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Honor 7C Black CRAZY DEAL (3+32 GB) for £119.99 Delivered @ HiHonor
Found 16th Oct 2018Found 16th Oct 2018

Just grabbed this for my mum. Doesn't feel cheap and has some good features. Think she will be really happy with it. Feels snappy too


At the risk of sounding like the Xiaomi fan I am, the Note 5 3/32 version costs £117 on eglobal and has 636>450 and 4000maH


Good price, the display on mine is a bit washed out and it has some bloat where installed. Battery life is reasonable for a 3000mAh battery lasts all day with fairly hard use calling and data. I dont use it for gaming so cant report on that.

Honor 7S Smartphone, Android, 5.45”, 4G LTE, SIM Free, 16GB, Black for £99.95 @ John Lewis & partners
Found 24th Sep 2018Found 24th Sep 2018
2 yrs JL Gurantee Included Product Description Accessories Included Charger, USB cable, SIM card removal tool, Quick Start Guide Audio Capability YES Band Type Read tool tip i… Read more

Honor 9 Lite 32GB Smartphone in Blue £139 from A O. Compared to Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version 5.99 inch 4GB RAM 64GB. Which is the best phone. Not the price as this differs on the Xiaomi just the phone speck. (shock) Thanks for your comments and views.


Probably worth mentioning that you drop NFC & fingerprint scanner for the price. Vodafone Smart N9 has them both for the same cost (if you're on VF ofc). My sisters bought the 7S & I set it up for her today. Screen is bright, has dual SIM capability (useful for some) & overall alright phone. Bit sluggish but for £100 not bad.


720x1440 pixels !!! Released 2018, May


5.5" a few inches from your face? That's what she said!!


Hopefully the phone will be quick though! 10 days seems a bit long to wait

Honor 7X - 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM in Blue - £239.95 @ Argos
Found 10th Feb 2018Found 10th Feb 2018
Honor 7X - 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM in Blue - £239.95 @ Argos
£239.95Argos Deals
I have a 6X a really great phone, just purchased the 7X so now Im sorted happy to share. Its not a Note 8+ but its nearly a 1/3 of price and not far behind. Note this is the 64 GB … Read more

Nothing you can do about that other than buying the plastic thin type of protector instead. Rigid glass will not bend at the edges to stick to the screen. Annoying as many phones do this now Samsung S7 (non Edge version), Honor 9 Lite as well. Any screen protector that is not rigid should be fine. THe downside is these are pain to put on without getting air bubbles though.


Please any screen protector advice would be appreciated.


Don't mean to pee on the OP's chips but these have been this price at Argos for weeks, amazed it hasn't already been posted. I did actually buy one but took it back due to the fact that mobile data point blank refused to work. If you're thinking of getting one: Battery life was pretty awesome, screen very nice (although I don't like 18:9 it must be said), it was fairly quick and the software had some nice little extras (funky live wallpapers, screen/sound recording just two examples). The notification LED was almost totally useless and IMO fingerprint scanner too high on the rear, very slippery in hand too. Still worth buying? Absolutely!


I even used one before. Great product in this price slot


There are dozens of reviews on other sites and pretty much all claim it is IP67 eg: https://smartphones.gadgethacks.com/news/meet-honor-7x-huaweis-new-premium-budget-phone-0181257/ http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/10/11/huawei-announces-honor-7x-china-189-display-aluminum-chassis/ https://www.androidauthority.com/honor-7x-806638/ http://www.androidguys.com/2017/10/13/is-it-worth-the-upgrade-honor-7x-vs-honor-6x/ There are dozens more - its unlikley they are all wrong.

Honor 7x 4gb @ honor uk with free Bluetooth earphones - £269.99
Found 1st Feb 2018Found 1st Feb 2018
Honor 7x 4gb @ honor uk with free Bluetooth earphones - £269.99
£269.99honor Deals
This is a better deal than I previously posted. Free Bluetooth earphones worth £69.99 Premium version of this 7x Also available from amazon. Com here.... https://www.hotukdeals.c… Read more

At £49.47 you had me, but the real price is £49.74, so it's a no from me, I'll stick to this deal..


...£49.47 on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Honor-Sports-Wireless-Bluetooth-Earphone-Black/dp/B074V23F28/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517573384&sr=8-2&keywords=Honor+Sport+Bluetooth+Earphones


No fast charging is a no go for me these days. So convenient to charge for 30 in the morning before I leave for work.


