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MUTV 12 Months £15.89 with code from official app
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
This popped up earlier and thought it was worth sharing... Individual codes are offered via Manchester United official app if you have it. Redeem as follows: Sign in / create acco… Read more
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I had to email them directly and they cancelled the auto renew


True. Armchair fans become real when they start going to the games and putting their money where their mouth is in travel costs and tickets. However what if they're overseas? Not all those fans can afford to go to OT. Some of them probably know more about United than fans in Manchester.


I'm finding my resolve being tested a lot increasingly. I like this seasons kit and it kills me to not see my team play at OT. To not be pouring over the fixtures and my calendar events seeing how I'm going to make the journey up to watch them play... I didn't think it was possible but I hate the glazers even more now and Woodward. It's not just the window we've had but its also the extent that I have to go to ram home the message. I cancelled my membership once Phil Jones extension was announced and that was more difficult that I gave it credit for. I was so demoralised that I had to go that far... First world problem I know. However so many other guys like me, love sport and love their football club as it is such a major part of their life.


Anyone know if you can still get this offer?


anyone cancelled sub to avoid re-billing next year? Still have access?

The Cricket Ashes: England v Australia Day 5 Tickets - £25 Adult / £5 Under 16's - 05/08/2019
311° Expired
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th AugLocalLocal
Priced at £25 for adults and £5 for under 16s*, tickets guarantee an allocated seat and a full refund will be applied if less than 10 overs are bowled in the day. To purchase, sup… Read more

Fifth day is always inexpensive.

We have Ali. England’s finest spinner!


Steve Smith looks quite at home at Edgbaston


I think they well n truly roughed up England today without the help of any sandpaper unfortunately (horror)


Great value for the day. If only we had a decent spinner

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Liverpool v Manchester City - Charity Shield (Wembley - 04/08/19) - Tickets From £10
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Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
LIVERPOOL V MANCHESTER CITY The FA Community Shield supported by McDonald's Wembley Stadium Sunday, 4 August 15:00

City have been fined by FFP and had their money returned. Liverpool have seen fined by FFP and not had their money returned. Liverpool were financially doped by the Moore family and littlewoods which set off a 35 year period of collecting trophies. Before that period you were average, after that period you were average, granted 2 European Cups won. You are the original financial dopers. This is historical fact. Now you're spending more money that most in the premiership and have not won the title in 30 years. Check out city attendances in the old third division with some of liverpool's attendances in that same year.


Where?...doesn't exist...nouveau riche Mickey mouse and always will be (ffp bans coming soon at which point all 15 of you can switch back to utd)


Bitterness about oil money? Nothing to do with that pal, more to do with how they generate that money and the awful views they carry along with accusations of corruption


Yeah but, new City fans are the old United fans, Wembley is only down the road. (y)


Is the emtihad empty every week? Stats?

Free tickets for Surrey v Hampshire in the Specsavers County Championship at the Kia Oval
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Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Four complimentary tickets for Surrey v Hampshire in the Specsavers County Championship at the Kia Oval on the 18th-21st August . Just enter the code KENTRAINOFFER2 at checkout

Thanks OP, we had a fab day out at the cricket, and they made their money from us over the bar!


You can take as many tickets as you like


Is this just for one person? Is there a way to do it for 2 people?


Got mine. How likely are they too be cancelled? (lol)


Got mine. Cheers.

Sky Sports 10 Months Season Ticket £199 (eqiv to £19.90 per month) @ NowTV
26/08/2019Expires on 26/08/2019Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Sky Sports 10 Month Pass - £199. Access to all Sky Sports channels. Ideal for upcoming football season. Available to new and existing NOW TV customers.
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DAZN + VPN is cheaper and has all premier league matches.


I've got no obvious issues with a single wall, but ethernet is the solution for those who can't get a decent Wifi signal to their TV.


I have wifi repeaters behind my TVs with ethernet connections as my router is in the corridor so all rooms are blocked by walls and storage. If you have the right tech it's not an issue, spend 200 on gear to last 5years then an annual subscription to this shiat


if you are you streaming wirelessly then the positioning of your router in relation to your TV could be the issue. When I first got a Smart TV I couldn't get the BBC I player to run without buffering until I moved the router to a position where there weren't multiple walls between it and the TV. I presume the same would have applied to Now TV, if I had it at the time.


I've never had an issue with buffering, it sounds like it's a broadband issue. I use BT infinity. Sky Sports PL and Football for £18 a month is a decent deal if you already have a Sky subscription, and are not interested in the other sports that come with this pass. For those of us who don't already have Sky TV it's effectively £40 a month however, as we would also have to subscribe to the compulsory £22 entertainment park. I get the best of those channels, and Sky Sports mobile for free (via stacked McDonalds monopoly passes), so that's a non starter as far as I'm concerned.

