Any good cheap walking pads worth buying?

Posted 29th Jan 2023
keep seeing them on tiktok and they look great for when your just watching the tele but most are like £300!!

any good cheap alternatives?
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    I had to Google walking pad.
    Is this a fancy name for a treadmill. I get more and more baffled with the world every day.

    Turn off the TV and go for an actual walk.

    It's a lightweight treadmill that isn't suitable for running, supposed to be easy to just put them to the side and bring it out when needed, some even fold up. It's more for working from home, a lot of people use them when they are in teams calls where they aren't needed to speak and don't have a camera on so they can get steps in during the day time
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    If you really want one then the Homcom ones are supposedly pretty good.
    £168 with the voucher and has an optional hand rail.…L9h
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    Walk/Jog on the spot while watching telly, save yourself £200
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    I’ve seen them on tiktok too. But would have to say they are probably collecting dust in peoples homes. Sounds like a good idea but when watching tv or doing work, you’ll be focussed on that. Not paying attention to the walking so easy to change your pace subconsciously and fall. They are also quite overpriced on TikTok for a low spec no name treamill.
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