The headphones are actually worth £79


I charge mine overnight too, no big deal but if you run low in the day and need a quick top up before you go back out that's when it's an annoyance

Honor 7X Blue 4/64gb now cheaper! £219.90 with code at Argos on eBay
Found 31st Jan 2018Found 31st Jan 2018
Honor 7X Blue 4/64gb now cheaper! £219.90 with code at Argos on eBay
£219.90eBay Deals
OK, a bit miffed cos i paid £50 ish more yesterday but i can return that immediately & get refund - cos i just got this deal today! This was £279.99 yesterday, now £239.99, a… Read more
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It seems Argos have been caught out here, they have not shipped my order, despite stating they ship same day if purchased before 2pm.... i still don't have an order confirmation or tracking info and Argos have stated its still "packaged" at Swansea ready for dispatch......they're refusing to cancel the order or let me collect from a local store, so i think my "clever" move may have backfired... bummer man :-(


Anyone else not got a shipping update after 24 hours? My second one has no updates and they are ignoring emails ( as per usual ) and requests for updates?


Yeah I've seen, they're a bit hit and miss from reviews, apparently overheat a lot too.


Aye, ive expired the deal but the votes keep on coming.....


As the description says, use the 10% code....not that it matters its been out of stock since this was posted and people keep voting it up.

Honor 7X 64GB Blue  £269.99 + Lords Gift Card  for £75.00 + Honor 7X Lords PC case for women
Found 28th Jan 2018Found 28th Jan 2018
Honor 7X 64GB Blue £269.99 + Lords Gift Card for £75.00 + Honor 7X Lords PC case for women
£269.99honor Deals
You can have this in blue and black with an lords £75 gift card and a case thrown in. Brilliant deal, better than the original deal I posted, this is for the 4gb/64gb version, with… Read more

I'm in the process of trying to find a suitable phone for the Mrs, needs a bug battery, and a good camera for under £200, any suggestions people.


I ordered one from amazon Italy for £183, it never arrived and I had to cancel my order, if this was an amazon £75 gift voucher I'd be all over it, but sadly it isn't, so I'm not (annoyed)


I had 2 of these Honor 7X phones and both had to be returned due to touch screen issue. Whenever it was cold weather the screen would become erratic


Bezels or no bezels it's all down to personal preference, there is no right or wrong. It is just a phone ffs


They should've released it at £220 without the pointless promotions, but hey-ho companies do whatever they like in the UK.

Honor 7x £173 Amazon US
Found 26th Jan 2018Found 26th Jan 2018
Honor 7x £173 Amazon US
Honor 7X - 18:9 screen ratio, 5.93" full-view display. Dual-lens camera. Unlocked Smartphone, Black (US Warranty) Price includes AmazonGlobal Shipping and Estimated Import Fees De… Read more
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Just bought this, already had $10 credit, bought a $100 gift card, got a bonus $10, so all in cost me around £152, happy days, my wife is gonna be one happy lady.


I can't find this on the link you provided


Am I missing something, or us this now oops, I can't find it


Doesn't say what edition it is. Risk of it not working with your carrier. The one for UK is L21.


Says used on the amazon website? Is this used or new?

Edited Honor 7x 4gb/64gb plus lords £75 gift card and Lords pc case @ honor uk
Found 7th Jan 2018Found 7th Jan 2018
Edited Honor 7x 4gb/64gb plus lords £75 gift card and Lords pc case @ honor uk
£269.99honor Deals
You can have this in blue and black with an lords £75 gift card and a case thrown in. Brilliant deal, better than the original deal I posted, this is for the 4gb/64gb version, with… Read more

Oh dear, I shall vanish from the internet forever now.


This "butthurt" likes to go in hard on people throwing insults about how they must be stupid to own a phone that is 64gb.....but has made numerous other contradictory comments on other phone threads about great 64gb phones. Obviously he didn't think someone would check. Busted.


Wow guys, you two got history?!


Somebody got butthurt over here replying to 6 of my comments. Thanks for the attention;)


He's always swinging his handbag around this one. Especially when it comes to phone storage. He just hadn't worked out yet that no one else agrees with him or his "math"

HUAWEI Honor 7X Blue - £168.16 from £247.69 @ GeekyBuying
Found 5th Jan 2018Found 5th Jan 2018
HUAWEI Honor 7X Blue - £168.16 from £247.69 @ GeekyBuying
Have been looking for a new phone for a while and the Honor 7x seems to have great reviews. Looked at reviews for the seller Geekbuying and they seem to have a decent track record.… Read more

£269 cheaper than £169. I get that's there is 32gb more memory and some band but still


The UK Honor 7x is 4GB RAM 64GB ROM and is £269.99 from Honor (2 year warranty) + at the moment if you buy direct you get a Honor 3 fitness band RRP £69 (but in reality is worth £20-30 depending how you sell it if you don't want it) so at the moment buying direct from Huawei Honor is 'cheaper' and you get proper 2 year warranty.


