When To Cancel Lebara 1p? Help! This month or next?

Posted 12th Jan 2023
Does anyone that has the Lebara 1p offer know when best to cancel, to not pay a month of full price?

Says something about cancelling before 6pm today if I don't want another month. Should I cancel after 6pm today if it ends in February? Or do it next month before 6pm?

I'm confused! Thanks

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    cancel after 13th Jan. they will take one penny off you on 13th Jan. don't forget to also switch off your pay-pal continuous payment just to be on the safe side - belt and braces
    Thanks! Will do that too
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    I had a derp moment sorry! Forgot what month we were in.

    If you turned off auto renew enable it again. It will charge the discount price tomorrow. Then as soon as that’s been correctly billed you can turn it off again and keep using it until it expires after a month where no further payment will be taken.
    Ahhh okay, thanks!

    So I can turn it off any time after the next 1p payment is taken (will be today or tomorrow) & I'll get to use it till the 12th of February?
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    Just had a look through my emails, it looks like I set it up mid August. Got 1p for 6 months. Does this mean I'll only get it for 5 instead? Not sure if you have to turn off auto renew a month in advance. Then you said I won't be able to use it day after I turn it off. I find it so confusing!

    I'm not bothered about the number, have it as a temporary, just for the 6 months. Have also an 02 payg SIM that I use with my permanent number.
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    so will it just become a payg number once i switch off auto billing? want to know my options if i want to port my number? if i decide to carry on for now at the £6.90 price, is it just a rolling monthly contract?
    Yes, and yes.
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    lol, we are all so blooming tight
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    Thanks you reminded me to cancel OP!
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    keep us updated on this OP as I would like to know the intricacy of this magic date as well.
    You describe my dilemma very well. I'm stirring up a cauldron of different dates and need to pick out the correct 'magic' one. The spell could go terribly wrong and it'll cost me £13.80 (2 accounts) or the loss of 2 months, Arghhh lol

    I'll know for next time anyway, only ever had payg before!
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    Looks like you've got one more 1p payment on 13th Jan to cover you from Jan-Feb, then switch off auto renew and forget about it (unless you need to port a number).
    Yeah you're right, it took 1p last night. Last month for me then, might try for the 5p deal. Was using 1p SIM as a secondary, so don't need to port. Wonder if I can stop the SIM in some way or will it happen automatically if not used?
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    same dilemma OP!! I was wondering the same
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    I would wait till a few days before the £6.90 due date if you're really set on cancelling - though - I think under £7 for that package is still great as well.

    Not sure if you could jump onto another Lebara deal from there, but I think their promos are for new customers only. I think!
    I'll try and find out, you might be right about the new customer thing. Didn't think of that!
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    In the same boat with 2 accounts but will stay with Lebara although might downgrade the package
    How to downgrade the package?
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    So which sim do I move to? I need to port the number.
    i am inclined to risk moving to lyca but that may be a mistake from the issues people have had with lyca. i read on another post that any PAYG sim will work even if you don't top up, like EE, but i am not sure about that.
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