F1 British Grand Prix @ Silverstone - Live on Channel 4 12-14th July
1032° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Blink and you'll miss it, finally a free-to-air Grand Prix this weekend and the only scheduled one this season with Channel 4's reduced coverage. Those of us who follow the sp… Read more

Go troll somewhere else.


Yes it is


Only the highlights, this is the only full race FREE to watch


is your gran Michele Mouton


Would love to see this fella go round a dodgems track (lol)

Cricket World Cup Final Free on Channel 4 England v New Zealand on Sunday 14th
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Refreshed 12th JulRefreshed 12th Jul
Cricket World Cup Final FREE ON CHANNEL 4 England v New Zealand
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Don't forget rugby


What 'world cup' are we gonna get next.? I always thought the big thing in cricket was the 'Ashes' and 'Test Match series' between the big nations?. Besides it is not really a world cup is it. About 4 teams had a realistic chance to win it.The other 3 or so [i believe there wasn't many taking part]. Anyway huge shoutout to the pre tournament 2/1 odds home team England who claim there first ever World cup . ....hmmm How is that possible too?...Didn't England completely dominate and invent this sport for the past 100 years and more?. I think I know the answer.....The cricket 'World cup' is about as legit as the 'golf world cup' and 'snooker world cup'.


What a game this was. Intense till the last ball. Well played 🦁 s.


Best World Cup win, Best final match, Best last over ever in home-country. England congrats. Best fight given by new Zealand. Feeling great for being able to watch such a wonderful Match.(y) (popcorn) (party) (unicorn) (highfive) <3 (strong)


+1 really does feel like I am there !

Free Strawberries & Cream at Wimbledon (HSBC account holders only)
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th JulLocalLocal
If you're planning to go to Wimbledon this year and you have a HSBC bank account with a bank card, such as debit/credit etc, then you can claim a free voucher for strawberries &amp… Read more
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Or a first direct card. They will honour them too


Any, just need a HSBC card.


Is this for specific accounts such as Hsbc premier ? Or for any Hsbc accounts inc standard? Thanks in advance

Partick Thistle Women’s FC Half-Season Ticket Only £20
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Games after Sunday August 4th 2019
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I saw thistle at home and it was free to get in anyway. This was about 6 weeks ago




I wouldnt pay 20 for mens team in Scottish 9th division let alone womens!


Do they use the full name - Patrick Thistle Nil, or is that just the men's team ?


Highly risky to post a football deal specific to one team. Even riskier if it's womens football

Tour of Wembley Stadium For 2 people £9 with code / Works out at £4.50pp @ Red Letter Days
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
A nice and cheap tour at Wembley Stadium for 2 people, working out at £4.50pp The tour lasts around 75mins and under 16s need to be accompanied by an adult to get in. Use code … Read more

has expirered now


Where do you put the code? It says no further discounts are available in the discount code box?


I think this works for othr things on there site too. Thanks OP. Might want to post it generically (dont want to steal your thunder (y) ).


He also sells the crisps.


Is it Gary Lineker that shows you around to earn a bit more pocket money?

Cadbury Heroes Tin Premier League, 800 g - £2 + £4.49 delivery Non Prime @ Amazon
1437° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
In stock at time of writing, £2 delivered for Prime members (non add on item) A mix of Cadbury bars available in carton and tin formats that is ideal for sharing. Heroes fans … Read more

Mine hasnt been cancelled it shows a Expected date of 22 August- anyone else still have an expected delivery date


Amazon will probably have an updated script anyway not to allow any gestures in these cases.


You win some....Unlike Amozon to bottle it and cancel.


Anybody who has a lengthy chat with Amazon about recompense for an obviously mispriced item, has way too much time on their hands.


Amazon not forthcoming with any recompense despite lengthy chat ;(

Wimbledon to be shown in 4k HDR for all centre court games via iPlayer.
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
And for the first time, *all* matches will be shown in HD. The BBC has typically listed the compatible tv's and devices, which includes everything from Amazon's Fire TV 4K Stick s… Read more

Anybody managed to get working on the fire stick 4K, how do you select?


No it was well documented that their coverage was dark. Quick search The most common early complaints were as follows: The picture looks too dark Sound cuts in and out


Tried it. Looks no better than Sky HD


Has everyone forgotten the most important thing??? Are there any hotties playing? (ninja)


You voted Leave, didn't you?

