Posted 17th Mar 2023 (Posted 17 h, 58 m ago)
Used this recently and service was great…ist

Free Repairs
Our gear repair service is free. We'll ask you pick up the cost of sending your gear into us but the fix-up is on us.

Fixing All The Gear We Can
No matter how worn or weathered your kit is, we'll repair it for free, if we possibly can, as many times as you need us to.

Fast Turnaround
Every repair is unique. Some are quick fixes. Others need more attention. But we aim to have your item back with you within 21 days of receiving it.

Good for the Planet
Repair don’t replace and give more life to your gear and the outdoors. Plus, it’s good for the wallet too.

Getting the Job Done
We'll always do our best to repair your worn and weathered Berghaus items, no matter how many times they need it. For free. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1

Fill in the Form
Give us as much detail as you can about the gear that needs repairing, and the repair you need done. We’ll take a look and let you know if we can help.

Step 2
Send it In
If it’s a go-er, we’ll ask you to send in your item into Berghaus HQ. Then we’ll assess the damage and pass it onto the team.

Step 3
The Repairs Team
Our team will get to work on your repair. They are masters of their craft and will keep you in the loop at every stage of your item’s journey — just in case you miss it a bit too much.

Step 4
Get Back Out There
Every repair is different, but we’ll do our best to get your repaired gear back to you within 21 days of its arrival.

And if we can’t fix it?
Some adventures are too big even for our repairs team. If they feel your item may have come to the end of its life, we have two options. The first, a replacement if your product is within guarantee. If it’s not, with your permission, we’ll upcycle it and give you 30% off something new.
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  1. winter_zombie's avatar
    so you dont need to show a proof of purchase ? and do they return it free of charge or do you have to pay for that ??

    if no proof is required then it makes it a great deal to buy second hand and send it in for any minor repairs.
    Deedie's avatar
    if its berghaus gear, they repair it. no need for proof of purchase to prove its berghaus
  2. chris.parsons's avatar
    I didnt have to showcase the recipient or pay for return. Had a zip come away from the seam and lost a few teeth on zip. Came back with new zip and looked great
  3. Max_Testina's avatar
    The fabric on my trekking shoes has gone so worn out that there are now half an inch big holes, the rest of the shoes are in near perfect condition as they are just over year old. I doubt they would repair them and I’d rather keep use them up then let them be upcycled. I was genuinely shocked by their quality.
    windym's avatar
    They repaired mine. I sent them Royal Mail Tracked as it was £100 cover and fully tracked for less than a fiver. They replaced the fabric with soft leather. I love them in their repaired state. Mine were about 2 years old but I've walked around the globe (in mileage terms) several times.
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