Kfc.. this is awkward?

Posted 7th Oct 2023
4212725_1.jpgAm I missing something. "Oh our fries aren't great right now, our bad." Really?
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  1. Headingley_Lad's avatar
    Free fries to try in their app
    51153836_1.jpg51153836_1.jpg (edited)
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    Can confirm that it's the same ol fries with a bit of seasoning added
  2. rimz790's avatar
    don't know why the hell they even changed the fries! then again their chicken seems to be hit and miss from branch to branch!
    john-paul.simpson's avatar
    They changed them because of the amount of waste from the potato skins, so to save money and reduce waste they kept the skins on.
  3. gboig's avatar
    Much prefer burger King fries
  4. msrangers999's avatar
    I don't eat much quick fast food these days but I've always said McDonalds Fries beat all competitions hands down.
    Azwipe's avatar
    5 Guys
  5. 2409chris's avatar
    They were fine the first time. The chaos of these updates has stopped me getting any that isn’t the 10 mini fillet deal or chicken Tuesday. I’m not paying for mushy oven chips
  6. 118luke's avatar
    On looks alone - they dont look much of an improvement over the current ones.
    Wish they would drop this "skin-on" fad.
  7. Asy370Z's avatar
    Good. Their current chips taste like leftover school dinner chips 🤮
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Fries (french fries/friets) not chips. Chips are generally bigger, less uniform in size and chunkier than skinny fries.
  8. PurrlineBargain's avatar
    Google kfc fries and this discussion is result #2
  9. hdhani's avatar
    Hopefully it means they're changing their fries
  10. G3n3ralWast3's avatar
    basically stop licking random peoples fingers when eating their chips. with chicken is frowned upon but somewhat ok-ish
  11. KodaBear's avatar
    It's an ongoing thing they have been doing to promote their menu changes.

    They changed their fries twice in recent years so far and both times resulted in a fairly negative reception. Each time they advertised this in a self deprecating way before announcing they were changing them.

    It looks like we are about to get a third change to their fries now. And it will probably turn out to be yet another mistake that they later go back on again.
    Whoohoo's avatar
    How rarely I'm willing to pay out for them I can barely remember what they were like each time anyway
  12. H15HY's avatar
    Hope it’s the seasoned fries released in Canada 👀
  13. Attic45's avatar
    KFC fries have been the worst of the bunch for decades however there current fries are fine, they just need to be cooked longer so they are crispy and chip like rather than looking and feeling like they should be in the cabbage patch on a wet day.
  14. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    I thought almost all the frozen fries were made by McCain or another company for almost all fast food places.
    KodaBear's avatar
    The vast majority of fries for fast food places are everyday products that are made by a third party yes.

    KFC's current fries for example aren't exclusive to KFC. You can pick them up yourself at places like Costco.

  15. Scouse81's avatar
    They are changing the fries and they will have seasoning on them.
  16. Aliorrk's avatar
    Just looked this up as o received the same email. Someone in Gillingham found a rusty screw in with their fries ? Whether this is true or not 🤷‍♀️ not keen on their chips anyway 
    SassyTheSasquatch's avatar
    the rusty screw probably tastes better
  17. crabby09's avatar
    Seasoned fries will go down like a lead balloon in our house... I've no idea why this is so difficult for them - just emulate another fast food chain, it's not like fries are their USP!
  18. Feargal's avatar
    KFC has horrible chips. Not sure how they mange it but they do.
    Asy370Z's avatar
    Literally every takeaway chicken shop in the UK's generic chips are better than KFCs. It's shocking how bad they are 🤮
  19. X.marX's avatar
    As someone who likes some flavour in food, I love the new chips. But yeah, Brits might find it horrible coz they like bland poo poo with no flavour.

    I wish they did something spicier like Taco Bell's. But the latest ones aren't that bad. (edited)
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