Posted 7th Dec 2022
I don't know about you, but personally I feel constantly exhausted. Looking after 3 kids and a dog is like wanting to go to sleep as soon as you wake up. The best unpaid job in the world happens to be also the worst, in my case.

Say whatever you feel about your existence down below...

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    Should have got a cat
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    I want to hear the dogs side of the story.
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    I've been trying to figure out what your username says for the last 15 minutes,now that's exhausting.
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    Imagine burdening your kids with the idea that raising them is the worst experience ever.
    And we wonder why kids attitudes today have changed.
    I don’t think the kids are browsing the discussions section of HUKD
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    Give the Op a break for goodness sake - I too hark back at times to my single days when I had all the time in the word and all the years in front of me to do what I wanted - heck I wish I knew then what I know now.

    I also have a very demanding family life and am constantly knackered. I love the late night when it's all done and I look forward to bedtime because of that. I don't regret my choices but it's OK as a parent to say 'I'm knackered and need a rest today'
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    I imagine that anyone with 3 kids nd a dog to maintain will identify with the highs and lows that you express. I only had 2 kids and the dog and that was exhausting enough at times.
    Chin up, by the time they've left home and the dog has shuffled off to a better place, you suddenly find a sweet spot for time to do your own thing. In my case, buy a motorhome and tour round Europe following the sunshine.
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    Some people don't get the opportunity of even having a kid, never mind 3. Enjoy it. Exhaustion means you are actually doing something to your full ability.
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    Sounds like it's time to start a rota for walking the dog.
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    cud be worse im freezing to death working an 8 hour shift no heating🥶🥶
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    Just remember, our kids are an investment for our future. Treat them right and they'll look after us when we're incapable.
    I wouldnt want to put that on my child.
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    I think its normal to have these kind of feelings at some point in our lives. But its important to address them if they persist or get worse. I used to go to a AA meetings which defintely helped me get past a rut. I also have a back issue that requires management through out the week to keep it in check. I see stress in the same way that i treat my back in that it requires daily management via routines that you personally find helpful.
    One of my favourite routines is setting aside 22min nap time like i did in kindergarten. Helps fill the tank a bit and get me through the rest of the day. Some days will be harder than others and when that happens, i write it off and look forward to heading to bed and hit that reset button.
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    Life is precious, it can be alot to deal with and life is hard enough without adding extra pressure on yourself. Take time out to find small things that bring you joy. You may be finding it too much but that's normal to struggle. I recently lost my dog (old age) so what I would say is just make the most of your time with your children and dog because life is just way too short.
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    Totally hear you…I only have a teenage boy…a 6 month pup and work full time and I’m knackered every night through the week…weekends not so bad as no work…school runs etc…take my hat off to you..3 and a dog!
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    Thank you everyone for all your comments.
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    Maybe I’m crazy, but I really miss being run ragged by the kids when they were little, maybe it’s because I was younger and fitter idk my youngest is 16 and pretty self sufficient (ish) and I’m completely knackered 24/7.
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    I don't know about you but personally I
    Have never seen the sound of music
    Don't see the point of Facebook
    Can't stand coriander
    Would rather be shot than watch soap operas
    Only buy free range eggs
    Am more afraid of the hairdresser than the dentist

    There's some ammo for you all.
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