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Note 9 from £639 when trading in your old device at Samsung Bradford
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019LocalLocalFound 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Get the note 9 for up to £639 when trading in your old device. £100 off trade in bonus + whatever your device is worth.
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I bought mine from wow camera. £645 for the dual SIM model (European model with 2 year Samsung warranty) and then traded in my old handset at Handtec


cracking first post hot from me :)

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ or Note9 and claim £100 on top of the trade in value when you trade in selected handsets.
17/02/2019Expires on 17/02/2019Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Great if you missed out on the christmas cashback deals. To take advantage of this promotion you must purchase one of the qualifying devices between 14th January 2019 and 17th Feb… Read more

Hi, I would be interested to know what your initial thoughts are on the S9, coming from the S7. Thanks.


In case anyone is interested, eBuyer have the S9 up for £463.98


Great stuff from JL. I emailed them yesterday and they agreed to change my previously agreed price match at £499 to £489


Spot on. I have looked at alternatives, but nothing really jumping out at present. I guess will wait until the Samsung S10 launch and see what the 'actual' prices and specs are, rather than believe the existing speculation online.


I'm looking for longer lasting battery I don't think much else has changed that I'd notice in every day usage other than it would be a newer model

512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Midnight Black, EE Graded Used A £675 @ cex
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Thought this was a really good price for the 512GB version of this stunning phone. Apparently grade A come boxed with accessories, in mint condition. Do what can't be done. The … Read more

Will Samsung honour the warranty if bought from eglobal?


Sounds like an algorithm, a good one (Joke)


Some, during commute... (See them in train)


I do, but don't usually store the movies unless I know im gonna be somewhere with poor signal. 512 gb is a lot of storage. My advice to anyone is to store to SD card or ensure you sync your precious photos and valuable documents online because if your phone messes up, that's a lot to loose.


It was a student offer from £899 to £699 then £150 trade in on my S7 Edge and then a further £150 cashback from Samsung :)

Grade A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ocean Blue 6.4" 128GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £549.97 @ Laptops & Appliances Direct
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Back in stock, this grade A from previous deals I've posted, will more than likely come boxed with accessories, though obviously not a guarantee. Everytime I see these, I feel the… Read more

Damn out of stock. Looked a great deal, hopefully others come up

Raja007 posted it before but good deal any way Note 9 also aavilabe on ebay in price range of £500-£550 sometime mint with all accessories which make him great value phone ...favourite phone of most tech reviewers


Pixel 3 XL more of a camera phone, a phone built around its shooter and camera software. Phone for photography fans, great all-rounder too. Note more the ultimate all-rounder, portable computer that doubles as phone. No weak points. Adds stylus that many people love. I guess people have to choose between Touchwiz, the Samsung take on Android (soon to be upgraded) and Google's more basic, yet effective, interface. Samsung's settings and apps are full of features and possibilities. So are Google's apps, but UI not so rich; that should help performance, but Note a beast there too. It's more a matter of personal preference, I personally like both approaches but Samsung edges it out for me. Obviously bigger Note 9 brother, 8 GB/512 GB rules supreme in smartphone world.


Me too! Please make my dreams come true Mrs Switch (cheeky)


I can't decide on this phone or google pixel 3 ! Any advice would be appreciated XD

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SIM free for £689 on Amazon-wow! Sold and Despatched by HDEW Extra
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Sure you can get it cheaper from China but for those who prefer warranty etc. Here it is and you won't find it cheaper
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Yes, apologies - £645 brand new really good price, compared with what some people are prepared to pay for inferior phones by other brands Purple £780, black £655 & blue £645 (Better deal than little-known Amazon seller)


That's the 512GB with 8GB RAM


Until brexit (popcorn) (popcorn) (popcorn) (popcorn)



Price went up to £769 on their good-looking website

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FD 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/UNLOCKED + 32GB Micro SDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter - £589.99 @ eGlobal Central
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Samsung note 9 I think it's a good price. I've previously bought an iPad from eglobal. Delivery took a while but came in the end

No taxes at all. Read the terms and conditions of Eglobal. £589 is final price You can make it 18 pound cheaper with promo code " MEMBER3%" When grade B iphone X can be hot for £569 then note 9 deserve heat for this price


currently looking for a Note 9 deal. but i think ill skip this one because of the warranty...


