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(used very good) Nokia 5 Dual Sim Smartphone (13.2 cm (5.2 inch) 16GB 13 Megapixel Camera, Android), 16gb @ amazon.de (amazon warehouse deals 20% off)
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Posted 25th Mar 2018Posted 25th Mar 2018
(used very good) Nokia 5 Dual Sim Smartphone (13.2 cm (5.2 inch) 16GB 13 Megapixel Camera, Android), 16gb @ amazon.de (amazon warehouse deals 20% off)£103.98Amazon Germany Deals
Nokia 5 Dual Sim Smartphone (13.2 cm (5.2 inch) 16GB 13 Megapixel Camera, Android), 16gb Android ™ 7.0 Nougat - Pure Android, always up to date! Get regular updates so you can always experi…

a second hand phone from a foreign website, getting like a car boot sale in here :D


I can back this. I got rid of mine to cex, got 100£ voucher and put it towards a Moto g5s for 160£ A grade. The Nokia 5 has amazing build quality, a great screen which you can't tell is 720, the ambient lighting was a top feature which I really miss but the thing I miss the most was the 2 day battery life for me which other phone (including my current motor g5s) only delivered 1 day of the same use. As mentioned, already, the multitasking was horrific. Switching between and loading new apps took for ever in comparison so older phones. Basic apps like the weather or what's app took forever loading. I'd wake up to find that Whatsapp backup was pending waiting for a net connection even though WiFi and all background usage was set to stay on. I also noticed emails and WhatsApp messages would all come in at once when I've woke the phone up after a couple hours of standby. This was all still present in the latest Oreo update. The pros mentioned at the beginning were not enough to keep hold of the phone. also, ive seen this posted new for around 100£ uk based a few times.


I've had one of these for a few months. It's got great build quality but the camera and performance are lacking. There was a bug in the Android 7.1.2 build which all but disabled multitasking after a few hours of use, HMD reckon the issue was fixed in Oreo but I still constantly have issues with background apps being killed for no reason. It's especially annoying when listening to music over Spotify or Play Music when driving, as the phone always kills the apps after 30 mins off screen, which also kills the music. Can't wait to get rid of it.


Nice! Tobydeals? Grrr


found a new one here switch just not sure about the website https://www.tobydeals.co.uk/en_GB/product/nokia-5-16gb-dual-sim-blue-1.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwkd3VBRDzARIsAAdGzMDn0WCu1_TEM84bj3b6Kf7sTN2nv4ehlY4x1cz4O5ZlHqp5nKq7ZysaAmccEALw_wcB

Google Pixel C keyboard Google Store - lowest price I've ever seen £55 @ Google
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Posted 14th Feb 2018Posted 14th Feb 2018
Google Pixel C keyboard Google Store - lowest price I've ever seen £55 @ Google£55Google Store Deals
They've probably discontinued selling their Pixel C tablets, as I haven't seen them on their website for a while. It used to cost £119, £75 on sale.

No worries man, glad it worked, few things more unaesthetic and irritating than a missing key


@morocco1 - Ordered, delivered & installed. Thanks again for the link. (y)


Thanks! (highfive)


Here you go mate, hope this helps. They ship worldwide and because it's cheap, you won't get stung with customs. https://www.quikfixlaptopkeys.com/?product=google-pixel-c-single-replacement-keyboard-key


Thanks OP

The Talos Principle for Nvidia Shield Tablet and Nvidia Shield TV (gamepad required), Nexus 9 and Pixel C ONLY.
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Posted 28th Dec 2017Posted 28th Dec 2017
The Talos Principle for Nvidia Shield Tablet and Nvidia Shield TV (gamepad required), Nexus 9 and Pixel C ONLY.£2.19Google Play Deals
Note: Requires NVIDIA K1 or X1 hardware. Supports both touch-screen and controllers. Tested to work with: NVIDIA Shield TV, NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Google Nexus 9 The Talos Principle is a …
Avatar AgeOfExcuse
Get deal*Get deal*

Steam gives you the entire game for the price; I'm not so sure about the Play version, see my comment above.


