Posted 27th Nov 2022 (Posted 2 h, 19 m ago)
Hi all,

Has anyone be able to buy a console directly from the Sony PlayStore?
They show stock, however when I try to buy, my bank card is checked, I receive the approval request in the bank app, I approve it, and after a while the PS web page shows:

Please check the item limit for one or more items in your cart and that you've entered a valid billing and delivery address.

My bank details and address are correct. even tried adding another card from another bank and the same.

My son tried from his account and exactly the same issue.

Any thoughts about?
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    You got a link
    mhmm... Not sure to understand.
    Directly in the playstation web page the PS5 shows as available (standalone and also some bundles)
    The only thing you have to do to add to cart, is sign in. It let you go through all the process, but at the end the weird error I copied in the post.
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    I did, but I used paypal and it was over a month ago. It took ages for some reason and I ended up buying it on my iPad.

    I think it kept sending me back to the main page or something.
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    3 times i tried to buy a game of it. Each time at the final stage all i got was a endless spinning circle?
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