Is a trusted site?

Posted 2nd Nov 2009
Is a trusted site?

Want to know, as I want to order a game from there.

Never used it before. Just need to know its safe and trusted.
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Ordered from them loads of times and they have always been 1st class. They will always price match if you find it cheaper and in stock elsewhere.
Yes, it's fine.
Thanks guys.
mighty mugger;6760677

Thanks guys.

A quick way is to look at =1&advanced_search=Search+Now"]deals posted for them, and read the comments.

Better than taking the word of 2 people in "The Misc"
They were formally know as SoftUK & I've used them before without any problems - have a look through some of the recently posted deals & you can read some members comments re feedback for a broader view…457
Perhaps if people have good/bad experiences they can add a rating on Pricespy??
Seems like they messed up Fifa 16 pre-orders for a lot of people:

Seems fine other than for pre-orders
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Wanted my passport and utility bill scanned in and emailed to process PS4 VR headset- definitely not happening -cancelled order- don't trust any shopping site that asks for that!
Hi Guys, I've received an email from them asking for a copy of my Driving licence because it's a high value item (£400). Is this normal
No its not usual I cancelled my order and my credit card company said it was very wise to do so- this leaves you wide open to identity theft
Coolshop is NOT a trusted site. They sell defective products to their clients. Do not be fooled by their prices which are too good to be true.

We purchased a babies portable bathtub from them ‘Chicco Bubble Nest’. It came without a proper support (missing part) making it impossible to use and VERY DANGEROUS as it collapses on the newborn when he is placedinside!

It is more than one month since the purchase and they have not sent the missing part! in addition this company has no telephone or address so they leave you without any customer service once the product is sold.

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