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Yale Easy Fit Alarm Starter Kit EF-SKIT NEW - Plain Box £69.99 @ Yale / eBay
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Yale have some decent offers on house alarms, including the EF range like the one in the description. Amazon have it at £115. I went for the telecommunicating model of the same ran… Read more

Thanks for posting. We have added this to today's Highlights page. :D


Thanks, just read on the Yale website it's basically an upgrade to any of the Easy Fit range. https://www.yalestore.co.uk/smart-home-alarm-hub.html


As long as the set is Easy Fit too which I’m 99% certain it is if you’ve the telecommunications box I’m thinking of, then yes. Not sure if you run the smart hub and the telecommunications box both run at the same time (probably would). I just sold the telephone box for £50 online


Ah ok. My Yale control panel is connected to the telephone line so when it triggers I get the call to mobile. Can the smart hub be attached to my existing system?


You will struggle to find compatible parts if you want to expand it - that is the old HSA sets, not the EASY FIT where parts are prolific on eBay so cheap. :)

Yale household safe £7.99 in store at Lidl Evesham Town centre
107° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayLocalLocal
Important . This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
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Mmm....these are the worst thing you can buy if trying to protect your valuables... They are just an advert to any burglar that all your valuables are inside and ate so rasy to get into they might aswell not have a door on.


They shouldn’t be allowed to sell them. It’s about a as safe as one of those little padlocks you get in a cracker.

Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit Plus - IA-330 at Safe for £303.05
-76° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Good price for a smart alarm (not monitored). Curry’s also price matched with this when called (for those who have vouchers they want to use). Safe.co.uk were already one of the … Read more

Great alarm system, usually around this price though. I found it cheaper to buy the starter pack for around £185 and add a few door contacts/motion sensors (pet friendly) as required....


I would definitely buy again from Safe.co.uk. Bought an alarm system from them plus additional sensors from them afterwards. No issues at all and a great website of a great range of alarms.

Yale HSA6600 Wireless Home Smart Alarm £129.99 at yale_official / ebay
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Just built a home pub at the bottom of the garden and my house alarm signal isn't strong enough so looking around for a cheap kit... This looks to be £50 cheaper than anywhere else… Read more

Have spent a while reading through the thread and decided on one of the 'Easyfit' Yale range, as these operate on the more secure 868MHz frequency. There is a simple model at £69.99 from Yale's eBay store - EF-SKIT Or a version which will call you at £139.99 - EF-KIT2B I only need a couple of sensors for my setup, so these worked well for budget/benefit tradeoffs.


Have been looking for an offer on a Yale alarm so this is good timing! Thanks for sharing!


Also accepted 120 pounds from me happy days


It's not only in terms of the batteries that a Texecom or Pyronix system is far superior to the Yale, but more importantly in terms of the wireless technology the Yale uses a simple, easily hackable 433Mhz one-way communication protocol whereas the other two use a far more secure 868MHz 2-way protocol. By easily hackable, I mean a cheap RF transmitter which costs a few quid on the bay will disable the Yale or any other 433Mhz one-way alarm. Just have a look at the YouTube videos on this topic.


They accepted an offer of £120 for me.

Yale SD-L1000-CH Conexis L1 Smart Door Handle/Lock Chrome Finish £159.99 at Amazon
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
White finish available for 162.99 KEYLESS - Gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a Key. SIMPLE TO FIT - Suitable for most PVC and composite doors, only a… Read more

I’ll stick with my thick door handle, thanks.


Well it gives you something to do while you wait for the locksmith ;)


Some of the comments here ain’t really selling it, despite apparently owning it! (shock)


Wave 1 module isn't Bluetooth & neither is the 2nd gen Most people have a basic cylinder in their multipoint locking UVPC door which with a pair of mole grips and a screwdriver access to house can be obtained in less than 30 seconds. Pretty sure this lock will take longer and take more noise to break than that.. also I would guess 90 of crooks would look at the lock, see no key hole and not have a clue what to do... Resort to brick through window.


