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VW Campervan by Chad Valley £4.99 C+C Argos
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
This would make a good stocking filler Measuring 18.5H 35.5W 14.5D cm with opening doors and detachable surf boards Bring some chill summer vibes to your home with the Chad Va… Read more
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Just picked mine up looks really nice. Now wrapped up for me and my grandson for Christmas :)


I've done something similar but it won't provide address details :( Thanks anyway


Nice little review here


Try posting on https://www.facebook.com/groups/815985988492310/ MOT only expired in August after MOT exemption laws came into effect so chances are its still on the road now as its still insured.


Think it's slightly different? HB one was made by Dickies and had stickers? Agree not hugelt different though, for big difference in price

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Genuine VW Baby blanket £4.99 each or buy 2 get 1 Free £4.99 @ Partsdepot Ebay
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
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Set also available for £5.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192416877241


It's not a magic carpet... :D


What's the road tax like on this?




Baby VW, eh? May need the occasional emission check! Sorry I'll go...

Genuine VW UP! Cup & Saucer - £4.99 @ eBay (partsdepot_uk) FREE Delivery!
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
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Why oh why


lol.....it is a cracking little engine, especially in these models. The 1.0t in the Up! Gti makes it like a little rocket, so much fun.


Its genuine, if you knew who parts depot were and what they sell then you wouldnt question the authenticity


YepI'll ask for the v5


I hardly respond/or comment but I just had lol this!!

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Genuine Mens VW UP! Hoodie - £9.99 @ eBay (partsdepot_uk) FREE Delivery!
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Men's hoodie, Black, made of gentle, glossy polyester material. The up! lettering, the elastic cord and the orange eyes create contrasting colour accents. Material: 100% Polye… Read more
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Received, good quality item,thick material well worth the price paid,thank you!


This clothing is all part of the Volkswagen Fukdit Up Collection ;)


"Scumbaggery" - I like that. You should write to the Oxford English Dictionary and see if you can get it included! (y)


ordered thanks i hope the quality is acceptable


If you want to look like a slimey car salesman, you want the Genuine VW 100% Lambs skin black nappa leather jacket surely... Edit: You can be a slimey car saleswoman too...

Genuine VW gilet - £9.99 @ eBay (Store: partsdepot_uk)
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Description - Large, padded men's gilet with cyan blue ripstop lining. The zippers on the front middle and the pockets are water- resistant. The quilt seams run diagonally. MATE… Read more
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Good one :/


You'll be able to tell it's genuine when the insulation stops working as soon as you go out in the real world.


Manufacturers RRP is about as far out as their vehicles emission tests


They're still available from the eBay seller's business site at £9.49 delivered. Link to site is just a few comments up. That's where I ordered the Large from.


If I wear this will it reduce the harmful emissions that come from my rear?

Men's VW Beetle leisurewear jacket in Harrington style £14.99 free P&P also ebay /  partsdepot_uk
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
Men's Beetle leisurewear jacket in Harrington style, made of 100% cotton, blouson cut with zip front, ribbed hem waistband, checked inside lining. The Beetle badge on the sleeve, B… Read more

Brilliant jacket. Got mine today and is really well made. Looks really nice on and fits perfect


The medium is a bit longer than a bomber jacket. I would consider it a standard Harrington length. Good question. It is official VW merchandise from 2011. I found it in a VW collection PDF catalogue online and the quality is good. My own view on this jacket is that it is brilliant quality and worth more than the price, but surprisingly is not fitted at all. I received the medium today and the arms have a lot of material which makes them fairly loose. The body doesn't have the best shape either. I I am a 40 inch chest, but otherwise slim / athletic. If you are a heavy build you may disagree.


Don't suppose it is actually endorsed by VW is it?


The waist length is fine, definitely not short. I ordered size xl. Hope this helps.