Samsung warranty is absolutely s*** anyway, they always wriggle out of it to make it a chargeable repair in my experience with them


If you're unlucky enough to need the warranty then eGlobal have a UK returns centre which you sent the item back to from which it will go back to the country where the warranty is valid for repair. It takes a few weeks but it works. I know this because I went through it with an LG G6 which had to have a new motherboard. Using it to type this comment. Pay your money and take your chance, or don't, but it isn't a lost cause if you have a problem, just a bit painful.


Erm, no. This IS £589 WITH taxes etc.

Samsung S9 on EE with 20gb £31pm (£25 a month after redemption) at
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Descent deal for 20 gb. Offer ends soon. There are similar deals for the note 9 and pixel 3. Expires at 12 today.
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EE Essentials cold. All data in account, but not available when you need in low priority to EE Max /BT


pink and white left for £27 but with 15GB.


they still do redemption offers :o


Probably would have bitten if the pixel had the same offer, not a fan of Samsung phones. Voted hot though

Refurbished SIM Free Samsung Galaxy Note 9 6.4 Inch 128GB 4G 6GB 4K 12MP Mobile Phone Black £525 @ Argos Ebay
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Came across this a while back but with the ebay code makes it a great price.. first post so apologies if posted before

Think I got the last one of these. Am getting late worries though about the condition of the phone and whether it will fail on me in the first two weeks like my last ebay refurbished deal did. Anyone have any experience buying refurbished handsets with argos and what are they like?


Good price, however no accessories (headphones etc)but for the phone have some heat!

Very Good Condition Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - 128GB Lavender Purple £434 @ Music Magpie Ebay
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Great price for a very good, maybe the US version as has previously been said, so if you are OK with that, then this is a cracker. Very Good - This product is in very good cosmeti… Read more

i bought a S8 plus they advertised a exynos but send me a snapdragon i wanted the exynos so i am gana return it the phone was graded good, it has a lot of little scratches all over it but when the screen is on it is not very obvious i guess if you dont want any scratches on the screen than you should go for the very good or mint condition cant comment on customer service as they have not replied to my return request yet but than you always have paypal protection


Very good deal in my opinion




Sorry off topic but what do people think of this deal?


Yeah i wouldn't say it will, great price nonetheless, will expire

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Black + 128GB Samsung Memory Card £704 (fee free) £720 @ Amazon Germany
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Been reduced since my last posting by around £10-£15, great value with the card thrown in. Good little price if you pay in euros with a fee free card, otherwise its around £720. … Read more

Indeed. But then I tend to think that being 'in' your own mind is very overrated (lol)


You must be out of your mind for asking that question :D


How does one determine if they're out of their own mind? How would you know? (embarrassed)


Let me know if you find a cheap eu version ;)


Thanks man..but... I think its a bit late hahaha (highfive)

SIM Free Samsung Galaxy Note 9 6.4 Inch 128GB 4G 6GB Mobile Phone BlackRefurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee £525.99 @ Argos Ebay
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Update> get it for £540 using this Seems like a decent price for Ana grade Argos Refurb. This is £50 cheaper at appliances direct, but I guess it's who you prefer. Will st… Read more

Has anyone received theirs yet and could share their experience on the condition?


Think I got the last one of these. Anyone had any experience ordering refurbished handsets from Argos? Havent had the best of experiences ordering refurbished phones off of ebay as my last one died after just two weeks. Ive seen some people have bought multiple refurbished handsets off of Argos and theyve come brand new and sealed so im keeping my fingers crossed. I turned down a brand new pixel 3 xl for this so hopefully I dont regret!


I'll pm you both later (y)


What's your channel mate?


For grade A product it is a blinder of a deal

Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB Hybrid Sim + Free wireless charger @Samsung Student portal £699 + £150 Cashback = £549
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Get the Note9 and a free wireless charger. TODAY ONLY!!! Cashback expires midnight tonight. - Read comments in this thread The free wireless charger will be automatically added … Read more

Anybody got £150 cashback with student deal?


Yes, and they sound like **** Vs their wired counterparts


You understand how cheap Bluetooth headphones are, right?


My claim paid out in bank today


Lovely story but the comparison was with the Mate 20 Pro. I much prefer the Note 9 though, it's a fair bit heavier, a bit slower but no OS bugs, no offensive burnt in malware and no stupid notch making the notification bar pointless waste of space.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ocean Blue 6.4" 128GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Grade A £549.97 @ Appliances Direct
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
Price can be reduced to £535 if take hassle of signing up for which trial and then cancelling it after placing order Grade A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Blue 128GB Key Fe… Read more



Still in stock as of now.


OOS now


Samsung officially do dual SIM s9, s9+ and note 9 in the UK.


