Posted 25th Jan 2023 (Posted 11 h, 16 m ago)
I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've tried all major supermarkets, none stock it. Just pickled.
Wanted to try making some soup with it.
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    Same here, none around.
    I found some at the local market, and a farm shop.
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    I love raw beetroot. Can't stand the disgusting soft boiled stuff that's available in supermarkets
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    Local farmers market?
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    Tesco Extra stores sell organic raw beetroot
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    Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose are all showing it in stock online
    Something weird with where I live then? There's no stock here and I've been looking for a few weeks now.
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    We get it from lidl but I've seen in asda as well. For some reason the lidl one is sweeter asda one seems to have a bitter taste
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    Lidl had the other week
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    Our local Morrisons and our local local high street fruit/veg shop has beetroot. We have actually switch to the local high street as have found it to be much sweeter than the Morrisons stuff.
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    Aldi had it when I looked couple of weeks back.
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    Even m&s have them
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    Raw beetroot is out of season and it's not that popular that it warrants importing from abroad.
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    I've not tried it but baked beetroot is nice according to my friend. Just rap for tin foil and bake. Probably similar times/temp to baked potato.
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