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BT YouView Remote Control £15.48 Prime (+£4.49 Non Prime) Sold by Shop2Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Works with ALL YouView Set Top Boxes from BT and Humax With a dedicated BT player button you can quickly access the BT player and On Demand films With Brand search you can set up… Read more

Thanks for posting but I think you have pushed the wrong buttons with this deal


I think I sold 1 on eBay for a fiver!


Do people buy these. I have 3 of them waiting to go in the bin

Sony BRAVIA KD55XH9005BU 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV YouView 6 Year Warranty £974 @ Richer Sounds
279° Expired
Posted 23rd Sep 2020Posted 23rd Sep 2020
Sony BRAVIA KD55XH9005BU 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV YouView 6 Year Warranty £974 @ Richer Sounds£974£1,29925% off Free P&P FreeRicher Sounds Deals
Brand Sony 4K Ultra HD Yes HDR Yes BBC iPlayer Yes Screen Size 55 Motion Processing X-Motion Clarity LED Backlight LED - Full Array Power Consumption- Normal Use 116 Stand Yes - Fi… Read more

If anyone hasn't seen or read the Currys thread (which beats this price by a few £ at £969) GNRJosh pointed out this t3 article (about being PS5-ready)


I have a "quite good" FHD 144Hz gaming monitor (though I'm sure the purists would pooh-pooh it) and I haven't been home for any great length of time lately. So, unfortunately I can't comment - even though my PC is hooked up to the XH90 - I've only browsed and watched 4K/HD streams.


Awesome. Can I ask. How is it for gaming?. I'm holding bk fit the update before I bite the bullet. But how is gaming on the TV if u don't mind me asking?.


My brother helped me set up mine a week or so ago, here's what a 4K stream looks like on it (pretty much out of the box settings, apart from the Standard picture mode). Just put on a random Youtube 4K video of Norwegian scenery...slight bit of glare as it was a bit sunny, but you get the gist. I hadn't taken all of the plastic surround off either - you can kinda see it at the top of the screen. (Yes, I do have a saucy print on the wall)I find as it has a bit more "height" than the Sony 50WLT68 it replaced, the Sony soundbar I have fits nicely underneath and there's no issues with the TV remote sensor (the soundbar and WLT68 TV were too close together). Edit: I'm having a brain fart. It replaces the Sony-KDL50W829BBU - I used to have a WLT68 but that was a Toshiba telly. Isn't memory funny, not sure why that model number's stuck in my head.


LED will never be as good as OLED However it's a good price for a LED

Sony BRAVIA KD65XF9005BU 65 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV YouView (6 year Warranty) £989.10 at Richer Sounds
336° Expired
Posted 21st Apr 2020Posted 21st Apr 2020
”Flagship features and midrange price make for a stunning Sony big-screen TV.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ 2018 award winner. X-Motion Clarity Sony’s X-Motion Clarity makes use of the LED panel… Read more

That's the negative comments from what I've seen on Sony tellies. Personally I want the best TV available in my price range and I haven't a clue whether it's gonna be sub £500 eh the Hisense 55" ULED in Costco, or sub £1000 so I know it's in the top of the range.. Think when lockdown is eased enough I'll be able to go look at the tellies and see whether the difference is noticeable?! AHH. My problem is I want one that's gonna blow me away with proper noticeable field of depth, I kinda know it needs 100hz+ and should be a 10 bit panel so it's able to give out where it should (lol) I hate technology!

zedzedUK back up at £999 now I think.


I have the 55". Definitely recommended.


you could ask Richer sounds to price match


899 may sway me away from an OLED for this...

Sony BRAVIA KD55AG8BU 55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV YouView £1399 at Richer Sounds
248° Expired
Posted 11th Feb 2020Posted 11th Feb 2020
Sony BRAVIA KD55AG8BU 55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV YouView £1399 at Richer Sounds£1,399Richer Sounds Deals
Take the next step up in picture quality, with the Sony Bravia KD-55AG8 OLED TV. Picture brilliance comes as standard with OLED Backlighting technology is a thing of the past with… Read more

Thank you


Yes it should be. Remember the updates to the software improves the performance on your TV usually just like an iPhone. The AG9 will continue to receive updates and that’s because it has a faster processor that can cope with the Release. So when you are trying to get on Netflix or YouTube in a years time it will be a lot slower compared to the AG9. But the mere is a price difference. Also the HDMI 2.1 will become more common. Not trying to put anyone off it’s a great TV but it’s expensive compared to the C9. As mentioned personal choice - picture vs updates/gaming. If it went to £1200 serious consideration just be give solely on the picture it provides for everyday tv and movies. Note it’s not Dolby Atmos audio. It’s a Sony equivalent. I’ve done extensive research as I’m debating Sony vs LG. It’s a divided opinion on who you speak to


Is the lack of updates a significant factor?


After speak to Sony apparently no further updates on the software Orieo 8.0. Therefore will be out of date as soon as you have bought it. It’s a shame as mentioned c9 is close but the Sony just tops it with picture quality.


