Posted 24th Jan 2023
Update 1
Some unconfirmed pricing from Roland Quandt via twitter:

S23 8/128 €959
S23 8/256 €1019
S23+ 8/256 €1209
S23+ 8/512 €1329
S23 Ultra 8/256 €1409
S23 Ultra 12/512 €1589
I like me a new release, and from the 1st February, Samsung will be releasing their newest flagship smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra, all rumoured to be coming with the Snapdragon 8 Gen2, which will be a bit of a relief for a lot of members here, previous UK / EU iterations have come with Samsungs own in house chips the Exynos, previously the S22 came with the Exynos 2200.

There were previous rumours about Samsung using a customised version of the 8 gen2 with a higher clock speed, but has since been quashed.

So what can we expect from Samsung in the S23 Ultra?

The aforementioned Snapdragon 8 Gen2, A new 200mp ISOCELL HP2 main sensor with 100x space zoom, will hopefully improve video.

Display rumours are another 6.8" Dynamic AMOLED, With gorilla glass victus 2.
Battery wise, there will be another 5000mah stuffed inside, with 45w charging, and wireless charging at 10w

Android 13 will be ready out the box along with ONE UI 5.1, and Bluetooth 5.3

Ram and storage options are 8GB to 12GB ram, with a base of 256GB storage, no 128GB option in the ultra according to rumours

Unconfirmed specs according to GSMarena Below:

S23 Ultra
S23 Plus

So just a few rumours of the upcoming S23 Ultra, Are you looking forward to it?

No doubt Samsung will have some kind of free offer on and good trade in options

Check out the below deal which ends tonight

£300 Gift card deals

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  1. Avatar
    If they are doing a good trade in offer for the S22 Ultra, I may be tempted. I don't really have any faults with the S22.. so it'll all boil down to trade in value
    I got £520 last year for my S21 against the S22 Ultra.
  2. Avatar
    Looks like they might increase the prices for S23 . Hope they come up with better pre-order deals.…php
  3. Avatar
    I'm still wondering if it will be enough of a leap for me to ditch my S20 Ultra. Given that it still works fine, I'll probably hold out until it's not. I just want a new toy though.
    I'm wanting to upgrade from my S20 too. Got the S22 and the battery was dire so sent it back. Think I'll wait for the initial rush to die down to get a better deal.
  4. Avatar
    If this is of a similar size to the s22 and they brought back the the headphone jack and external sd card. This would be their best selling phone ever by a mile
  5. Avatar
    Would you suggest waiting for better deals or to go for the pre order deals based on past experience
    Usually preorder deals are better but you never know.
  6. Avatar
    I've been holding out on upgrading for so long, I'm using a Note 9 Is it time? 👀
    Nowt wrong with the note 9
  7. Avatar
    Cant wait for your deals on this 😃
    I will post a few no doubt, not sure i will get to the launch deal first mind you, better deals seem to come after sometimes anyway
  8. Avatar
    I will probably bite if the Ultra is under £200 after trade in, cashback, bonus and the purchase of a toilet roll / pens. I am sure @MrSwitch will find such a deal.
  9. Avatar
    Nice to see them finally using Snapdragon for the UK versions.

    Oh and I wonder if S22 cases will fit the S23? The ultra looks the same, especially with camera placement being the same.
    Apparently no, slight differences in geometry so will have to be a new case!
  10. Avatar
    +1 Switchy. I'm looking forward to it. Leaks are looking good for S23 Ultra
  11. Avatar
    Wonder how much they be this time around
  12. Avatar
    I wish they would use that 1 inch sensor but waiting to see what they do with a 200 MP sensor.
  13. Avatar
  14. Avatar
    There are rumours about price increases like apple this year. Of course, US price will remain the same.
  15. Avatar
    I've ummed and ahhhhed over a s22 for more than a while. Hopefully the s23 release will push its price down enough for a purchase. It has been nearly a month since I last bought something shiny from Samsung after all.
  16. Avatar
    Anyone know if those referral discount codes are still about?
    They are always available on twitter
  17. Avatar
    Keeping my S21 another year. I keep hearing they are bumping up the price for Euro and UK markets so no thanks Samsung.
    Yeah if they increase the prices, I am out as well. My limit is around 600 with a trade in. Won't pay more than that
  18. Avatar
    Would anyone know if usually trade in deals are impacted by cracked screen? Got my s21 ultra and not sure if worth getting it fixed, trads it or just keep as is
  19. Avatar
    I'm still using a Note 10 Lite, that I've dropped a couple of times, and managed to get the camera focussing to be hit and miss.

    Not quite sure what this offers over that phone. Play the odd game, none of which seem to have any speed / graphics issues, so not really sure what a far faster cpu might offer. Android software updates seem to cause more problems to be honest.

    Do have a memory card slot, although use a second sim in that half the time for EU / US travel.
    Headphones I connect via bluetooth anyway.
    A note 10 lite to an Ultra S23 is a massive difference a d upgrade. I'd know since I had the Note 10.
  20. Avatar
    Still pestering my son to get his s22 ultra. He bought the case and screen protectors and the phone from Amazon in October but they never delivered it so he got his refund. Since then he has been sitting on the idea of getting it. I said he might aswell get the s23 now. Just shows how quickly they bring these new versions out.
    Not really,they didn't release the s22 ultra in October but February so it would have already been 8 months old if he had got it.
  21. Avatar
    I had Samsung note 9 and just because of Bixby I'll never buy Samsung again. Shame as it was a nice phone.
    You can turn it right off on mine now so not a problem
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