The Soup Factory: An Abduction Thriller by Billy Wittenberg FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

Posted 28th Jan 2023
4077101_1.jpg4077101_1.jpg4077101_1.jpg4077101_1.jpgCamile is a first-year nurse, struggling to make ends meet. She's just ended an abusive relationship and started dating someone new. She's full of life and hope for the future.

That all changes when a black-clad stranger attacks her and renders her unconscious. She wakes up gagged and in chains and with no idea where she is. When her kidnapper returns-pistol in hand-he tells her he's been hired to kill her.

And he's not working alone.

Armed with only her wits and guile, Camile must escape her bonds and elude her attackers through a nightmare estate. One wrong move and she'll meet a gruesome fate. Through it all, one thought runs through her mind.

Someone she knows wants her dead.
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    Sounds fascinating. Intrigued why not posted in Freebies section!
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    It originally was but it was decided this was the standard price, therefore no saving, and shifted here.
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