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Updated 3rd Jun 2020Last updated 3rd Jun 2020 by JaxStorm
Whats A Good 49' Smart TV Via Ebay Sale % Code. For Gaming & Kodi £300-400 Please?
i was about to buy a tv today but there is now so many on sale i have no idea what to go for :( also hoping its smart so i can have youtube and maybe disney+ for the kids. my curr… Read more

i know, and i already got loads of info on these 2 tvs Samsung UE50RU7020 50" Ultra HD Smart 4K HDR TV LG 49UM7400PLB 49" ULTRA HD 4K TV which i was going to choose from but was just curious on the latest ones thats all on the Ebay % codes everyone is using


You can turn Amblight on\off


google is your friend (y)

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Updated 30th Mar 2020Last updated 30th Mar 2020 by MadSkilzYo
Kodi box or alternative
anyone still have kodi box which build or any alternatives out there (y)

There are no pre loaded apps on a Vero. It's a dedicated Kodi box. You install add-ons or add your own collection from a Nas drive or other storage device. I use the FEN add-on, and it plays 4k and 4k HDR10


Sod the wires them white socks need seriously sorting out :D


does the 4K only work on preloaded apps? I’ve avoided upgrading to a 4K box because I figured it wouldn’t work on streaming debrids


I’m not at mine I’m staying with my mother while this lockdown is on so just brought a few of my things over


Them wires need tidying up. No excuse now your in lockdown.

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Updated 10th Feb 2020Last updated 10th Feb 2020 by Arto
Kodi help
Weird problem with Kodi. The TVAddons addon Indigo appears to have installed itself uninvited onto my system, and now it's impossible to get rid of it. I had it before on a previou… Read more

Managed to find a Kodi add on which torrents via Real Debrid


Torrent it


Liverpool going down best season (lol)


:D Can't deny it, they've been absolutely unstoppable this season. Had a bit of the rub in one or two games but you don't get 22 points ahead in just over half a season on luck alone. Pep's gonna have to prove his worth come the next transfer window.


:D Should I report you to the police as you're obviously planning a mass assassination of everyone associated with LFC?

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Updated 26th Jan 2020Last updated 26th Jan 2020 by darsuke
Three 4G broadband and Kodi
Hi, I’ve installed Kodi on my fire stick but I watch anything on it, it will play for 5-10 seconds, buffer for 5 seconds and plays again, constantly. My download speed is between… Read more

I use a 4k stick with Three and a router. Speeds are very similar to yours but probably go even lower during the peak hours. I use RD with kodi and only get buffering if it's a 4k file. 1080p files stream fine.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll try your suggestions and try various different sources.


Been using a 4G phone as a hotspot streaming an hour or more a night for the past year, and still seems fine. The threat seems a little overblown (but I do have backup cheap 4G phones for if it ever does die!) OP, Kodi works fine with Three (other than the occasions when the speed drops too low). If the speed is OK I suspect it is a source issue, and that was always the case even with conventional fibre.


When using Kodi I recommend using Real Debrid as it stops buffering 99% of the time and you get 100s more links per movie/episode


You said kodi was buffering not cinema box, are you using the stand alone app or through kodi. On one of my fire sticks cinema buffers sometimes so I just change the source. It’s to do with WiFi as I’ve tried others in the same room and they have the same issue even my shield

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Updated 12th Jan 2020Last updated 12th Jan 2020 by chocci
kodi 100% cpu
Anyone know a fix for this (win 10 kodi 18.5)
Avatar deleted41869

Try system file checker https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4026529/windows-10-using-system-file-checker


after about 3/4 of the movie (no add ons whatsoever)


Probably some dodgy addin you are using to 'stream' and in return is happily mining away (lol)


Constantly from the moment it's opened or just when doing specific things such as video playback?


asus sabertooth mobo 2nd edition fx 8350 16gb ram

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Updated 4th Jan 2020Last updated 4th Jan 2020 by AndyRoyd
firestick 4k usb kodi change default storage cache
hi i have a firestick 4k and i have a usb stick pluged in with a otg and i have installed kodi on my usb but i want to use my usb drive as the default storage location for cache an… Read more

Find alternative to Direstick.


The Firestick has more than enough room for the cache, only reason you'd need a USB stick plugged in is to watch films stored on the stick itself. But in that case you might as well just plug it into your TV as it'll more than likely support any avi, mp4 or mkv file you throw at it


i want more space


Why haven’t you got it installed on the fire stick itself?