Posted 14th Nov 2019
Just wondering what every one thinks of the new quidco premium ? You have a choice of upgrading today or waiting when you existing premium membership is auto renewed. One of the biggest changes is that instead of a £5/year fee it’s now £1 for every active month (so potentially £12/year).
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So, Quidco now attempting to fleece more money out of subscribers...
After their failed attempt at trying to monopolise the cashback market by trying to merge with Topcashback and then offering bonuses every week for them to never track, their new xmas party trick is Quidco Premium.

Lets face it, the old £5 service was rubbish, you never get live support and offers no benefit whatsoever, but now we get this £1 a month premium service offering an ad-free experience...…… wooooh and a bit extra cashback (extra cashback on a transaction that hasn't tracked is still zero)

There is also lots of talk of Quidco blocking accounts and retaining the cashback, so be careful people.

I for one take this new venture as a good reminder to now ditch the current £5 Quidco paid service and revert back to Basic.

This is just a discussion and to raise awareness, what you lot think of this new subscription charging more?
Has anyone just received an email about Quidco Premium, if so, any thoughts on it? Is it worth it ?

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