Does it come up short? Some of these jackets are barely waist height. Thank you

Amazon Clutch Kits and Associated Parts Cheap -  e.g Sachs 3000 950 641 Clutch Kit £58.73
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
This post is not for everyone, but will help a lot of people who, maintain their own vehicles of any age, or mechanics looking for parts for customers. I've compared a lot of price… Read more

Thanks, got a 3 piece clutch kit for my Lexus is250 for £52 instead of £300 - £400 8)


Automotive> Car Parts> Drive & Transmission> Clutches & PartFilter : Prime Only


How are you searching /finding /filtering for these? Great deals, always on a look out for cheap replacement parts I know amazon throws out loads of stuff mental cheap.


https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blue-Print-ADM53146-clutch-disc/dp/B00B8VUFQY/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blue-Print-ADT33127-clutch-disc/dp/B00B8VUR62/


Eurocarparts seem to use their own product codes so not much use....most parts manufacturers have their own e catalogues online now,probably a better bet to get the correct parts.

VW Golf Estate 2.0 TSI R 310 AWD DSG PCH/Lease £7087.76 @ Freedom Contracts
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
VW Golf Estate 2.0 TSI R 310 AWD DSG PCH/Lease £7087.76 @ Freedom Contracts
I'll buy a hat and eat it if this turns out not to be a misprice and they actually honour it. So the supposed deal is 10k miles per annum 23 x £277.99 initial payment of £333.… Read more

Not sure if I want the car for another year but can't seem to beat it on price. Remember breaks, full service tyres all costs that add up..


I got the same GTI deal. I just emailed them to extend another year.


Shame. Great car.


Same. It’s actually not worth anything beyond this imo


Lol no it's not

VW Arteon 1.5 TSI R Line 5dr DSG lease - £184.80 per month on PCH (£6890.39 total) @ National vehicle solutions
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
VW Arteon 1.5 TSI R Line 5dr DSG lease - £184.80 per month on PCH (£6890.39 total) @ National vehicle solutions
I have just found this deal on Central Vehicle Contract webiste. Really believe it's a good deal for a such a big car in top spec and DSG in compare to a Mercedes CLA posted couple… Read more

Or instead of buying a car you could invest in stocks and shares. Could have been more profitable for you. Just because you’ve decided to invest in property doesn’t mean everyone needs to. I lease. It’s lower cost than buying new. I don’t want to drive a 6 year old car because I can afford not to.


Fantastic car. I have the 2l petrol, but would have got this if it was available. At the time I started my lease the 2l was significantly cheaper than the 1.5l.


Doesn't that also mean the engines themselves don't last as long as they used to? From what I've read from some mechanics online engines like the 1 litre ones used in new Fords show wear after a year that's similar to what older larger engines would've taken a few years to show. This makes sense to me as it's a bit like overclocking a CPU which naturally going to decrease it's life span. Happy for someone to shed some light on it as I have the impression the smaller engine sizes go hand in hand with planned obsolescence. Just to clarify, I'm not saying you're wrong about these engines making cars 'faster, more efficient and cheaper to run' only that they won't last as long and will also make them less desirable to purchase as used vehicles.


How would you buy a used car if nobody bought new cars? Is your car comparable to this one? You can PCP a smart car for a little over a grand a year... How much have you spent on maintence over those six years?


You might want to re-read what you quoted, or sort your maths out since last time I checked 6500 - 2000 is 4500 difference. :p However, I agree with your comment about wastefulness when it comes to not being financially organised, who puts a blooming car before a house, it's lunacy. My next door neighbour rents his house, and has a top of the range Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, but he is young and stupid, and it is his money so let him waste it

LEGO 31079 Creator 3 in 1 Sunshine Surfer Van reduced to £16.67 in Sainsburys  (Stirling)
LocalLocalFound 6th JunFound 6th Jun
LEGO 31079 Creator 3 in 1 Sunshine Surfer Van reduced to £16.67 in Sainsburys  (Stirling)
£16.67£19.9917%Sainsbury's Deals
Next best price seems to be £19.99. Fairly close to the recent Smyths offer price, but since that voucher's expired, this is a great deal Brilliant set, and the creator 3 in 1 sets… Read more

Likely in multiple stores, just not always all of them.