Glad and sad at the same time, cos when it worked it was lovely. A lot of other benefits with the C9 though - I love the magic remote! Surprised others haven't followed suit

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Sony KD55XG8196BU 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV YouView £579 With Code @ Richer Sounds
194° Expired
Posted 20th Jan 2020Posted 20th Jan 2020
Sony KD55XG8196BU 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV YouView £579 With Code @ Richer Sounds£579£5993% offRicher Sounds Deals
6 year warranty from richer sounds. Sound (y) Superb colour from Triluminos display with 4K X-Reality Pro Sony’s Triluminos screens display a full palette of colours in truly … Read more

Ok so it's quite a while since I side loaded my fire TV with Kodi and mobdro so had to do all the research again and the first problem was not being able to download ES File Manager from the Play Store. I think when I did the fire TV I sent the file over via FTP but I struggled to get the TV to connect so here is what I did in case anyone else doesn't know and can't find a step by step guide on the internet. Make sure you have a Google account for your android TV. Turn off security settings to allow apps from unknown sources. Download file commander from the play store on the TV. On your laptop or PC download the mobdro apk from the mobdro website. Sign in to the same Google account as your TV on your laptop. Save the mobdro apk (without opening it) on your Google drive account on your laptop. Open file commander on your tv Find the modbro apk file in the Google drive folder and click on it You should now have modbro icon in apps on your TV Note that you do this at your own risk and it is always handy to have a saved copy of your TVs latest firmware to out on a usb drive should it ever decide not to boot up.


Just updated my Sony to Oreo and wasn't keen at first but it's growing on me and actually prefer it to LG Webos 1. I am not sure what the latest Webos is like but I like the customisation of the Sony apps which you can put on the home screen. I particularly like the fact that you can customise the TV button on the remote to default to whichever input you like, which for me is sky. Makes it a lot easier than backing out of each of the menus. Downloaded Kodi yesterday and now just got to figure out how to put modbro on it.


Webos 1 I thought was a little disappointing. The operating system was really slow coming from the typical user interface of Samsung and LG and then I go and buy a Sony lol. I think being able to customise your menus is a great idea but Webos 1 was quite slow in my opinion. I haven't tried a later version but hopefully they have improved. TVs though are really about having the best picture for your budget and it wouldn't have put me off buying the 8600. I just thought I would give the Sony a try as I have never had a Sony TV.


Yes, you are correct. I meant to finish the first sentence with 'and the picture quality you are after', which is why I directed them to the Q70 and up.


I'm surprised you didn't like the webos system. I find it the easiest system to use with the mouse type controller.

Sony BRAVIA KD55XF9005 55-inch Android TV™ 4K HDR Ultra HD with voice remote YouView and Freeview HD @ Appliances Direct
384° Expired
Posted 16th Jan 2020Posted 16th Jan 2020
Sony BRAVIA KD55XF9005 55-inch Android TV™ 4K HDR Ultra HD with voice remote YouView and Freeview HD @ Appliances Direct£746.99Appliances Direct Deals
With postage and 5 Year Warranty

Got mine delivered on Tuesday and loving it so far. One tip, if you are going to update to Oreo make sure and do it straightaway so you can factory reset ASAP with a minimum of fuss. I got sidetracked and forgot to reset. My TV would display the android 'Balls' (not it's official name - i hope) loading screen everytime i turned it on from standby, meaning it would take ~30sec to 1min to start up. Obviously not good. Factory Data reset solved that issue and a few other little niggles. TV is now ready in seconds. (y)


Hi folks, just a wee heads up - I managed to get Richard Sounds to price match this deal (they matched the £727 price before delivery and also beat it by £10) Final price i paid was £717. Might be worth giving your local RS a call? Delivery tomorrow 8) 8) 8) This was Glasgow by the way...


Would someone mind commenting on the viewing angle? I'm trying to decide between the LG sm9000 and this, with the LG being IPS I've watched the rtings viewing angle video it seems like the Sony has a better viewing angle even though its va. Edit: viewing angle is important since the tv is for our living room and there sofas on the side, so I'm looking for something with a good viewing angle.


I think with LG you have to play about with the settings to get it on par. I did this in my last LG and it was a decent improvement to the standard settings out of the box. I think the more reviews on LG you read on you will see a pattern forming and they have a section now which shows you how to set your TV up to get the best out of it. According to the review on my TV it said they only had to change a few things he I agree as I haven't looked at mine yet as am happy with how it looks. Just a couple of minor niggles with the Sony which I mentioned above although since found that my Xbox doesn't support hdmi-cec and not sure why every time a programme goes to adverts or I change channel it flashes up "HDMi 2 Sky Stereo Dolby Digital 1080i" in the top left corner for about a second. As you say, picture is the most important factor with a TV and I cannot fault the 9005.


When 1st brought the xf9005 55 and initially turned on 1st time there was a little light bleed in top right, was bit worried but after few days off run in time it disappeared.