Activity Superstore: 2 Adults Day At The Races & 2 Adults Comedy Night, Now £56 (Delivered / C&C with code) @ Debenhams
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Now £56 for Day at the Races and Comedy Night for Two. So this works out at just £14 per person - per activity .Whether you're new to the sport or are a racecourse regular, this da… Read more
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Nice one, thanks.


Turf, Derby trial. Comedy details are


on the AW / turf ? do you have the venue choices for the comedy night by any chance before I buy it Pls ? (highfive)


Ha, no worries. I brought it at Xmas, had my race day the other week at Lingfield, so still had the details to hand. Just need to arrange the comedy night!


Thx sooooo much @5lugger (embarrassed) I couldn't see that info to add it ;)

50% Off Bowling at Hollywood Bowl This Weekend with code (Valid Fri 28th June - Sun 30th June)
564° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
50% Off Bowling at Hollywood Bowl This Weekend with code (Valid Fri 28th June - Sun 30th June) Use Code JUNE50OFF at Checkout.

Not a fan of bowling, i hear the staff always talking about striking. Lazy..... Bubum tish!


Booked a family game for £10ish yesterday which was a fantastic price- no issues with the code. Unfortunately experience wasnt as good as we've been used to. -Changed lane once because because a gang of boys on the lane alongside we're intruding frequently into our lane area and seating -Changed lane again because the game shut down twice (due to stuck pins) -Had the same issue twice on the last lane- most annoying during our final round of throws which had the most riding on them. This was at Hollywood Bowl Bradford- but, for the price, I probably shouldnt complain! (annoyed)


Worked for me booked for half 6 tonight as sun has gone in and it’s windy now!


Worked for me , thank you


Worked for me literally just booked and not a member kids be happy for an hour well worth it!!! Thanks

Wimbledon Centre Court & No.3 Court Tickets from £43.00 (Booking Fee)
511° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Its Tennis Time Of The Year at the fabled SW19 and once again there is going to be TicketMaster doing their annual thing. A quick heads up here so you are ready for it. For those … Read more
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Great thanks for the update. Is there a link I can request access? Happy to PM you for more details.


Hi all, RE: Group It worked really well overall with more tickets available then the year before, especially near the end things seemed to be running smooth with lots of tickets available but had issues with a) People joining and not contributing/saying anything at all - now all booted b) People not following the rules c) People not trying for others which is the huge bug bear of mine and everyone. d) People getting tickets then just leaving - this was very very rare though. e) People who wanted an invite but surprisingly when invites were closed until after the final they have ghosted. If people are keen I don't see no reason why a few people (and I mean a few max 5-10 people) cannot join but be aware it is a collaborative effort and requires everyone to help/try for each other. The group will not be mentioned next year at all either as it currently has a good ratio and group of people in and when full of random people from here, it is unmanageable whereas referrals from existing members will work much better as they know the rules and can vouch for them. Don't want to ruin a good thing. People need to be aware though it is not the answer for I never get tickets this will 100% succeed - this is not the case. If you don't put the effort in yourself and try for others and be the first on you still won't and will not get any success.


I was pretty devastated as well, but I would still have liked to go to watch that live. I was there for the first final between them and although he lost I don't regret going.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. As a huge Roger fan I would have been heartbroken to have witnessed that in person on Centre Court, so glad I didn't end up getting tickets for the final(!)


A small part of me is glad the ticket madness is over for another year. See everyone in 2020! This was the first year that I have made 2 trips to the show courts. The first Tuesday on Ct 1 was slightly better value than the ladies singles final. Although I wasn't sure the five hour men's doubles final was ever going to end... By my count there are six ways I can try to get tickets for next year: 1. Ballot 2. LTA ballot 3. 2 x LTA resale events 4. LTA returns 'as and when' in the weeks before Wimbledon 5. Daily 9am and noon Ticketmaster 6. Amex Ticketmaster Perhaps one year I'll even be mad enough to camp for show court tickets....

£50 off £500 Spend on Wimbledom Tickets with Code @ StubHub
-89° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
The code is UKTENNIS19 and here you have the T&Cs . Is important you bear in mind and highlight this: “Discount of £50 only applicable on o… Read more
Read More

Lol at thinking you can get any sort of good deal from Stubhub


Unfortunately I don’t believe I’m middle class enough to partake


It's gonna get very cold in here


Stubhub can do one!


Absolute joke of how much theses tickets are

Lancs v Leics Twenty20 Blast tickets at Old Trafford £5 adults £1 kids
239° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Friday 30th August at 6.30pm. Much cheaper than the other Twenty20 matches this summer. There is a booking fee per ticket so just got two adults for £12. More discounts available… Read more

Went last season. A great evening if the weather is good


Looks decent. Heat from me.


Great price. Shame about the booking fee scam though.

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