Flamedeer 2017 Official Discussion & Trading Thread

Found 11th Dec 2017
How to Play

From 11th Dec 4pm until 22nd Dec 4pm Flamedeer can be found roaming the entire site, randomly popping up throughout the day and night. Don't just limit your hunt to HUKD itself though, you'll find a bounty of tips and clues on our social media sites so make sure you stay ahead of the hunt by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, G+ and Telegram.

Game page >> hotukdeals.com/fla…ame <<

Once you find a Flamedeer, click it to catch it. Caught deer will be automatically added to your collectors handbook. All deer are only valuable in packs of 3. The white Flamedeer is quite common, so expect to encounter many. The silver deer are more rare while the golden Flamedeer is your ticket to win!

You can also catch Flamedeer on the official HotUKDeals apps! Just make sure you’re running the latest versions. Once a Flamedeer is successfully caught you’ll be directed to the web version of HotUKDeals to view your collection.


The most savvy hunters can also trade Flamedeer with other members and complete their collections by working together. You cannot trade Flamedeer via the official app but you will receive a notification when a trade has been requested. You can then view these on the website.


You cannot trade Gold flamedeer. Once you collect one it is locked in.
Some Flamedeer might escape. This is not an error, it is just how the game works.


2 x iPhone X! Collect all 3 Jumper Flamedeer to WIN!

2 x Xbox One X! Collect all 3 GingerBread Flamedeer to WIN!

3 x Nintendo Switch! Collect all 3 Silent Night Flamedeer to WIN!

3 x Xiaomi Robot Vac! Collect all 3 Yeti Flamedeer to WIN!

6 x £50 Microsoft Gift Card! Collect all 3 Christmas Tree Flamedeer to WIN!

6 x £50 PSN Card! Collect all 3 Bearded Flamedeer to WIN!

6 x MAC Cosmetics snowball brush kits! Collect all 3 CandyCane
Flamedeer to WIN!

6 x £50 Currys PC World Gift cards! Collect all 3 Hot Chocolate Flamedeer to WIN!

6 x £25 Netflix Gift cards! Collect all 3 Wreath Flamedeer to WIN!

6 x Echo Dots! Collect all 3 Ornamental Flamedeer to WIN!

6 x Jo Malone Fragrance Hamper! Collect all 3 Red Nose Flamedeer to WIN!

Instant WIN:

500 x HotUKDeals T-Shirt! Catch a Common Flamedeer to WIN!

50 x Plush Flamedeer! Catch the Candle Flamedeer to WIN!
Community Updates
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**Notice - 22/12/17 @ 4pm - The winners list is now complete and final. Thanks everybody for playing have a fantastic Christmas!**

**update 19/12/17 - please allow 48 hours for your name to appear on the list, as all big prize winners will be verified before being added.**

After a chat with @magicjay1986, I'll be managing the winners list this year again! There are 602 prizes available this year.

If you are a winner, please PM me a screenshot of your Flamedeer collection (or reply to THIS post so I get a notification). This can be a link to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. or a photo in your reply.

So here it is, the Flamedeer 2017 Winners List:

1 of 3 XIAOMI Robot Vac
1. kadinsky
2. Speculator
3. sadia.naeem

1 of 3 Nintendo Switch
1. karina80
3. Arutha

1 of 6 £50 Xbox Gift Card
1. hobsa
2. oneclub61
3. baronvonchaos
4. prettyfreebies
5. Silkywatcher
6. Naeem_Abbas

1 of 6 £50 PSN Gift Card
1. paulwarw
2. jasondungate90
3. danielkatie9
4. DistortedVision
5. chris.johnston
6. xobec

1 of 6 Mac Cosmetics Snowball Brush Kits
1. plumbear
2. MisterMadHatter
3. Abdul91
4. cd1986
5. fulff45
6. *sloman*