We always get the ‘experts’ though! (lol)

Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Alarm £215 at Amazon
189° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Yale smart sync family kit ia 320 alarm at a very good price. Available with 5 payments of £43 Also the same price at Currys: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/smart-tech/smart-tech/s… Read more

App was down lastnight YET AGAIN, SERVER ISSUES AGAIN , couldn't turn the alarm off or unlock my door, locked out for 4h. i spent about £600 on this crap, yale are getting blasted in a min, nothing but problems with this crap.


When we leave the house, we use the key fobs. We then get a phone notification to say the alarm is armed, the hub beeps and the external siren unit flashes an led. At night we use our phones as we don't take keys upstairs so its easier.


Yes with my version it has a keypad and 2 key fobs. This version has the keypad, 2 key fobs and you can arm with alexa. (but not disarm I don't think)


So can you disarm it without internet manually?


No your house stays alarmed, it just cant send the notification out to your phone. Without internet it just becomes a standalone alarm system. It doesnt need the internet to work, just to notify your phone and to allow you to arm/disarm with the app

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Amazon - Yale AC-KF Sync Smart Home Alarm Accessory Key Fob for IA Alarms £19.99 (Prime) £24.48 (Non Prime)
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
The Yale Sync Key Fob can be used to arm, disarm or emergency trigger your Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm up to 200m away from the smart hub. The Key Fob is easy to pair with your Yal… Read more
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OMG absolutely genius I hadn’t even spotted that. Thanks joebham


there is a small on / off slider button on the device


I'm not too keen on these type of things as you set it when you leave then un set without knowing.


Great price have some heat, awful design though. Just a word of warning the activate alarm button protrudes out of the case so having this on a key ring constantly results in the alarm being accidentally set. May work better if you can get a sleeve and case for it, but Yale have really let themselves down on this design


Thanks (y) I’m also waiting for the combined smoke alarm/ motion sensor to drop

Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Starter Kit - £188.99 delivered @ electrical-showroom
209° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Hope it helps someone :D The Yale Smart Home Starter Kit features everything you need for additional protection and security that you may not already have. Have full control of … Read more
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I did the hue test by putting the siren in a pile of towels, couldn't hear a peep, the hue lights flash for 20 seconds and the siren still goes on, yes iv spent many hours resetting ect, even with yale on the phone, they say its impossible for the tags not to work, they then get me off the phone,


Nipped out again lastnight and got home and the app had removed all my login info and would not login, had to get in the back door and reset the password, getting beyond a joke now this.


I don't have the conexis L1 but I do have the sync smart alarm and hue and am really pleased with it so far. Haven't really tried leaving the alarm sounding for 10 mins to see if the hue lights flash for the full 10 mins, as don't want to annoy my neighbours but when I have time to mess around with it I will check it out and mute the sirens. With regards to your problems, have you tried resetting the system and starting from scratch and see if the alarm works ok on it's own before pairing it to the conexis lock and hue? Once paired to the conexis, if your tags don't work have you tried adding them again to your system?


You do have a point, people are lured into a false sense of security by Cameras and most arent even aware of ICO regulations regarding their use. However Cameras can act as a deterrent if placed correctly. Most will send motion notifications to the user which will be at the forefront of a thief and another tool in the box to alert you something is wrong But yes a combination of both is the way forward, with a nice discreet camera put into the mix somewhere


I disagree. 1. It'll notifty you and any one else you choose by text/email/push notification instantly, so you can respond personally. 2. My neighbours would check if our alarm went off and vice versa. 3. it's really loud and can also make any installed Phillips Hue bulbs flash (red for some reason!), which I'm pretty sure would be a very good deterent. You'd have to be pretty confident/stupid to continue robbing a house whch is flashing bright red and "sirening". Obviously cameras too would also be good, but in terms of deterent effect, I think a lot of low lifes just hide their faces with a scarf or whatever and continue when they're up to no good.

