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Pitched at gamers, photographers, and business users alike, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an ambitious, cutting edge phone. It features AI-powered processing power, long battery life, adaptable dual-lens cameras, and many more premium features. Anyone who wants to upgrade their smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can find the best deals and offers at the hotukdeals Samsung Galaxy Note 9 listings. Read more
Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim 8GB 512GB Purple Smartphone - £499 @ HDEW Cameras
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
512GB new under £500 seems like a good price to me, the way I see it is, the p30 pro is still selling for this price, or more, and it came out around the same price, even the compa… Read more

This whole thread is a pleasure to read. Full of well informed totally inpartial member's. The price for this is a joke.


Why on earth would anyone pay that for a note 9!


(lol) (lol) Thank you


Thanks mate


Still a superb phone. Mines perfect and still going so strong. Upgrade this year. May just sim-only it as note 9 is to still a beast...just an older one ;) At the moment, no new phones take my fancy.....but foldable and extra screen are peaking my interest. For a new note 9, its a good deal....even if it is purple ;) (y)

Used good condition Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM Blue £279 @ 4gadgets
295° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Good condition used Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM Blue (more colours available at time of posting) unlocked 128 gb what is included Stylus / S-Pen Free Next Day Delivery 4Gadg… Read more



Also mine wasn't dual SIM or blue. So this is a great deal 👌


Haha (embarrassed)


don't make me vote my deal cold (excited)


Very happy with it. Came in a standard box but with a UK charger, eu charger, USB cable and earphones. Was pleasantly surprised

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - 128GB - Unlocked used - £286.42 using code + free delivery @ Music Magpie / eBay
338° Expired
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - 128GB Unlocked black 6 GB Ram charger good condition

Incredible phone. Had mine for a year now. It can do anything and never has any lag/crash issues. A cut above the Galaxy S series and iPhone. I tried both prior to getting the Note 9 and they are not comparable.


Yup, Apple supply nothing to third parties and now have started enforcing supply agreements with OEM suppliers which prevent them from supplying others as well!! An amazing attitude for a company which built a 100% zero-emission HQ recently.


You just can't argue with the Price, heat added. (y)


Well i wouldn't bet they'd be as good. I would want to see and try one. Test for sharpness, colour accuracy, responsiveness etc. In the note, it's an AMOLED screen, or should be.


Bought a couple of these a year or so back for £550 each, new. The 512GB version. The perfect phone in every way, and still every bit as good as it was then. I don’t see Note 10 as an improvement. Quite the reverse in fact.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim N960FD 128GB Blue Smartphone - £439 @ HDEW Cameras
292° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Decent price still I'd say for new for the rarer Dual Sim option in my opinion, one of samsungs finest phones to date, a phone I've owned and loved 1 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED IN … Read more
cantonbean Just a quick FYI. This seller has the Single SIM 512GB model for £399 in black or Gold (think they mean Copper). I’ve just ordered one. Sold my dual SIM 512GB to music magpie for £270 had got scratched screen and needed new battery. Regretting it now so ordered one. They seem decent as messaged me straight away asking which colour and answered my questions about chipset and Dual or single SIM.


Back in April Currys PC World did this phone for £363.97 - this seems a bit more than I would like to pay but thank you for posting the deal. Are all Samsung phones manufactured from outside UK?


I know, all very strange. I guess they have their reasons.


Indeed. It's strange, sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, allow you to know who your followers are, but here it's all a mystery (ninja)


If I knew who they were I'd say thanks to each and every one XD

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Smartphone Snapdragon 845 4000mAh Battery - £294.14 @ BeyondTech/Aliexpress
760° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
In alpine white, with snap 845, brand new under £300, argh, always wanted this very phone (shock) <3 Other colours available NETWORK Technology GSM / HSPA / LTE 2G bands… Read more

I didn't see any comments relating to it being used last night when I looked, but as soon as I woke up to those comments this morning I expired it. Apologies


Switch being banned on this site? That’s not likely


I don't know yet :D


And if it is fake, hukd will still keep the post up and not ban the seller ££££


I was just about to comment about this, looking at the reviews there's an awful lot of people who have bought this phone from AliExpress and have complained that they have received a poor quality product. Almost everyone mentioned that the phone is not IP68 (waterproof). You may be buying a fake/semi fake product here. Purchase at your own risk.


