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Honor 8X Max 64GB 4GB Black 7.12 inch 4900mAh Battery Smartphone - £126.66 @ Hongkong VT Store / Aliexpress
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Posted 20th May 2020Posted 20th May 2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Honor 8X Max 64GB 4GB Black 7.12 inch 4900mAh Battery Smartphone - £126.66 @ Hongkong VT Store / Aliexpress£126.66 Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
I'm after a big screened phone as a second (5th) phone (again) and this has been on my radar, this is literally a massive amount of phone for the money :D Choose the below option… Read more

I've got an oukitel k9 with similar specs. Great phone for browsing.


i bought the Honor 8X in nov 2018, even now its still brilliant, ive got 3 friends who bought it too after seeing mine, 60 day delivery time!


Also the option of 6/128 configuration for approx £45 more


FWIW I have a mi max 3 and love it, huge screen, incredible battery, was £150 delivered when I bought it last year.


My colleague brought this phone by accident last year when I told him to buy the Honor 8X (none MAX version, as it the budget he specified and requirements fit this phone nicely) from Argos or equivalent. But he went onto eBay instead and being not too technically minded on details he failed to notice the MAX word in the item listing, but the price was similar, so he went for it. Regardless, it came, and it pretty much matches my Mate 20x in size. One thing I would like to make people aware of though, is that while it did come with Google stuff installed (phones from China, unless international versions, don't have this), when he had to perform a system update (I forget but I believe at the time it was an Android OS update) it rendered all installed Google apps broken. He asked me for help and guidance, and in the end I had to uninstall all current Google apps and then looked up a guide on the internet to load it back in again. Not too difficult, but if you're not of the technical type it can be a minor bit distressing. But it is otherwise a very good big screen phone and probably the only other decent one in the 7+ inch category.

Blue Honor 8X Max 7.12'' big Screen OTA Update 64GB Smartphone £134.91 Using Code @ hongkong willvast Store/Aliexpress
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Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Blue Honor 8X Max 7.12'' big Screen OTA Update 64GB Smartphone £134.91 Using Code @ hongkong willvast Store/Aliexpress£134.91AliExpress Deals
Another phone I've always had my eye on as an alternative to a tablet, with uts massive screen and good processor, it would beat any 7" tablet for performance out there imo. No ba… Read more

Anyone know if there's anything near this size, under £250 with NFC (that works for google pay), 5000mah ish battery and dual sim? Don't mind cheap refurbs. Had the Sammy A70 (faulty fp sensor even after update). Have tried the Mate 20 X, best phone I've ever held but too expensive!


yes and it gave me £6.42 off


Have you entered the code?


How did you get it for £134...I am getting £142.......?


Honor 8X Max - £158.48 @ AliExpress / Hong Kong WillVast
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Posted 31st Jul 2019Posted 31st Jul 2019
Honor 8X Max - £158.48 @ AliExpress / Hong Kong WillVast£158.48AliExpress Deals
Free shipping for £158.48, potential 6% off quidco and new user get £2.51 off Honor 8x max---Bigger Screen,Faster charger supportOTG, reverse charging 1.CPU: 4GB RAM version----… Read more

What a ridiculous service from the seller with no assistance from Aliexpress at all..! Paid for a product and received an empty parcel with a letter from Royal Mail stating they received it in that condition from their previous courier and stating - “if the item is missing or damaged, the sender needs to contact the original postal authority”. Raised a claim with the seller and been closed twice. Appealed and again been closed..! It’s an issue the seller needs to sort with the initial courier or Royal Mail and not involve the buyer. However here I am with my money taken and still waiting for the refund. Rather than investigating with both these couriers I am being sent a stupid video of packaging. The video evidence of packing sent it also not mine as I had ordered a red phone but the packing in the video is of black. If possible I would have given a complete negative rating rathan than the single star. Please avoid this fraud seller!!!


Is that supposed to be a full sentence.


Use your finger


I bought three phones from them, all more than £150, no problems at all.


Never ever buy anything on Ali that costs more than $25/€22. Or any amount that you’re comfortable loosing.