This used to be only for the first episode, and then you'd have to buy in-app for the rest. I see the in-app option has now been removed - can someone confirm it's the entire game you get now? Official Nvidia page for The Talos Principle states this clearly, though something seems to have changed. Be very wary as I nearly pulled the trigger some time ago, until I noticed that I was only going to get a sixth of the game!


Any other puzzle games like this for the shield tv?


Got it with a further 15p off thanks to my small balance on Google Play Music Rewards. Heated. :D Currently £5.99 in the steam sale so it's even more of a deal for Shield/Tegra owners.

Syma X5HC 2 Mega Pixel Camera - £26.22 @ Gearbest with code
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Posted 29th Nov 2017Posted 29th Nov 2017
Syma X5HC 2 Mega Pixel Camera - £26.22 @ Gearbest with code£26.22GearBest Deals
Syma X5HC 2 Mega Pixel Camera 2.4G 4 Channel 6-axis Gyro Quadcopter RTF - BLUE 172383902 LOG IN FIRST then code LEDFM39 brings it down from £42.70 to £26.22

Yes Code expired. Shows £31.17 then add code it then shows as £42.70 LOL


Code expired for me...


The controller will be white


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Google Pixel C 64GB Tablet £299 @ Google Store
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Posted 8th Nov 2017Posted 8th Nov 2017
Google Pixel C 64GB Tablet £299 @ Google Store£299Google Store Deals
These were originally £479 I think. I have one I acquired on eBay a few months ago and think it's great.
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Get deal*Get deal*

You would only need to get this app if your local library uses it to loan ebooks to you. It's not the slickest app around but I've always put it down to a combination of tight council spending/greedy app developers and platforms/DRM to the max for publishers. Basically - only use if it you have no choice and 'free legal ebooks > crappy app'.


I availed myself of the eGlobal iPad at £260 - a move to the dark side for me. After three years of a Samsung tablet I have to say, the iPad is sheer brilliance.


Hello , I am using pixel c 64 GB tablet and am really pleased with the tablet. I bought when it first came out with the developer code listed on hotukdeals. I really hope it's not the last update for this tablet. I don't whether it's a good price or not buts it's still a great tablet.


Bought this for £400 last year for my son. Over the year it has proved to be a brilliant tablet. Fast, great screen, excellent sound, immense battery, very stable & superb build quality. No WiFi issues for us. This got OREO a few months back. Still easily one of the best Android tablet around and at this price scorching. Every thread with tablets has people flaming over Apple vs Android, get a life


All gorrrnnnn... but mine's on the way! :p

Pixel C tablet £404 direct from Google
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Posted 7th Aug 2017Posted 7th Aug 2017
Pixel C tablet £404 direct from Google£404Google Store Deals
Reduced by £75 from £479. Operating system Android 7.1.1 Nougat Display 10.2″ LTPS LCD 2560 x 1800 (308 PPI) 500 nits √2 aspect ratio sRGB colour gamut 1500:1 contrast…

Ice cold. Here's why. I picked this tablet up at £379 last Christmas (Yes, the 64GB model). At the time, it was a decent deal. The same price today is hilariously overpriced, and £404 is even worse. Given the tech that resides in the 2017 32GB iPad, this tablet is beaten in every way. Eight months have gone by since I bought this for £379. £300 is where this tablet should be priced right now.


Lol I'm not arguing don't worry, I have pressed ignore


As per EndemicAlarms post I'm interested in any opinions about using a chromebook as a tablet. In order not to disturb Picard and Harry's argument I've opened up an Ask thread here. Any experience with this style of device would be great!


Damn, I missed out on that one then!


No believe it or not it was the 64gb model. The 32gb at the time was more.