1 of 6 £50 Currys/PC World Gift Cards
1. Ticklehamster
2. vakeralshah
3. BoGoF
4. jimjamjars
5. hopper_papa_roac
6. Monika_Cichowska-10544029

1 of 6 £25 Netflix Gift Cards
1. sandy2061
2. qyestionmark
3. jsalmond87
4. jamiew77
5. beckylewis
6. shedwin39

1 of 6 Amazon Echo Dots
1. JeremyM
2. gmerchant
3. Marekj
4. chrizzler
5. Thomas33red
6. mackashworth

1 of 2 iPhone X
1. melv1978
2. MrMeguy

1 of 2 Xbox One X
1. eve.houseman
2. mammarabbit

1 of 6 Jo Malone Fragrance Hamper
1. Dronelover
2. markticktock
3. rapidmindfreak
4. Muffin143
5. gavinrawlings
6. martyboy70

1 of 50 Plush Flamedeer
1. DistortedVision
2. Satsbefast
3. qtweeder
4. MayaForrester
5. thirty3baboons
6. saaandy
7. Lee8210
8. pumpkinette
(no further winners have been announced for this prize)

1 of 500 HUKD Flamedeer t-shirts
1. 5haks
2. Guardsmon
3. Westwood1
4. Gatmana
5. Kar999
6. hgraham4
7. tarryboy
8. ikskwizituk
9. Nayyer
10. Eden0032 (not a fix, I promise!)
11. Johndoe786
12. bijtank
13. gill21
14. foxyladykezza
15. xxkleexx
16. L0u33z
17. welche2
18. BoGoF
19. tigerlil1
20. borsuk
21. brailer
22. pweda
23. tomadams21
24. its_mark
25. Te.Bheag
26. LukeyWolf
27. AnnaMak
28. mkh93
29. annavann
30. *sloman*
31. dealown2014
32. prettykitti_
33. Sadia-sarwar
34. AllanDunn
35. Chaos86
36. GlennAnderson
37. UKGarfield
38. bunny_boiler
39. LeahsMintytoutou
40. The_IMF
41. kill_bill
42. sman123
43. Chrisstara
44. ukros
45. betterdeals
46. Segata-Sanshiro
47. BeerMeister
(no further winners have been announced for this prize)

Info: please send me a PM with a screenshot of your Flamedeer collection to prove you are a winner. All winners will be contacted within 28 days of the competition closing.

I will try to keep this list as up-to-date as I possibly can, however it may take up to 24 hours for me to add your name, pending screenshots of Flamedeer collection.

Note: This winner's list is now final. For any questions, please visit hotukdeals.com/con…ct
Edited by: "Eden0032" 22nd Dec 2017
OK, I have amassed quite a collection of Flamedeer - some of which I believe are particularly coveted, including...

4 of the fabled Silver Jumper amongst others

Now, I want one for myself (obviously) and I have been collecting a second full set for someone else close to me that I will trade to them soon. So that means that I now have 2 spare Silver Jumpers.

I will trade one of them for a Silver Silent Night to the first person with a trade offer (providing you don't already have a Silver Jumper). The other will be free to a good home.

As I said, I know it's wanted by many (most) people so I think the only way to do this fairly is to select a person randomly from a list of all those interested. I think the easiest way to keep a list of those who would like to be included would be to like this comment as then I can copy and paste that list into a random generator, which I will do tomorrow morning to allow as many people to be included as possible.

Please don't think that I am doing this for likes, they are of no use to me of course, and I have already given away lots of other duplicates (including various rare ones) to users on this thread. I am simply trying to find a fair way to give this away for free and one that makes it easy/work-free for me list-wise.

If you would like to be included then please add yourself to the list with a like and I will select the user at random at around 09.00 tomorrow and send them a trade for one of their low duplicates.

Finally, apologies for the long post and I genuinely wish everyone Merry Christmas and luck with trying to find the true rares - the golds.

