3 - call forwarding?

Is it possible to forward all calls made to a specific 3 contract mobile number, to another number (whether landline or mobile, 3 or other network)?

Can the same be done with text messages?


yes - I have a call divert on my phone and use it often

I only use this function for calls - dont know about diverting texts
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Is it in your handset where you set this up? Or do you call up 3?

You set it up on the handset. The phone your diverting from needs to be a contract though.
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yes you can call forward with 3 and it should be taken from your included minutes

To set up you need to use your handset - all handset methods vary with handset - what handset do you have?

You cannot automatically forward text messages in the same way - at least as far as I know !

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