I'm guessing it's because of the lack of band 20 (this should not be so much of a problem with EE and Three's networks although they do still use band 20 for rural areas and also better building penitration, but O2 and Vodafones 4G networks are largely made up from band 20). Still a good price though so hot from me.


It's £100 off the official UK pricing. Why cold?


You can consider Honor 9 lite at similar price but this is very good mobile as well. However it's not EU version.

Honor 7x 4gb/32gb version £183 - Amazon Italy
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Honor 7x 4gb/32gb version £183 - Amazon Italy
£183£269.9932%Amazon Italy Deals
€199 works out at £183, next cheapest is honor themselves at £269.99. Please note that the one on the honor site has a free honor band, and it's the 64gb version.

Good mid range phone


Missing NFC and band 7 and 20


"Dispatched from Spain". Amazon just letting them use their platform, nothing more so it's still Chinese import.


excellent price


Well, they have 100% feedback, and their business address is in London, and they are from amazon, so if anything goes wrong, then you are covered with amazon. But maybe I digress

Huawei Honor 7 - Amazon Warehouse - £175.51 (Used - very Good)
Found 19th Nov 2016Found 19th Nov 2016
Huawei Honor 7 - Amazon Warehouse - £175.51 (Used - very Good)
£175.51Amazon Deals
Select one of the warehouse offers and there is £50 off at the checkout. I got one with only damaged packaging. great phone.

Amazing phone but I paid less than this for a brand new handset on boxing day last year (Amazon Lighting Deal)


Which other phones could you recommend for less than £200 with a good camera and good battery life? What would be worth looking at during black Friday?


​Yea £299 I think


​Yea £299 I think


Probably £300.

Honor 5C (5,2'' FHD IPS, Kirin 650 Octacore, 2GB RAM, 3000mAh, Android 6) for £133.99 (using code] @ Vmall // Honor 7 for £194
Found 22nd Aug 2016Found 22nd Aug 2016
Honor 5C (5,2'' FHD IPS, Kirin 650 Octacore, 2GB RAM, 3000mAh, Android 6) for £133.99 (using code] @ Vmall // Honor 7 for £194
Hey guys. There is a £16 voucher at Vmall (have a look at the front page - register with a new account and the voucher can be found in the section "My Coupons").This voucher can b… Read more
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I have this phone as my lg-g4 got the dreaded boot loop issue and the honor 5c is pretty damn good for the price it does have NFC but yes no finger print scanner


I got my coupon a day after registering.


I have registered but dont have a coupon, has this expired now?


battery is so poor


Is the honor 7 the cheapest cat 6 LTE phone just stepped up from cat 3 to cat 4 and noticed a speed improvement so want to go to the next level as cheap as poss

Honor 7 - £209 @ Huawei Honor Store
Found 12th May 2016Found 12th May 2016
Honor 7 - £209 @ Huawei Honor Store
Just noticed this is reduced on the official site, so I bought one and thought I'd share. I hope it's good and the price is OK now I've jumped on it!

i'm thinking of getting this are you able to check if zen ui launcher works with it, i dont think it will as didnt work wiht p8 lite but worth asking. is this much better than the honor 5x? I can find both second hand locally honor 7 is £30 more phone and charger only, the honor 5x comes with box and accessories. not sure which to go for.


​loved my Nexus 4 because it had miui rom port, each to there own..


In certain circumstances, yes I am sure. Try using a different dialing pad app for example. You can use one but Xiaomi harass you with messages every time you try calling someone. No such messages come up when you use their own dialing app. That's just one example of Xiaomi being idiots. There are many other examples.


I am wondering if you actually tried running a launcher on your Xiaomi phone. Custom launchers do not work properly on my Mi4c. I tried Nova and Apex launchers but the dialing pad does not work when the launchers are running. This is done by Xiaomi as I get a message saying "permission denied". This is just an example. There are many examples of these kind of restrictions on this phone. As for ROMs, I never needed to install ROMs on my previous phone, a Nexus 4, and i didn't buy a phone to mess about with ROMs. Most people don't have to install ROMs to get their phone to work properly. Why do i have to? It's a load of rubbish expecting people to do that. Malware and adware is also present on my phone. Never had a problem with other Chinese devices I've bought from China but always the complaints on the internet are about Xiaomi. I had high hopes for this company but I will make a prediction that they will never be big in Europe or America. They can stay in China where expectations are lower.


