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Updated 5th Mar 2019Last updated 5th Mar 2019 by Torhammer
Mi pay app just appeared Xiaomi Redmi note 4 phone ?
A app called Mi pay has appeared on my phone sometime in the last couple days ? I didn't download it and it has no option to remove as rubbish bin icon doesn't appear. what is it ? anybody …
Avatar Denbi
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Updated 21st Jul 2018Last updated 21st Jul 2018 by saphiryman
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 issues
Help please. 1) my phone has not allowed me to be heard on phone calls for a couple of months yet. The microphone is working. WhatsApp video calls work. But if I call someone or someone cal…
Avatar DrJayDee86
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Updated 16th Aug 2017Last updated 16th Aug 2017 by JumpMan1980
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/ 4X Q and A & Comments Page
Alot of deals on these phones and alot of questions get asked. I was unsure about them and had alot of questions myself. The same questions keep cropping up so I thought it a good idea to ha…
Avatar deleted1373921
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Updated 1st Aug 2017Last updated 1st Aug 2017 by waz96
Help/advice buying a redmi note 4
So I need a new phone but dont really want to spend alot of money this time. I've seen reviews for the redmi note 4 (3gb ram 32gb internal with snapdragon 625) and it seems to have everythin…
Avatar waz96
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Updated 1st Aug 2017Last updated 1st Aug 2017 by grayslick
Aliexpress - Xiaomi Note 4 - Not Arrived - Refund Advice Needed
Hi Does anyone have any experience of dealing with aliexpress when items are not received? I ordered a Xiaomi phone end of May from one of the main sellers (Xiaomi MC Store) and it was shi…
Avatar grayslick
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Updated 10th Jun 2017Last updated 10th Jun 2017 by SweeneyUK
Galaxy Note 4 Screen Replacement
Hi, Unfortunately I dropped my phone this week and it now needs a screen replacement. I've just been shopping round for screen prices and they are all around £200. I can buy a 2nd hand Note …
Avatar skyking_comms