetooth speaker. A nice extra bonus! Tastecard is a great service - you will save the cost of … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I've used the taste card for years. The first year i foolishly paid the full membership for me and my partner. Since then i got savvy, i do the £1 for 3 month thing or 4 months for free. I must admit, i do use the meerkat movies for cinemas, but use the taste card more for meals etc. Cancellations: Everyone is right with the auto renewal thing. It is annoying, but providing you add it into your diary for 2 days before you are okay. Auto renewal: Additionally if you do the cancellation online, in the Reason drop down, you can select "do not auto renew". Which i presume just makes sure it doesn't get charged. Speakers: Do not be fooled by the offer, they are cheapy 10 Euro things. Stark Bluetooth® Speaker Sample


cinema tickets are 40% off not BOGOF and never have been. Their database was compromised earlier this year, meaning we all had to get new credit cards and cineworld has disappeared from their cinema offering, making it less desirable. It's not a bad deal if you eat out regularly or go to the cinema regularly and there is a brand near you, but there are other equally as good products that cost less eg gourmet society, free with some bank accounts, meerkats as you mention, who now also do the 2 for 1 meals and there are always vouchers to be had on the internet. Most restaurants to not let you use the card on Friday or Saturdays, special days and some bank holidays and for the entire month of December, so it's effectively 11 months. As long as you will save more than the cost and couldn't do it for less than £34.99 using another deal, then it's still useful.


Not free. Its a deal since you need to buy the Tastecard membership


I use it for the cimema all the time. It’s sik


Personally I think its a great product! There are so many more restaurants on it and you also get a much better cinema offering 7 days a week. Their customer services always have been helpful with us as my mrs cancelled hers. Save well over the cost of membership each month! I paid £34.99 without the speaker! Trust pilot scores are pretty good!

Huawei Y7 on EE - Unmlimited Mins and Texts, 1GB Data (6 month FREE Apple Music + FREE 12mo Tastecard) £15pm  (£9pm after cb) £360 @ e2save
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Huawei Y7 on EE - Unmlimited Mins and Texts, 1GB Data (6 month FREE Apple Music + FREE 12mo Tastecard) £15pm (£9pm after cb) £360 @ e2save
Decent little ee handset offer if you are a light user on data. You can grab a Huawei Y7 on ee for £15pm before cashback (£9 after) on a 24 month contract. Unlimited Minutes, Unli… Read more

quite a package compiled there.thanks @msmyth (highfive)

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