Haha exactly like me. Good to know :) thanks


I was analysing mine when i got it. I was looking for a fault. I thought the screen had been replaced because of dust down the side. I ran it under some water now its fine :p Because of the price and how good it was I thought it couldn't be true (lol)


Ye mine makes the same noise :)


When you actually tap the sensor, it makes a hollow plastic sound. Is that what yours does? Hard to explain but it's different to my S9 plus. That one doesn't feel like plastic. Doesn't make a noise when you press it. Thanks


I think I know what you mean. It's just the way the design feels. Like that loose sort of rattling plastic noise. Is it actually moving around or just feels like it is? Mines not moving but I get what you mean by loose and plastic

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM Blue Smartphone (Good Condition) - 128GB £265.99 / 512GB £294.49 With Code @ 4Gadgets
1166° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
> 512GB LINKY Student discount code Thanks and credit to @IdrisStonebirk for the code, cheers man, appreciate it Good These devices are in good condition. There will be… Read more

I only just got the Note 9 from this deal myself a few days ago and so far I'm loving it but then I'm coming from a Galaxy S5 so the Note 9 is obviously light years ahead. I'm a bit surprised about what you say about it lagging behind the A70 as I think Note 9 is still meant to have a better SOC. Maybe it's worth factory resetting it? As for longevity, I'm guessing the battery of the A70 may last a bit longer but then again it is only 6 months newer than the Note 9. One of the main reasons I chose this is because I just can't stand they hold punch or tear drop front camera in the screen. Another reason was for the Samsung exclusive Secure Folder / MyKnox which there isn't really an alternative by another phone manufacturer that's as good.


Once your order is marked as refunded how long does it usually take for it to reach your account?


Any users of Note 9 listening i'm in a dilemma. Got a 512G storage/8G ram Note 9 in blue excellent condition for £322 from 4 gadgets. I bought it to replace my year old Samsung A70. Now the A70 is all round great for my use, lovely large oled screen, performance is great, storage great, battery great. Fingerprint reader is average BUT the camera is really average. I thought moving to the Note 9 would be a no brainer even though it's older.....but the performance is slower than the A70 (opening apps is noticeably lagging behind my A70), the screen is smaller and even in the high Res mode I can't tell the difference in screen quality. And the camera: I was expecting to be blown away in the difference as the A70 is so average but I was not, the note is definitely better, brighter colours and more definition when you look closely - but not the jump I was expecting. Now the question - do I return the Note 9 and wait for something like the pixel 4a or perhaps spend a bit more on one of the many new Xiaomi/Poco/Vivo phones that are flodding the market with supposedly great cameras or will the Note 9 prove to be a better long termer due to its high end components and survive the test of time?? I haven't really tested out the S pen features, Samsung Dex, taken advantage of the storage etc


Battery: After a few charges the battery in my 512GB shows 87% in AccuBattery. Not too shabby. It increased slightly from 85% - initial charge. OS / Updates: It came with a security update from Oct 2019, didn't have UI 2 installed.


Accubattery is one to use. It uses their own algorithm though so not gospel. Do believe there are short codes for some Android phones to find battery health.

Excellent Condition Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F 128GB Smartphone Blue UNLOCKED - £284.99 @ XS Items / Ebay
57° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Only the 1 available ;( Lucky beggar whoever gets it Excellent Condition - This product is in excellent condition showing very minor signs of use. ACCESSORIES: The unit come… Read more



Great phone and a brill deal for under 300quid! Upgrade in a few months and nothing at the mo takes my fancy....but will be selling my note 9 when the time comes ;)


I knew you'd find one (y)


50% OFF, use code .


Would you happen to know if there's a deal or voucher code available when I join please? (confused)

512GB 8GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim Black/Blue Smartphone | Good Refurbished Condition - £319.99 @ 4Gadgets
343° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
512GB 8GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim Black/Blue Smartphone | Good Refurbished Condition - £319.99 @ 4Gadgets
£319.99 Free P&P Free4gadgets Deals
Still a cracking price for still an awful lot of phone, and the 512GB Duos with 8GB Ram, as opposed to 6GB 128GB - which are £289.99 Black: Blue: Good These devices ar… Read more

Omg&#x1F604; (horror) XD


11, 8 black, 3 blue


Only 3 altogether


(lol) (lol) (lol) How many phones you got?


Switchey I got the copper one when you posted that deal before. Only just got around to opening it haha

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Brand New - 128GB Blue - £363.97 / 512GB Black - £499.97 delivered @ Currys PC World
477° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Brand New - 128GB Blue - £363.97 / 512GB Black - £499.97 delivered @ Currys PC World
I think it looks decent for a brand new Note 9 on clearance price - not sure how much new ones go for these days to be honest. Free delivery. 512GB also available in Black for £… Read more

One bad thing about the lite series they dont support DeX;idPhone2=9163


Hmm. Sure it is a cheaper build with "glastic" back instead of glass but the rest of the build is as good as the Note 9. A lot of folks aren't convinced that glass is the best material for the back of a phone, sure yes it feels premium but I've lost count of how many phones I've seen with broken glass in the back... I'm not saying the Note 9 isn't a good phone but the Note 10 Lite is a good option to consider. Easily dismissed due to the "Lite" moniker when in reality it would maybe have been better for Samsung to call it the Note 10e or something else.