Voted hot although likely store specific. Will check my local sainsburys tomorrow

VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi BMT 150 R-Line DSG 48months 8,000 miles £2,574.18 deposit £286.02 per month @ NVC - total cost = £16,215.12
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi BMT 150 R-Line DSG 48months 8,000 miles £2,574.18 deposit £286.02 per month @ NVC - total cost = £16,215.12
Seems like the best available price at the moment. 48 month term. 9 + 47 @ £286.02 per month £198 processing fee 8,000 miles Includes metallic paint. £337.82 net £286.02 cos… Read more
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These threads are funny. 1. You have to be stupid to pay list price on cars - List on this is £34845 - It can be bought through DriveTheDeal for £28682 so quite why you are quoting the list price when making a comparison is beyond me 2. If you want a "£34k" car for something affordable then you can't afford it in the first place 3. Why would everyone have to have a "£34k" car on finance? Savings aren't worth jack at the minute so why waste money on finance when you could just pay for it instead of having money sat in a bank doing nothing? 4. If you did need finance for your "£34k" car are you implying you have zero to put down as a deposit? What are you driving now? You have zero savings whatsoever? If so refer to point 2 where you can't actually afford a "£34k" car 5. If you have to finance your car and didn't want a 4 year lease have you heard of PCP? 6. If you bought this outright instead of paying £16k lease fees (plus any over mileage and damage costs at the end) I think the Tig R Line spec with 32k on the clock at 4 years old would be worth more than £12k to sell making this lease deal not worth it.


I'm currently lease-less if there is such a word mine went back 5 weeks ago and I've managed by hiring a cheap car for a couple of weekends . I think the cheap leases are gone for now what with all the car factories shutting down for a couple of months it isn't going to get better anytime soon. I have seen an insignia sri vx-line nav 1.6d for £216 a month over 3 years with £1300 down works out at £8800 over 3 years so not too bad but not in stock so probably going to be too long a wait for me. I've also been looking at the second hand route and I'm shocked at the amount of interest you pay on these pcp deals


You seem to be a little bitter towards people who appropriate their money differently to you. When we took our last lease out, it was a great offer, and I estimated that what I was going to pay for the lease was going to be less than the depreciation. Not really sure why folk don't understand this. As for having a new one every 3 years, it's nothing to do with being a car snob or impressing people, it's to do with having pretty much hassle free motoring for 3 years, then sending the car back and letting someone else have the problems that start to crop up after this time. People seem to be hung up on 'owning' a car. Ultimately, having a car, whichever method you go about it is going to be a regular outgoing. It's down to the individual to decide what they want, and the cheapest way to achieve this.


Lol, these threads are unreal. Absolutely love the comments though. The thing about driving a ford to be able to shop at Waitrose is probably the best so far but I feel better are to come (lol)


We bought a seat ibiza tourer DSG a few years back. £13,500 it cost, paid £4000 upfront, £4000 at end and £219 per month over 42 months. It had a turbo go and a gearbox issue, both around 38 months. Those were fixed under goodwill warranty but then the engine light kept coming on around 46 months, same issue again. Estimate to fix was around £2000 to £3000. Value of car at the end of that was £3700. Im now leasing a Tiguan, £30000 model amortised cost £250 per month. No worries about warranty, no worry about losing £10,000 after 4 years and a significantly better car in all respects. £40 per month more. I couls of bought a new car after the ibiza, but then another 4 years of £220 per month and finding £4,000 at the end and try the pot look warranty gamble. No thanks. I need somthing reliable cos of our commute so second hand would be a gamble. For me leasing is risk free for the same amount of monthyl aas it would to buy a car. I also had a focus, had it for 12 years, cost £10,000 at the end of the line 1st gen, bargain. was great for 8 years, but then annual repairs were around £800 - £900 every year. So the other extreme but I would estimate annual cost of that car was still around £150 - £175 per month. So maybe £75 per month saving on the focus over a constant £250 per month. But who's to say I wont get a ibiza experience rather than a focus experience?