I have the uk note 9 , blue, and it is a dual sim. Slot 1 is sim only, but slot 2 is hybrid. Either a sim or micro sd.*I purchased mine via the samsung website sim free

Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB Hybrid Sim @Samsung For Students, NHS workers... - £699 +£150 Cashback = £549
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Get the Note9 for a cracking price. Here we go again... This price is available on the Ocean blue, Black and Lavender purple. Trade in an old phone If you wish to take advantag… Read more

Sending it back tomorrow they want £25 cos mute button on my trade in 6s doesn't work thought they recycle not resell I was thinking they might still refuse cashback even if I paid £25.


Thank you note is on charge and trade in phone going tomorrow let's see what happens couldn't wait any longer now waiting for ebay £1 final value fee so pixel 2xl can go😁


If you decide to return phone then you'd be given the cash equivalent if they can't return your phone to you.


I need to send my trade in phone soon received envelope on Saturday just wondering what will with that if they don't pay cashback and I return the note 9?are you using your phone I've not opened mine🙈


:S Exactly where I am

Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB Midnight Black £32pm + £150 upfront  10GB data with Unltd Mins & Texts @
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
When considering you get £150 Samsung cashback, this deal is that little bit more appealing. This basically eliminates the upfront cost in the long run and leaves you with a 32£/m … Read more

Is gone now, bought it yesterday for a friend on o2 contract


Where? I don't see this anywhere.


Mobile phones direct has 98 upfront and 34pcm same phone plus 44 tcb and 150 samsung cashback


To those who voted cold, why?


This looks like a good deal. Why the cold votes? Is there a better deal available?

Currys Price Match With Debenhams + £150 Cashback deal from Samsung - Samsung Note 9 for £799 (£649 after price match/cashback)
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Call Currys and ask them to price match Debenhams Plus which they will because I just did and order for £799 over the phone. Get an extra £150 back from Samsung within 30 days of p… Read more

I've made the swap proper tonight. My main concern was the Note 9 being so big. But it's not much bigger than the p20 pro actually. I'll miss the night mode feature of the p20 camera but I didn't use it as often as I expected. Photos and the screen are big plusses for the Note 9. If you can afford the switch, go for it. Just got my cashback confirmed tonight too!


I'm also considering swapping from p20 Pro , be good to know what you think compared to the note 9 :)


Yes it has gone back up now....o well I'll put my money away lol


The 5G is years, not months far and it will be bloody expensive as I've heard. Only the phones will be $2-300 more expensive, so the mobile providers will ask an extra 20 pound per contract.


But there are no 5G networks. Won't be for a few years yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 dual SIM - £699 for students/NHS etc. + £150 cashback (£549 total) @ Samsung
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Found this accidentally! Samsung currently have £200 off the Note 9 if you login to their student/staff discount site. They are also offering £150 cashback. If you include the ca… Read more
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Has anyone received an email from Samsung Recycle about their recycled device? Just received an email which states Device Faulty - No Power on. Please pay £25 to MTR Group Ltd The phone powered on without a problem before I posted it and I've never had any issues with it before. Anyone else received an unexpected demand for payment?


Got mine on Saturday now!


Mine was paid via Opia Limited


Yes, mine has been paid (y)


Yep cashback paid for me

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - 128GB purple Good Condition @ Music Magpie Ebay £434.99
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Great price again, if if its no good, send it back. Refurbished Good – This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully tested, restored to factory … Read more

Ive purchased it. It is USA version. Snapdragon processor. Useless for me as it can not be converted to UK version for VoLTE and VoWiFi.


This morning I noticed, stock levels this morning too.


What time did you notice the mate 20 price increase? Im just wondering if price increases were straight away, or done slowly


Well i noticed a couple, the huawei mate 20 pro shot up £100. The note 9 had 10 in stock yesterday, and 1 today that I posted, so maybe not price adjusting, as much as stock adjusting.


So OP, does this mean Music Magpie didnt increase their prices :/

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB (£189 Upfront/£32pm/10GB Data/o2) £150 Cashback With Samsung (Effective cost £817) £967 @ Mobiles
Found 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
Take into account the £150 claimable cashback with Samsung here , £25 cashback with Quidco + £2.50 bonus, makes the total cost of this contract £814.50. You can get these in good… Read more

Yeah, must've, sorry


Great deal but I must be blind, I can only see £215 upfront so £205 with code. Has the price changed?


For anyone who is interested, I have called the company and they are single sim versions


Does anyone know if this is a dual sim version?


Returning my Note 9 from MusicMagpie and getting this.

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