Definitely a very good option to consider at £400 price point or less. DAC may be worse than that on Note 9 though


the note 10 lite looks like a cheap toy, the note 9 was a top flagship so its built like one and built to last


Why not the Note 10 Lite? Same SoC as this note9, longer term support, larger screen with no bezels and better battery. sure no IP rating and no wireless charging on the Lite but they aren't killers for everyone....Also has the 3.5mm jack

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F 128GB (Unlocked - Refurb - Good) Smartphone & 12 Month Warranty £258.45 @ eBay (wjd-store)
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F 128GB (Unlocked - Refurb - Good) Smartphone & 12 Month Warranty £258.45 @ eBay (wjd-store)
£258.45£284.959%eBay Deals
These phones have been tested and passed to be in fully working condition with 12 MONTH'S WARRANTY INCLUDED. Please read our grading criteria explained below Grade A - The phones… Read more

YOu need to put poor condition in the title.


Done; I've got to say I've never had an issue as a buyer with MusicMagpie, and any SMG problems have been sorted quickly and efficiently (I've only had occasion to return nine handsets in total to them out of hundreds).


@madstock please share your experiences with @andywedge over PM . I have had very similar experience with WJD Store, MusicMagpie and StockMustGo as you have described in your post above


Thanks for your message. I have sent a detailed response over PM


I love offers like this. It brings out the best in this community! Deals are personal options. But community is so polite (highfive)

Grade B Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Unlocked Black Smartphone - £242.24 With Code @ XS Items Ebay
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Grade B Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Unlocked Black Smartphone - £242.24 With Code @ XS Items Ebay
£242.24eBay Deals
Cheapest ever? WARRANTY: If a manufacturing fault occurs within 12 months, we will repair or replace your phone, free of charge. If we cannot do this, we will refund your purchas… Read more

Thank you Mt Switch :-)


Cool 8)


Mine arrived this morning and is in excellent condition, very pleased :-)


CONDITION:Grade A - The unit will be showing some light signs of use with some minor cosmetic marks and/or small scratches to the casing's back and sides. The screen will be free from any noticeable scratches. Grade B - The unit will be showing some moderate signs of use with sporadic marks and scratches and/or scuffs present on the casing and screen. Grade C - The unit will be showing some significant signs of use with noticeable marks, scuffs and scratches to the casing and screen. The scratches may be deep in places and scuffs and small dents present around the casing.


No problem :) (lol)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Blue - Good Condition Unlocked Smartphone £274.99 @ Ineedamobile \ Ebay
248° Expired
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Blue - Good Condition Unlocked Smartphone £274.99 @ Ineedamobile \ Ebay
£274.99eBay Deals
Noice proice FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY I'm an image All our prices include free next-day tracked delivery. We will despatch your order on the same day if ordered before 2.30pm Mon-F… Read more

Good upgrade from iPhone X


284.99 now


He doesnt want because it doesnt have a jack and that LED plus its too girly (rainbow silver)


Then why do you give him the note 10 and you have his note 9? (confused)


Is this good company to buy off, not heard of the before??

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Dual Sim) All colours - Good Condition - 128GB £279.99 / 512GB £309.99 @ 4Gadgets
946° Expired
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Dual Sim) All colours - Good Condition - 128GB £279.99 / 512GB £309.99 @ 4Gadgets
£279.99£339.9918%4gadgets Deals
Some nice reductions here - available in Blue, Black & Purple. £9.30 Quidco too. Believe the Note 9 now also has the Android 10 update too (y) 1 year warranty is inclu… Read more

True. I got my note 9 512GB for £560 with trade in and student discount. Samsung actually paid me £80 more then I paid for my iPhone 7 128GB. Even more crazy is they were giving the same price (still do) for a 32GB and 128GB. At that price it was exceptional value to me as was the best phone around. If I compare the trade ins now you're getting a worse offer and the phone is about £500 more. You basically end up paying £1100 512GB for an ultra (that doesn't actually work properly yet in terms of camera!). That's just awful value when you know it will be so much cheaper in 6 months. Apple trade ins are terrible mind but the phones last longer. Samsung need to go back to old trade in model. They'll give me £250 for my note 9 but even music magpie give £270. I think won't be long before that happens mind as via very you already get £100 extra off on top.


This is trade in for Android 101 XD Confuses me every time I see people rocking these day one, when it will lose half its value in like 6 months (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Makes a joke Samsung asking £1400 for the ultra with terrible trade ins now doesn’t it?