Yale Electronic Digital Safe £26.99 delivered @ Aldi
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Product Information Battery Type: AA (included) Brand: Yale Dimensions: 20 x 31 x 20cm (approx.) Material: Steel Product Type: Locks & Safes Voltage: 1.5V Volume: … Read more
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Safe fam


Money's safer in here than in my pension at the moment


Not suitable for analogue valuables.


But how many rolls will it fit?


I don’t put risks like that down to good luck, lol. Their underwriting team recorded the model of the safe, and details on where and how it’s affixed to the wall. So the specified item, it’s value and replacement sum plus details of the safe are specifically itemised on my policy docs. If it’s on my wrist or in that safe it’s covered at full replacement value. Just saying it’s possible to buy a value safe (mine was £70 and it basically a bigger version of the one in the deal) and get good insurance coverage. No need to spend a fortune.

Yale's No. 1 Course: The Science of Well-Being (Tackle Depression and how to be happy) now Free @ Coursera
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Yale's No. 1 Course: The Science of Well-Being (Tackle Depression and how to be happy) now Free @ Coursera
Starting today the most popular class in the history of Yale is now available online. Nearly a quarter of all Yale undergraduates have enrolled in the class in its inaugural year —… Read more

It's always been free on Coursera.


Great stuff! Heat!


Thanks, enrolled, heat.


The professor of this course made a podcast called The Happiness Lab, which covers a lot of the course basics. Well worth a listen! - https://www.happinesslab.fm/


Thanks for sharing. Just signed up.

Yale YLV/200/DB1 Laptop Value Safe, Solenoid Simple keypad, 15 mm Steel Locking Bolts, Emergency Override Key, 23 Litre £44.99 @ Amazon
255° Expired
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Yale YLV/200/DB1 Laptop Value Safe, Solenoid Simple keypad, 15 mm Steel Locking Bolts, Emergency Override Key, 23 Litre £44.99 @ Amazon
£44.99£53.9917%Amazon Deals
Lightning deal Value Safe: Yale YLV/200/DB1 Laptop Value Safe designed to secure laptops with screens up to 14.5 Inch and other important belongings Secure Design: Steel const… Read more

More likely he'll be out and about scrumping brand new freezers full of food out of hoarder's garages... Or at least I hope so, and their stashes of toilet rolls too. (y)


You might as well use the toilet water tank to put money or gold away as the new money and gold is waterproof and I dont think anybody will look there.


Thank you, SUMMONER. (highfive)


Yes, but the potato vs solid steel safe sounds far more impressive than whack it with a mallet or a can of drink.


Nothing special about using a potato. Any item will do... (confused)

YALE HSA Essentials Alarm Kit - £76.49 at Currys/ebay (with code)
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Nice saving on a decent kit here. Key Features Improve your home security with the Yale HSA Essentials Alarm Kit . It comes with 2 motion detectors and a door/window contact tha… Read more

Tsingtao: What I need is an offer on a long ladder to finally put the siren up... Good piece of kit though the internal alarm is handy enough on its own. I positioned ours just outside the bedroom window so I can reach out to it. Comes in handy when changing batteries, or to make it easier to disarm, in the middle of the night, when the batteries get low and goes off for no reason! (Though to be fair, this version I have hasn't done that) (y)


Yours is different. This is a 2006 yr model, so getting on. Manual states batt's last two years.


Got the HSA 6200 in an outbuilding which looks very similar and have had no issues in 3 years. I have only replaced one set of batteries so far. I do monthly checking on the pir's and door sensors and they always pass the tests.


Thanks for that useful info. A non-solar battery-op alarm's a non-starter, given that a ladder's likely needed each time the batteries need replacing (yearly, I imagine, as even if not used to sound alarm they drain). I use a dummy flashing solar box: the brightness of the flash is a good now as was when installed c 3 years ago.


