Posted 30th Dec 2022 (Posted 11 h, 31 m ago)
I’ve been trawling the older posts re palicomp and wanted some advice.

I ordered a deal back in November and took upgrades for a system I was happy with and spent just over £500.

The PC case arrived with a small dent in it and every other day windows crashed and failed to load, I’ve had to reset the PC, was asked to reinstall windows from USB recovery drive and it still won’t work. They’ve now collected it and returned to base to sort out

My worry is I’ve been reading about their substitutions in parts, their terrible service of late and wonder if I should just cut my losses and ask for a refund, I paid by credit card and it’s worked for around 3 days out of the last 30.
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    Up to you. You can always purchase again elsewhere which is better than a problematic pc isn't it (unless you got an amazing deal).
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    Sounds like it was faulty memory or a power problem if it was constantly crashing.

    Doesnt like it was tested before going out.
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    over 30 days (deemed you have accepted goods - although you have not actually stated when arrived and when you reported fault) but under 6 months you need to give them one opportunity to replace/repair.

    If faults persist or new faults on return then you would be able to reject and request a full refund. (edited)
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    I reported the problems after day 5, it took me 3 days to actually set my station up and unbox etc

    I then had to wait 3 days for an email reply and an another 4 days due to Xmas weekend

    If it’s returned and works fine I’m happy to keep it, but just worrying with the negative posts and info out there about people’s experiences
    I wouldn't worry. You paid by credit card.

    If you get it back and its still not working or incorrect, just get a refund.
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