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Volkswagen Golf 1.0 eTSI MHEV Life DSG (s/s) 5dr £21.490 @ Robinsons Volkswagen Norwich / Auto Trader
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Description We have just two remaining of these Golf Estate Life DSG, with optional Winter Pack including heated front seats and heated steering wheel, Carpet Mats and Spare Wheel … Read more

No too dissimilar to my 2001 Toyota Yaris 1.0 except…£215 pence a year to run :/


Sorry what I meant to say was dull and dreary looking compared to some of the performance models .


Basic Golfs don't come a dual-clutch automatic transmission ;)


(lol) (lol) (lol) I thought this site was called hotukd (lol) Come on what’s happening



Volkswagen Service Plans 1 Major & 1 Minor @ 10% Off Till 12 May - £18.37pm or £440.99 Inc Vat at Volkswagen Car Service
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Volkswagen Service Plans 1 Major & 1 Minor @ 10% Off Till 12 May - £18.37pm or £440.99 Inc Vat at Volkswagen Car Service£440.99Volkswagen Deals
Volkswagen Car Service Plans @ 10% Off - Till 12 May for car older than 1 to 15 years old. £18.37pm or £440.99 Inc Vat for cars older than 1 year old. Prices will vary depending o… Read more

I used the vacuum through the dipstick when we owned a Ford Galaxy. Coupled with the filter being a paper type cartridge situated just underneath the bonnet meant an oil change could be done and your hands would still be clean. First time I tried the vacuum method I had the car on ramps then undid the sump plug..... no more than 250ml of oil came out. Proof to me it worked. Also a nod to National. Checked they used the correct oil and a Mann filter - oil change was £50. Given the spec of the oil (fully syn 5w-30) was actually the same price that I could have bought it for so in effect the labour was free!


I can't believe that people pay this amount of money for a service. Buy a Pela 6000 (Or similar) that vacuum sucks the old engine oil out of the sump via the dip stick. Some manufacturers (Like Citroën) say you should not use this method! I've never had a problem when we owned a C4 Grand piccaso with 255k on the clock with this method. Search your registration number on the Mobil/Castrol /Shell etc, "Oil Finder" sites and shop around for the cheapest best spec oils/Grade for you car. I've just purchase oil filters (Fabi) from Amazon for the Mrs Honda CR-V and A5/B5 oil. All for less than £40. I understand that some people like to keep up there warranty. I've used National tyres in the past as they used te correct spec/grade for my car and it was cheaper than I could buy the parts for. Plus you can find discount codes and book through topcashback for money off and get your book stamped with a Vat registered garage. Of course- I saw the oil being used was the correct one and the mechanic was happy for me to stand there next to him while he did the oil & filter change...


I went from not knowing a thing about cars, to doing all the services / oil changes myself just by watching youtube (y) saved a ton. I even did the brake discs and pads last year. Plus with the massive amount of money saved, I put brembo discs and pads on instead of cheap arse bosch ones like VW uses. Now that I think about it, I don't know why I ever thought it would be difficult. VW service costs are a joke. For them to check a few fluids and replace a few filters that take <1 minute?


How are people so stupid to pay that amount, can someone explain?


Your local recycling centre (aka tip) should have a facility. Alternatively go old skool and use it on your fence panels ;)

VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG DIESEL ESTATE 3.0 V6 TDI 4Motion Black Edition 5dr Tip Auto £49270 @ Drive the deal
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG DIESEL ESTATE 3.0 V6 TDI 4Motion Black Edition 5dr Tip Auto £49270 @ Drive the deal£49,270.20Drive the Deal Deals
RRP 61,860. Max. Towing Weight - Braked 3,500kg Max. Towing Weight - Unbraked 750kg Max. Loading Weight 855kg Tyre Size Rear 285/40 R21 Tyre Size Spare Space Saver … Read more

They have more to go wrong.


Big congratulations to them, you mean they've managed to make fairly expensive cars that are ALMOST as good as the cheapest Renault based junk you can buy? (y) And before you say they have more to go wrong, check out Lexus and Genesis reliability.