No, I went from note 9 to mate 20 pro. Mate 20 pro is much better in battery, camera and speed


Would this be any better than my mate 20 pro? And do the note still Suffer screen burn?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Dual Sim - Refurbished 'Good' condition - £284.99 @ 4Gadgets
662° Expired
Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Dual Sim - Refurbished 'Good' condition - £284.99 @ 4Gadgets
14 days return 1 year warranty (only 6 months battery warranty) Operating System Android 8.1 (Oreo), upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie); One UI Camera Dual Lens 1: 12 MP, f/1.5-2.4, … Read more

Sounds amazing! Great price for the 512gb in that condition. Think you get 8gb ram with that model as well?


Hi - just been delivered - no original box - just a 4gadgets box that was impossible to get the phone out of ! There was a smarty sim in the box as well - just charging now - had 36 percent charge and a screen protector sticker on it - it looks brand new to me - and it is the larger 512mb model - now to find a case. I will have to check my bank account as there was no invoice in the box - just to double check I didn't mix things up with the order - I did change colours etc a few times to find one in stock - ended up with black ! Dave


Yeah that's right. S10 5G on Launch was £1100 Exactly 6 months later I bought @ £649


It should be the 128gb 'good' condition for that price. If you get the 512gb version for that then it's an absolute steal! Fingers crossed for you.


Mine is being delivered between 5pm and 6pm today - on the order note it says 512gb - is that correct ? I ordered the "good" condition one for £284.99.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Black Smartphone - Grade Good Condition 128GB £284.95 @ Limetropic Ebay
508° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Black Smartphone - Grade Good Condition 128GB £284.95 @ Limetropic Ebay
£284.95eBay Deals
There are grade C available for £20 less if you're OK with taking that risk. Refurbished Good - This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully tes… Read more

Fair enough!


Nah it's too good!


Excellent mate, well pleased, you getting rid of your op7pro?


Arrived today. Good condition indeed! Dual SIM version (y)


This code cant be applied to your order anymore

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Refurbished £252.44 at stockmustgo eBay
203° Expired
Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Refurbished £252.44 at stockmustgo eBay
£252.44eBay Deals
15% automatically off in basket then another 10% with code :)

No stock


It's an entirely arbitrary rating. I work in the industry and each vendor have their own rating system, it's rated by humans and everyone has an off day.


no stock


Isn’t it out of stock ?


I wouldn’t do that personally! As an eBay seller if someone did that to me, I’d cancel their order on the basis that I don’t want to be sending an item out only to pay to get it back again later as they don’t understand what grade C is. Also many business sellers have items packaged ready-to-go and just pick them from warehousing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB (refurb) - £247.50 using code @ stockmustgo / eBay
101° Expired
Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB (refurb) - £247.50 using code @ stockmustgo / eBay
£247.50eBay Deals
Amazing price for the 128gb edition. It is listed at 329.99 but 15% gets deducted when you add to basket :) PRODUCT INFORMATION The phone powerful enough to keep up with you:… Read more



Working again guys its £252


This deal is still available with stock must go's own 15% off not Ebay's 10% so dont expire (confused)

15% is back but ebay code not working anymore...


Wow - bargain. Received Android 10 update recently too.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim 128GB £314.99 Good/512GB - £344.99 Good Smartphone @ 4Gadgets
822° Expired
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Sim 128GB £314.99 Good/512GB - £344.99 Good Smartphone @ 4Gadgets
£314.99£379.9917%4gadgets Deals
Few reductions, but these seem to be the standout, all details below, with various locks and pricing. All three colours available, and loads available as well, range from; … Read more

(lol) (lol) No problem


So I have been reading was a little shocked when opening think they may have sent a good in error who knows. No pressure but I'm after a note 10 plus not looking to over pay atm so will sit tight until you post a steal (lol)


Sorry man, they are usually pretty good with their grades.


Received my Note 9 512gb excellent condition today... Disappointed to say the least would say the device is far from excellent condition. Going straight back and definitely won't be buying from these guys again. Was in a limbo before buying this but think I've made my mind up now and will defo be buying the note 10 plus.


When I had it I was only able to set one tap to open something or do something basic (no google assistant) and if I held it, it would open bixby. No such thing as disabling it which really got on my nerves.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Grade B Black £276.12 @ Cheapest_Electrical Ebay With Code
356° Expired
Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Grade B Black £276.12 @ Cheapest_Electrical Ebay With Code
£276.21eBay Deals
Cheapest_Electrical grade B from my very recent experience are like new. PLEASE NOTE: This item is missing the original packaging and will be repackaged in a plain box. It will … Read more

Expired, cheers :)


This or mate 20 pro?


Can you change the link in the op as it shows item oos


Pen Ejection tool interesting talk MrSwitch


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