In what way?

Yale Essential Alarm at Currys free Click and Collect + 2 Year Guarantee £89.99 @ Currys
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Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Yale Essential Alarm at Currys free Click and Collect + 2 Year Guarantee £89.99 @ Currys
£89.99£12930%Currys PC World Deals
Improve your home security with the Yale HSA Essentials Alarm Kit . It comes with 2 motion detectors and a door/window contact that will trigger the alarm whenever movement is det… Read more

Why did you buy a system for your brother in law if you knew wireless was the worse way to go? What you say about the batteries is simply not true, I change mine once a year and that's just preventative maintenance


Bought this on the Robert Dyas deal for £75, easy to set up if you read the instructions only issue was drilling the 4 holes up a ladder in the rain for the siren/box. I then went to Machine Mart and purchased another 5 window and door sensors, another keypad and a remote (£90) and then another siren box for the rear of the property from Yale for £50 del. For £220 have a system that has worked faultlessly, I only have PIRs and sensors downstairs on lower floors so I can arm at night and use upper floor. Most issues with these are user error.. Yes they can be jammed but any house can be broken into alarm or not; 99,9% of all burglars are crack heads who kick the back door in or throw something through a window or are opportunists who want as little fuss or noise as possible or the possibility of it, how many crack head burglaries have jammers or even 'going equipped items' with them....not many as it's too risky. Better having a rudimentary alarm than not together with the Blink XT system I now have a budget security system which I am pretty chuffed with.


Bought this for my brother-in-law’s house, worst thing ever just wouldn’t turn off sometimes with the keypad, wireless is the worst way to go for a house alarm batteries don’t last five minutes and signals are susceptible to interference and jamming from would-be burglars never ever buy one of these Yale products they are absolute garbage


Does this alert you by mobile. Or is it just a bell system


Exactly why I haven’t told mine - it tends not to reduce the premium unless it’s monitored too, but they’ll still hold you to setting it if you tell them you have one.

Yale Essentials Alarm Kit for £74.99 @ Robert Dyas (free click and collect)
248° Expired
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
Yale Essentials Alarm Kit for £74.99 @ Robert Dyas (free click and collect)
£74.99£89.9917%Robert Dyas Deals
Was £129.99. Low price offer here. Comes with 2 years guarantee. Use code FEB5OFF35 at checkout for extra £5 off. :) Available with free click and collect. Keep your h… Read more
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When/why did they stop the click and collect from Ryman stores, there's no Robert Dyas near where I live, such a shame.


Mine went off for a day and wouldn’t reset.other than that a good alarm.


If I travel somewhere for a week and the alarm goes off. How can it be turned off than? Will it run for 1 week straight?


It only accepts one code unfortunately.


FREEDEL50 might work too

Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack £5 @ Homebase
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Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack £5 @ Homebase
£5£18.5573%Homebase Deals
Nationwide clearance price

These are great for kids rooms, sadly will not work with our windows. Hot!


Ordered. Ideal for little ones rooms. Thanks


I thought that but useful as safety for the kids on bedroom windows.


These look lile they could be snapped with a screwdriver

Yale Essentials Alarm Kit + 2 Year Warranty - £83.30 with code + Free Click & Collect @ Robert Dyas
839° Expired
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb
Yale Essentials Alarm Kit + 2 Year Warranty - £83.30 with code + Free Click & Collect @ Robert Dyas
£83.30£9916%Robert Dyas Deals
Update 1
Further price reduction from £88.20 to £83.30 with code until Monday 17th
Amazon Price @ £99.00 Screwfix Price @ £129.99 No monitoring fee: No hidden costs and no contract Easy set up: Wire free for quick and easy installation Expandable: Add … Read more

You could put another 9v battery in parallel quite easily and get twice the capacity... there's room inside...