Used Good: Amazon Warehouse £71.17 Android 6.0 Double Din Car Stereo with GPS Navigation for VW PASSAT Golf 7'' Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD Player In Dash Headunit Radio Receiver with Canbus Support WiFi/Bluetooth/OBD2/1080p
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Used Good: Amazon Warehouse £71.17 Android 6.0 Double Din Car Stereo with GPS Navigation for VW PASSAT Golf 7'' Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD Player In Dash Headunit Radio Receiver with Canbus Support WiFi/Bluetooth/OBD2/1080p
£71.17£19964%Amazon Deals
Saw this on amazon, recent bought one myself from warehouse deals for the same prIce for my Audi A3 and it’s amazing. The retail and more than double this online so if you’ve got a… Read more
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It’s a head unit that runs android, so effectively having a tablet for a car stereo


What's the Android element of it?


Glad someone snapped it up. It was a bargain.


only showing the one for £218, used one for £71 not coming up when adding to basket so I guess OOO - shame as I wanted one!


Academic now as it's sold out

VW Passat 1.4 TSI GT PCH/Lease with 15k miles/pa on a 6+23 x £223.55 - £6482.95 @ Inchcape VW - Cheltenham
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
VW Passat 1.4 TSI GT PCH/Lease with 15k miles/pa on a 6+23 x £223.55 - £6482.95 @ Inchcape VW - Cheltenham
£6,482.95Inchcape Deals
This a a Personal Contract Hire deal. I found it on Contract Hire & Leasing but for some reason it's banned on here. The deal should be available directly from VW Inchcape in C… Read more

Just seen this comment... The only oil it ever used was when it got serviced. I never topped it up. It was the CR engine. The previous PD I had only ever user 500-1000ml of oil between services (every 18-20k). I was surprised. The 1.4TSI 180bhp my ex had though was a different story - 1 litre every 1k! However, I digress.....The reason I came on to here to reply was because my BMW has an issue with the charging unit which I suspect may have been caused by the storms as there was a power surge and outage for 2 hours and my charging box at home was fused and the car then refused to charge. BMW didn't have any loaners (surprise surprise, when do dealers ever have loaners) so I had an Enterprise hire car, firstly a 1.6TDI Leon DSG which I did 600 miles in going to Glasgow and back and got 63mpg which in my opinion isn't too shabby as I wasn't hanging around. This was replaced last night, ironically with a 2018 Kia Optima '3' 1.7crdi with DCT. I have to admit it is a lovely car, very comfortable seats and electric and heated everything but doing the same journey from the hire garage that I did in the Leon (and got 67mpg), I got 39mpg on a car that is claimed to do up to 74.3mpg. That is 52% of the claimed economy! Most of this 35 mile journey now has 50mph roadworks so I would dread to see what it would be like on a 70mph run! I think this is probably in part to the woeful gearbox. I have just had to have a look on the Kia website to see if it is actually a dual clutch system as it is that slow.....dangerously slow. Pulling up to a junction at an island slowing down and then seeing a gap to go, there was a good 1-2 second delay until the gearbox caught up and changed down a gear, so much so I thought the engine had cut out. I look after an old 2003 Jag XJ for a friend who is out of the country a lot and even this isn't that slow at reacting to a drive change. They really need to put some serious work into that gearbox. I did get slightly better mpg this morning - 41mpg. Overall the car is lovely and I would seriously consider one but they need to sort out that engine and gearbox. It is much better than the Hyundai I had but still annoying that everything in the menus can only be done when in park! Dam Koreans and health and safety.


no link, no deal. Going by description, expensive for a rubbish 1.4 COLD


Yes, if only they were all as honest as VW. Here are the figures for current Passat diesels;


Probably be best not to tell us how many litres of oil it burnt through whilst returning that fab MPG. After all it doesn’t cost anything, so has no bearing on running costs, and it’s brilliant for the planet :D p.s. I eagerly await the ‘my VW TDi engine was the only one on Earth that didn’t guzzle oil’


