Posted 3rd Jun 2022
Just got an invitation by email. I've not heard of it before, is it worth doing? Says about getting £5 for uploading 10 receipts.

Does anyone here use it? Will look at terms but is it only certain shops or any?

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    Should be noted it is only 10 in a month.
    But it is still 50p each.
    Go for it, especially if you Womble
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    Sounds no different to Shopprize and others. The info you give on your shopping habits is worth more to them than the offering.
    But if you add this to the collection of others you should be subscribed to, then the same receipt can be used for more bonuses
    What do Shopprize give for receipts? Is it as much as Amazon?
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    Yes and it's a very easy way of earning a £5 Amazon voucher. Just snap 10 receipts from shops etc then the following month a voucher is credited to your account. Amazon receipts are not valid. I've earned over £15 so far. You also get the occasional survey which is worth 25p+ as well.
    Sounds good, I'll give it a go. Is it any shop receipts?
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    Without you details on it, it would be good to see the email and offerings
    Snap or email 10 receipts a month to earn £5 Amazon voucher.
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    Yeap, just had the third £5 voucher applied to my account. It appears that as long the name of the shop/store is clear on the the reciept photo, they'll accept it. Things like Petrol station receipts work as well.

    Only seem to get one survey a month though, worth about 25p/35p usually. (edited)
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    Way better payout than all the others, only downside is your limited to 10 a month. I've had 3 payouts already and they automatically put the voucher on your account every month
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    Yes very easy. £5 a month for 10 receipts and the odd survey extra. Also once you've done your 10 for the month save up any other receipts and you can use them for the next month as it accepts from the past 30 days. So I've literally done the months worth on the 1st by scamming old ones.
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    How do you get invited?
    They send you an email, only open to certain accounts. Invite only.
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    Never knew I could earn money this way. Reading an article it says shopprize can’t be used on iPhone. Can anyone tell me a couple of ones that will work on iPhone? Also can I use my sons fuel receipts on my account?
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    ..wish they'd invite me..
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    I wasn't invited but downloaded the Amazon Shopper Panel app and it worked for me. Easy way to earn £5
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    You submit 10 receipts per month to earn £5 - though you can submit more, it won't make any difference to that month's total. Hopefully Amazon extend it as time goes on. Not sure how regular surveys are - I've only done the introductory survey (25p) for my first month - so I earnt £5.25.

    You also get an alert on the app when Amazon have paid you (payment by Gift Card), usually on the second or third day of the month, it seems.

    I use Shoppix as well but it takes a long time (say, six months or so) to earn £20 in vouchers - though you can earn lesser amounts, I prefer to go for the biggest payout.
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    Storewards is another for iPhones
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