Very easy to install and decent bit of kit. I have one would recommend


Pretty sure you can. You certainly can with the EF version of this alarm - so I’d be surprised if you couldn’t with this


Yeah it makes you feel like that - whether that’s the right or wrong way to deal with these issues / people or not. Unfortunately as far as I have been told no-one was ever prosecuted and punished for this crime. There’s a myriad of reasons why but ‘austerity’ is the main one. Because ordinary law abiding citizens have infrequent reason to encounter the current state of our criminal justice system they just don’t realise that post austerity it is (in my humble opinion) broken and not fit for purpose). Just imagine you’re eating tea with wife and kids and this lot barge in! It’s just sickening


Does anyone know if you can link a second keypad to this? So for example if you wanted to use another door and turn it off when entering, then you could, rather than having to make your way to the original keypad near the front door for example.

Yale HD Wired Indoor dome camera twin pack HDC-402W-2 - £99 B&Q
-128° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Yale HD Wired Indoor dome camera twin pack HDC-402W-2 - £99 B&Q
Product informationThis mains powered indoor dome camera twin pack by Yale is suitable for use in home with existing internet connection. Accessories included - 2x HD 720 camera… Read more

Looks quite expensive for an old analogue camera.


You can get these new on ebay for under £40 if anyone is looking for some.

Yale HD Wired Indoor dome camera twin pack HDC-302W-2 £55 B&Q
-108° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Yale HD Wired Indoor dome camera twin pack HDC-302W-2 £55 B&Q
Are these Any good?

These are used to extend an existing Yale camera set. They're really awkward with compatibility, so just triple check you have a compatible system.


They are older 720p (not 1080p) analogue type cameras, so not really great quality. These are not IP/network cameras. They are also £10 cheaper at Amazon... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yale-Indoor-Dome-Camera-Twin/dp/B014S27MQK?th=1

Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack - Free C&C £6 @ Homebase
256° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st FebLocalLocal
Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack - Free C&C £6 @ Homebase
This Yale Ventilation Window Lock is a surface fixed lock that offers restricted opening and locking in position to allow ventilation.
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Yes just screw it in


Excellent price....HOT


It says that they are suitable for wooden window frames, but couldn't these be used on a UPVC window frame as well (seeing that you can screw handles onto a UPVC window frame)? Thank you.


You need more than 5?


Damn...and there's 5 in stock, local. :|

Yale SR-320 Smart Living Home Alarm Kit £175.99 @ Amazon
260° Expired
Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
Yale SR-320 Smart Living Home Alarm Kit £175.99 @ Amazon
£175.99Amazon Deals
I have one of the old Easy Fit kits and, for what they are, they're brilliant. This is one of the newer units with a wireless hub so you can control it via an app. The kit comes w… Read more

Just had my order cancelled :( Did anyone manage to get this?


Well, to be fair I did contact them within a year of setting up my system ( thats about 2 years ago now) requesting to reload my 50 text messages that I get once a ‘forced entry’ is detected and they actioned my request and loaded my texts up again. I think I emailed them , can’t remember exactly. But that’s all I’ve contacted them for. With regards to keypad battery replacement I found this vid on YouTube , keypads not exactly same as mine is white and square shaped but maybe it’s the same setup underneath


Good luck getting a response from Yale.


Not just us then. It would seem there is a design flaw here. Although amazon replaced it (well, they sent me a whole new system, in which I am not replacing the whole thing, just going to send the new system back with my broken keypad) I am going to message Yale about this as we cannot be the only ones - surely not right them knowingly selling something that break as soon as you replace the battery which should be around the warranty runs out I'd Guess, as they say 12 months - though our battery only lasted 6 months, so guess in that respect we've been lucky.


Sorry if i wasnt clear. Yes im talking the PIRs (I have 3) and door contacts (i have 2). They always fail/run out of battery. Youd think they were streaming 4k video. I dont own the keypad, either that or we never used it hah

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