Exactly, they are all at it. The only car I have ever driven that gets close to the figures is ironically my old Octavia VRS and I could quite regularly hit 57mpg on my commute which from memory was about the figure they quoted. Renault and Hyundai are massively out compared to VW. Hybrids are impossible to measure. I can get 41mpg on some tanks and 75mpg on other tanks (calculated from the receipts) as it all depends on the length of journey and how often you can charge. It would be possible to run one and not use any petrol at all and still be able to heat or cool it (y)

LEGO 10252 - CREATOR - VW  £59.99 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
LEGO 10252 - CREATOR - VW £59.99 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
price matching JL.
0Get dealGet deal
LEGO VW Beetle 10252 creator set @ John Lewis - £59.99
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
LEGO VW Beetle 10252 creator set @ John Lewis - £59.99
20% of this set
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The should have rounded the top left and right corners of the windshield ;(


JW always have decent prices on cool sets


Looks more like a 2CV!


Remember to sign up for JL account and loyalty scheme before buying. I keep getting £5 off next £50+ spend offers.


Looks more like a 2cv than a Beetle!

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDi BMT 150 SE Nav 5dr lease deal from National Vehicle Solutions - £285.96 pm plus admin fee £239.99 - £7103.03
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDi BMT 150 SE Nav 5dr lease deal from National Vehicle Solutions - £285.96 pm plus admin fee £239.99 - £7103.03
This is a 1+23 profile so no upfront payment. £285.96 x 24 + £239.99 fee = £7,103.03 total. 10k miles. I like to drive a new car every 2 years so this suits me. No upfront payme… Read more

Indeed there isn't because I am correct in this instance. Wrong - nothing to do with reading about it. Either your car has a fundamental flaw or you are not driving it correctly. Even another HUKD user with the same car as you achieves 38mpg, which is more akin to what you ought to be getting. When have I ever said, let alone portrayed that? Please do show evidence. Still awaiting a response to my last direct message to you on this thread...


trust me there is no point arguing with him. if he read it on the internet somewhere then its gospel. as long as it wasn't some one on this site telling him something, because on this site, he is the only one who know anything about cars or lease deals. so best just to move along to be honest.


Yeah, my bad. I didn't notice the 20% Vat wasn't included. I thought it was too good to be true, especially the rline prices! Makes sense now...


So it is! Damn, I missed that - already ordered and paid my fee. :( Can I vote my own deal cold?? (embarrassed) Update - the VW finance calculator prices exclude VAT and for business users only. Add 20% on. See full terms and conditions †*Monthly rental cost, Rental in advance and Excess mileage (per mile) figures exclude VAT. **P11D value includes VAT at the current rate. Contract Hire calculations are based on a standard specification excluding optional extras /accessories. No ownership option (CH) With Contract Hire. Fair wear and tear charges may apply. Business users only. All Prices Exclude VAT. VAT payable at the prevailing rate. 18s+. Subject to availability and status. T&Cs apply. Offer available for vehicles ordered by 31st May 2018 from participating Retailers Indemnities may be required. Offers are not available in conjunction with any other offer and may be varied or withdrawn at any time.. Accurate at time of publication. Freepost Volkswagen Financial Services. Model shown is for illustrative purposes.


No - please reread what I wrote. I personally wouldn't abuse finance regs, but many do. I wouldn't also buy a new car in cash, but get a PCH. They're mutually exclusive events.

4pc Tyre Dust Cap Many Styles Audi/Nissan/VW/Skoda + MORE 79p @ Aliexpress (Shop3199023) Delivered
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
4pc Tyre Dust Cap Many Styles Audi/Nissan/VW/Skoda + MORE 79p @ Aliexpress (Shop3199023) Delivered
4pcs Carbon black Car motorcycle bicycle Wheel Tire Valve Cap Tyre Dust Cap For VW GTI seat FR opel OPC skoda vrs Accessories Uploaded some options available for you Read more
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Why cold?


Only if the tyre pressure warning comes up hence why I had to get one tyre changed and realised they were all stuck on and coincidently all four were gone the next day.


Lol never checked your tyre pressures in years ? XD


Guess we have to many ford drivers.


You don't want to draw attention to your wheels.

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