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Posted 5th Jan 2023
Anybody know how to claim for delay compensation for parcels sent via Evri?

Had a nightmare on a few parcels sold on eBay where I purchased postage direct with Evri (NOT Packlink) where they took 10-14 days to arrive.

Presume you have to ring Evri, but it's a nightmare just to get through to an actual person and jump through all the automated stuff.

Also had several RM parcels severely delayed but the process for these is easier to claim. Although annoying Tracked 24/48 aren't eligible for delay claims.
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    I think pretty much all couriers offer compensation for delay, whether you choose to claim is another matter. Evri even state in their T&C's they offer delay compensation but this is easier said than done!

    I paid extra to have them sent on Evri's next day service in first week of Dec and, frankly, 14 days to deliver is unacceptable. As an extreme example, I had an item stuck at a depot for a week, and then I had a week where it said out for delivery every day for another week (no reason why it was returned to the depot each day), until it eventually arrived.

    You then have all the hassle from the buyer to sort out, particularly as it gets closer to Christmas and then they claim a refund from eBay and the item turns up - you can't ask Evri to return to the sender.

    Earlier in the year, Evri took a month to deliver a parcel of mine. When I put in a loss claim after 2 weeks, all they gave me was a refund of the postage! Surely given a loss claim was put in, it would have made sense to flag on their system to return to me. (edited)
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    With Evri you're lucky they arrived at all!
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    Wouldn’t waste your time lol
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    Zero chance. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of Evri. There is literally no way of getting hold of them.
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    You aren't kidding.

    There is literally no way to contact them. It's almost unbelievable. I've got a package that has been stuck with them since 12th Dec and no way to find out what is going on.
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    ha ha, sorry. no luck with that happening
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    I got compensation when I contacted the MD - got more than I sold the item for ;-)
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    I had evri via packlink parcel sent end of October, declared lost mid november, then taking so long for compensation.... and parcel delivered on 24th December!
    they still compensated but was a pain. apparently they allow 90 days for the process hmm.
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    You have some very unrealistic expectations given that Evri doesn't guarantee delivery within a certain time. It is always on a best effort basis.
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    Of course a few days delay, is generally neither here nor there. It's the severe delays which cause issues.

    I don't understand though why they offer a next day service for an added fee. For the handful of times I've used it, it's never turned up next day. I'm paying a surcharge for a standard service.
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    Trouble is, no published email or address or claim form on their website as far as I'm aware and perhaps purposely made to be complicated. Think fair to say that I accept defeat here.
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    Even if you get hold.of them they will give you a form to fill in. You fill it in and return. They then contact you exactly 28 working days later to tell you the form is missing something. You tell them the information they want is actually on the form and that they are mistaken. They then get back to you exactly 28 working days later to apologise for their mistake but something else is missing. You then repeat the process again. This is as far as I've got. Always given up at this stage.
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    Moral of the story is, NEVER EVER use Evri
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    From Facebook. Can't vouch if it works.

    Otherwise email this and wait around 10 days.

    This still gets picked up by Evri as it's the same company
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    I tried that using a tracking no I grabbed from the Reddit post that suggested that - it wasn't considered a valid number.

    As luck, I had used EVRI for a delivered delivery before xmas, so I used that number and followed those steps and it worked!
    Except as soon as I chose 'speak to a human', it said 'All our operators are busy. Goodbye' and hung up.
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    i think people have issues claiming for lost parcels off evri nevermind just late delivery ones, i would think you have no chance, better to use royal mail always, even striking days didn;t matter just always use RM.
    The only other options like UPS/DPD/DHL etc are too expensive for small parcels. (edited)
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