Fonehouse calling me with unbelievable deals

Posted 5th Sep 2020
Keep getting these phone calls from a company called Foehouse offering Samsung Galaxy note 10 (5G) for £15 U/l everything on any network and £100 upfront for the handset. calls from 0203-7692230. Heavy Asian/ Pakistan/Indian accents.

I asked the company Regn number. Given as 10781202, which I checked is regsiered in a different name.

Anyone has experience of this outfit? Tempting, but the usual "too good to be true" scepticism rules. Thinking of stringing them along for a while .
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  1. deleted1373921's avatar
    Onlydongles05/09/2020 18:10

    Good to know.. Thanks. Any way one can reverse scam them ? WIll get more …Good to know.. Thanks. Any way one can reverse scam them ? WIll get more satisfaction now.

    Invite him out for dinner climbing out of the toilet window just after dessert leaving him to settle the bill
  2. plebbygiraffe's avatar
    The registration number is accurate.

    Of course it helps none. If I am pretending to be someone else I'd have info like that to hand.

    Easiest way is to ask their name. Then dial the number on fonehouse's website and ask for that person. If they don't exist or don't have a record of calling you - a scam. If they do you know it is fonehouse.
  3. jamie15's avatar
    Fonehouse are a legit company. Find their number from their website and call them, ask them if the deal is genuine. Don't just ask if number is genuine as that could also be spoofed. If they know nothing of the deal then consider it dodgy. (edited)
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    I did exactly that.
    Fonehouse told me they don't cold call anyone, only existing customers are contacted when a contract is about to end.
    The 'scammers' called me on several occasions, with number area codes from Cardiff, Bristol, London & Manchester. All calls were from the same fellow, who happened to have a South Asian accent.
  4. L_K123's avatar
    Play along with them, give em false account number and sort code.. make them feel like they have earned some commission for scamming you
  5. deleted209385's avatar
    It's a scam.

    Clearly Fonehouse wouldn't be calling you and offering something that wouldn't make them any money.
  6. Onlydongles's avatar
    Good to know.. Thanks. Any way one can reverse scam them ? WIll get more satisfaction now.
  7. johnleverton's avatar
    KTM Online is the parent company of Fonehouse,when you claim cash back it is paid by KTM.
  8. user2016's avatar
    If they call u now, just tell them to note down the offer in the computer and tell them u will call them later. Then ring the real Fonehouse number to confirm and ask if that offer is available or not.
  9. mohanip's avatar
    Hi i asked for a sim and they sent me a phone iPhone as well. I read somewhere this is a scam has this happened to anyone?
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    Check your bank account and any suspicious debits.
    Its is a scam.

    If you are lucky , keep the handset and let them start chasing you for the phone back or money for the contract !
  10. defender71's avatar
    Yes, total scam being run by Pakistani students. They have two addresses 8 Harlow Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 2HS and second address 42 Thurland Road, Oldham, Greater Manchester OL4 1PR. One of the person's real name is Ieisha. Their mobile number is 07780 208865. Scam is that they sign you up for very expensive monthly contract. Check your direct debit. In return they earn referral fee and will send mobile different to what you asked for. Later you will complain and that they will ask to return the mobile so that they can send correct one to you. Unsuspecting customer will send it back to the above two address provided, losing postage cost and the mobile. These guys should be behind bars.
  11. Will_Wakeham's avatar
    They are now using a number 0207 1937988
    They take your details - order a phone from Tesco Mobile - you get the wrong phone. They send you a 2D barcode for the Post Office. Your send them the phone back to;
    25 Ranelagh Road. Flat A. Wembley HA04TW.  They keep and sell the phone and you pay for it as they have set you up a direct debit with Tesco mobile. 
    Scamming buggers - Tesco and Lloyds frauds teams now on the case. Deport back to India please.
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