Huawei Honor 8X Max 7.12 inch MobilePhone 6GB+64GB Blue £202.88 @  AliExpress JKTEAM Store
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Posted 15th Mar 2019Posted 15th Mar 2019
Huawei Honor 8X Max 7.12 inch MobilePhone 6GB+64GB Blue £202.88 @ AliExpress JKTEAM Store£202.88AliExpress Deals
The 6GB version comes with better CPU than the 4GB version. Seems a good deal.

Yes received a few days ago with play store installed.


Have you received yours and is the play store installed


Anyone know how to install Google play as I cannot install it no matter what I try


It is in stock again at the moment, with price $262.48, equals to £200 if you use a free credit card.


The price changed back to £200.85 yesterday. I bought one for £192.16 with a "free" credit card and the $8 off $50 coupon. Now it is OOS again!

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Huawei Honor 8X Max 4GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Blue £215.99 eGlobal Central
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Posted 18th Jan 2019Posted 18th Jan 2019
Huawei Honor 8X Max 4GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Blue £215.99 eGlobal Central£215.99eGlobal Central Deals
Larger screens, Big 5000mAh battery and 128GB memory. Basic 8x version going around at £190. Huawei 8X Max ARE-AL00 comes with a 7.12-inch touchscreen display with a resolution o… Read more

don't use eglobal, they did not send my 8x which i ordered a month ago maybe even more. (it was showing in stock) so i had to file a complain to paypal. they are chinese company and do not reply to your emails.


From where and is it the max and does it have 128gb


I bought 64gb for £170


Not a Max though....


You can buy 64GB version from places like BT Online for less (£209) and these sources are European versions with NFC and full European LTE. Having said that the 8X is a fabulous phone. Just make sure you buy the correct version for your needs. 64GB from ....shop.bt.com/products/huawei-honor-8x-6-5--fhd--20mp-android---black-51092xxf-DW14.html?utm_content=RR00&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2L7I8oL33wIVzcqyCh0SrwF1EAQYASABEgIVSPD_BwE

Huawei Honor 8X Max 7.12 inch £171.95 AliExpress /  JKTEAM Store
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Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
Huawei Honor 8X Max 7.12 inch £171.95 AliExpress / JKTEAM Store£171.95£20516% offAliExpress Deals
Mine arrived before Christmas!! Good screen and very responsive. No tax issue at all. Huge phone for those who like it big. This is Max version with 7.12 inches screen. Huawei Hon… Read more

The screensize is comparable but not the form factor, the Z Ultra stood out because it offered a 6.4in screen when the standard bigger phones like a Note 3 were only 5.7in. Now the standard bigger phones are 6.4in-sh so the equivalent of the Z Ultra is something like the Mi Max 3 or 8x Max as you can see here: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=5540&idPhone2=9306&idPhone3=9313 I want to get the biggest screen possible that fits within the Mavic's arms and the tablets are just on the big side.


Mi max 3 is the preferred choice no notch better battery and better cameras all round.But this has better or louder speakers if that's important to you


Oh well, that's been kept quiet


My Honor 8x Max was delivered today. I went for the 6/64GB - Qualcomm 660 version. Bought from aliexpress with free delivery method (Royal Mail). No customs or fees. A few points: * It does have fast charging (double lightning bolt) using the included power cable, plug and adapter. * Works fine on EE 4g. * It has Dual sim AND Microsd support (3 slot sim tray). * Mine came with Google Play already installed (but no other Google Apps - although just download and install them). * Some residual Chinese text on some apps, but not a problem. Full English language supported. * No AOD, 'cos it's an IPS LCD screen (my only gripe, but I'll live with it). * It's BIG and it's a great handset for the money. I love it! Oh, and the first thing it did when I set it up was to download an update that improves the camera. Update: You cannot currently change the default Launcher on the Chinese EMUI roms. Huawei/Honor removed the ability to do so on EMUI versions 8.2.xxx to 9.0.xxx. Apparently, the ability to change to 3rd Party Launchers (Nova, Apex, etc) is being restored in future EMUI updates. Any questions?


Hi,I dont know if this is of any help,my AT+T HTC M8 works using band 40 on Sky Mobile(02) in Glasgow city centre and various other random places.Not certain how long for,seems a few months now,cant say it is any faster than 3G for casual usage,could be my phone though.Would be really helpful if 02 made a band 40 coverage map.