They’re within 1% of Dacia!


That's what all VW owners say, but someone is keeping them at the lower end of reliability surveys...not that I depend on those, I was an Aftersales Manager with the brand, I've seen how troublesome they are first hand.


There’s nothing in a Dacia to go wrong, but the journey would be horrendous. I’ve had Touareg’s for 6 years and I’ve not had a single issue.

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Hatchback 150kw Life Pro Performance 62kwh 5 Door Auto £26145 @ Drive The Deal
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Hatchback 150kw Life Pro Performance 62kwh 5 Door Auto £26145 @ Drive The Deal£26,145£32,99021% offDrive the Deal Deals
Decent 21% discount off a new VW ID3 in life spec but the pro performance version via drive the deal now £26,145 Claimed 261 miles but Real world range of 215 miles plus 0-62mph i… Read more

German nope. Buy at the rish of improving the EU and runni g down the UK economy


I have the family edition with a different boot config (false floor for hiding charging cable and near flat floor when seats folded) but have yet to try out suitcases just a microwave oven :) This reviewer gets 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small suitcase in a 1st edition which I believe has the same boot config as the Life edition:


Anyone got this model? How many suitcases can you get in the back, not the carry on type but proper suitcases?


I love how EV deals comments always break down into pretty pathetic internet arguments...


if it bothers you that much STOP communicating with me, you’re typing utter rubbish. electric cars use power, heaters, electric seats and climate DRAIN POWER I’ve owned 2 electric cars about to order my third. having already pulled out of my I-Pace deal when 299 range in real world conditions is only 239 miles before power drain. DO NOT respond with more rubbish...

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VW ID3 discounted by £5k until the end of December - £24,990.00 @ Auto Trader
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Posted 12th Dec 2020Posted 12th Dec 2020
VW ID3 discounted by £5k until the end of December - £24,990.00 @ Auto Trader£24,990Auto Trader Deals
After speaking with my local dealer, they seem to think that VW have not yet hit their targets for electric cars for 2020 and have decided to cut £5k off the price of the new ID3 u… Read more

This still on sale?


If you live in a flat charging your vehicle is just a pipe dream. No one has built any electric chargers close to where I live. I'd gladly buy an electric car if I could charge it.


That videos ridiculous. He’s comparing a Golf R to a standard VW golf and as some of the viewers in the comments who have had both cars says he’s overblowing the whole things. Most of the issue seems to be the touchscreen but if you want buttons then get a A3


Not on a 50kw charger at Morrison’s. you clearly don’t know much bout EVs


Fact. There are side by side video comparison on YouTube. Type in VW mk8 cost cutting, a popular video is from MTLCARGARAGE.

VOLKSWAGEN ID.3 ELECTRIC HATCHBACK 150kW Life Pro Performance 62kWh 5dr Auto £26026 @ DriveTheDeal
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Posted 28th Nov 2020Posted 28th Nov 2020
VOLKSWAGEN ID.3 ELECTRIC HATCHBACK 150kW Life Pro Performance 62kWh 5dr Auto £26026 @ DriveTheDeal£26,026£29,99013% offDrive the Deal Deals
Price is for purchase using PCP arranged by the dealer and also includes PiCG. This is the base spec model but appeared to offer biggest discount at almost 22% off list. Higher up… Read more

Offer still available until end of this month


This was from BBC Click, I’ve corrected one of their figures but it looks like whole life costs over 4 years. I’m a bit dubious that an ICE Kona would deprecate that much?


I totally accept what you are saying, but meeting all of these criteria doesn’t mean they have to make the car look terrible. The vast majority of electric cars on the road now are fugly, why?


Worth noting on the subject of weight... the ID.3 comes with five seats on all models EXCEPT the tour version which comes with a larger and heavier battery, which comes with only four seats! (They have removed the centre rear seat belt) and nor can you have it with a panoramic glass sun roof... Looks like to me a mess up by vw with the calculations on the weight to battery ratio ... to give this model an extended range !


Was the price of my touran