Has any had battery drain issues with Samsung S20 5g?

Posted 9th Feb 2022
So mini story. I bought my wife an Samsung S20 5g to replace her Huawei P30. I decided on it because it was the right size and she didn't really need anything super powerful. She only takes selfies and browses the net/FB.

However, after using it a couple of days we have found the battery discharge rate quite alarming. we have switched of 5g, calibrated, opened battery saving mode etc but it's still discharging really fast.

We are obviously now looking at sending it back but now we are in a dilemma.

Should we swap for another S20 (which suits our needs best). Go for an upgrade we don't need to an S21? Try another brand altogether (although this is the reason for change, she wanted to go back to Samsung for the superior photo quality and screen.)

If we buy another S20, will the issues be the same? has anyone else had this issue with one?

Thanks in advance.
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