TLDR: I have a spare Silver Jumper that I will give away randomly to users included in the likes list on this comment

The winner of the draw was WeaverStar
Edited by: "deadPixel" 20th Dec 2017
If we can get 25 likes on this comment I will pick someone random from the likes of it and let them choose any deer from my collection whether it's a spare or not. That includes every flamedeer other than gold.
The winner will be released at 3: 10 today which gives u time to join the comp.
If we can get 50 likes I will pick 2 ppl to pick 2 flamedeer each but it will take 50 likes.
Winner will be posted at 6:30
The winners have been contacted. AnumN and BB288 were the winners and I have accepted both trades that came through.
Edited by: "Nayyer" 18th Dec 2017
whoop - something to do while it is thick snow outside
Yaaaaay! And I just caught a red nose deer while typing this
Just won a Silver Night Flamedeer
and probably win nothing else
I thought they weren't coming. Feels more Christmasy now. Cheers @magicjay1986
Yippeeeeeee. !
A chance to win a HUKD t shirt?

Oh heck! Cue all the crap deer related 'deals'!
wooohoooo already caught 1
I just know I'm going to spend ever MORE time on HUKD
And while typing this I just caught one
Thanks for doing this again. It's a Christmas tradition now. Loving the flamedeer teddy, great addition x
Can you play on android phones?
Good luck, everyone.
Got none yet
Yay! I didn't think it was happening this year but then one popped up and surprised me.. I may have made a small squeak of excitement 😑
Oh deer, here we go again...
free red dead 2 ?

and an Xbox one to play it on ta muchly good luck all


Edited by: "Wongy110" 11th Dec 2017
Frank30uk3 m ago

Oh deer, here we go again...

Please doen't

Woooooo it’s back!!!! I want a candle one, just so I can get the plush 🤣
deer jokes? oh no, I'm not fawn of them... ill get my coat!
What are you guys looking forward to collect? I'm keeping an eye for Yetis, Ornamental, Chocolate and Jumper... Sorry, I'm a bit greedy this Christmas ;p
HUKD towers will be laughing as they watch their member base exponentially grow
Xiaomi Robot Vac?

Why are you copying my prizes?
deeky3 m ago

Xiaomi Robot Vac?Why are you copying my prizes?

Haha I thought that...

wouldn't mind one of those beauties... this one will be won by a new member that's been here 2 minutes... I have a chance with yours
reindeer3336 m ago

HUKD towers will be laughing as they watch their member base exponentially …HUKD towers will be laughing as they watch their member base exponentially grow

Said the 333rd reindeer
Shall I post a reindeer deal to gauge what the atmosphere and hatred towards reindeers is like this year?
philphil613 m ago

Said the 333rd reindeer

It took me 332 accounts to create a password I could remember...
Does it work on the app?
Finally. A second chance for that Flame-Man shirt!
Yay! Good luck guys
SteveFantasy11th Dec 2017

Finally. A second chance for that Flame-Man shirt!

I see your mug is now a flamedeer
reindeer3332 m ago

It took me 332 accounts to create a password I could remember...

Took you 332 accounts to get VIP. Isn't that Reindeer3333... whoops.
SteveFantasy11th Dec 2017

Took you 332 accounts to get VIP. Isn't that Reindeer3333... whoops. …Took you 332 accounts to get VIP. Isn't that Reindeer3333... whoops.

Haven't heard of search a person
reindeer3331 m ago

Haven't heard of search a person

How about oUkTu... I better stop.
HUKD's missing a category or two.
There should be the "Only come on the site and post loads of crap at Flamedeer time Flamedeer" and the "After not being on the site all year, comment 'thanks for posting' on as many deals as you can Flamedeer".
SteveFantasy11th Dec 2017

How about oUkTu... I better stop.

What are you implying...?

How about Buzz....

Saw that one the other day...
Screw the main prizes i want that Flamedeer plush.
does the flamedeer comp work on android phone app?
I can't see the flamedeer band on mine.
Just caught my first, a white yeti

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