Are you sure??

Honor 5x (£20 off) or Honor 7 (£40 off) or Honor 7 with Free VR Glasses (£229.99) @ vMall
Found 24th Mar 2016Found 24th Mar 2016
Honor 5x (£20 off) or Honor 7 (£40 off) or Honor 7 with Free VR Glasses (£229.99) @ vMall
Dear Customer, Use these special codes to get your hands on cool stuff. But be quick! The codes are only valid from March 21st to March 30th 2016. Buy an Honor 7 and we’ll throw i… Read more
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Do not include the # I've tested them now and it works at the checkout


it does actually appear that the goggles are a separate deal to the money off. I've updated the initial post with this new info


Any review of the 3D goggles? How does the H7 compare against the LG G4?


I don't think this deal is correct. it's either with VR glasses at £229 OR £40 of honor 7 on its own using code #HonorEasterHunt7UK to get it for £209 instead of £249. it doesn't look as though you can have both deals.


I know 3 people with this phone now. Cracking for £210, let alone with 3d goggles.

Honor 7 & Z1 Band + other deals £234.99 @ Huawei Honor Store
Found 7th Mar 2016Found 7th Mar 2016
Honor 7 & Z1 Band + other deals £234.99 @ Huawei Honor Store
I just received an email from Vmall: "Dear Customer, Buy the Honor 7 and get a free Z1* for only £234.99 or buy the Honor 5X and get a free flip case* for £169.99! –OR– Enjoy … Read more

Quite simply, because I want a new phone.


Why would you make such a downgrade from a top of the range smartphone from 2014 to a low end offer?


just got the one I ordered yesterday :D it looks nice, feels well made, starting to think it might be nice if my wife doesn't like it :D checked the android verion installed, it's not marshmallow, any idea when this will get it?


Great price for Honor 5x, I have one my self and it's a stunningly good phone.


ordered mine yesterday. out for delivery with parcelforce this morning :D tracking number arrived by text. it was despatched from London. noticed during checkout that it referred to expansys terms and conditions, seems they might be UK distributor behind vmall.

Vmall.eu Flash Sale Feb 25th - Honor 7 and Honor 5x
Found 22nd Feb 2016Found 22nd Feb 2016
Vmall.eu Flash Sale Feb 25th - Honor 7 and Honor 5x
If you register at vmall.eu you should get an email with the following information: They have zero stock of the honor 7 at the moment but the honor 5x is currently available. If… Read more
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Ordered the Honor 5X in Grey. The price reduced automatically down to £169.99 just before 9.30 and It also let me use the code bringing it down to £149.99. I also got the vr glasses which I wasn't expecting. It arrived this morning. I have noticed a slight lag that other people have mentioned, but that doesn't bother me, I'll install a different launcher and hopefully someone will release a custom rom soon. I'm well chuffed. Thanks Op.


I've not had anything since 10.30am yesterday. Time stamp on the order in my account was 10.15am. If you ordered after me and your getting it I'll cry! lol


Just had word from the courier that it's being delivered today so fingers crossed for your order too!


I've got the same deal. However they sent an email saying "in stock" but now when I track my order its "awaiting stock". I don't mind a small wait for the phone at £169.99 but I did order the game with £80 of gameloft vouchers, looking like that was changed to the VR headset. Just have to wait and see what happens.


I added the Honor 7 (£209) and the case to my basket and then added the code to get a £40 discount and all went well until I tried to pay and the transaction was rejected because of a payment mismatch. I went back to check for stock and noticed the Honor 7 silver in the deal was back up to £250. Flash sale kicked off at 9am and I tried to buy just after 10am. When they said flash sale they really meant it!

Honor 7 24 month contract 600 mins 500 mb data £15 per month for existing customers at Three
Found 20th Feb 2016Found 20th Feb 2016
Honor 7 24 month contract 600 mins 500 mb data £15 per month for existing customers at Three
£15 per month for existing customers £17 per month for everyone else 600 mins, 500mb data, unlimited texts. Usual Three benefit of being able to use your bundle abroad. Think … Read more

Ah, well, the UK public has decided this is indeed not a deal. I shall now hang my head in shame and get my coat 8)


Went to 3 store to take this deal as an existing 3 customer. They say the deal @ 15 is for existing customers taking extra phone line but not upgrades... upgrades would be @17 a month.... which I think is a bit high for this phone. Especially when the are people who bought this phone for 169 previously.


​Yep, this is not a 'Chinese' phone in the grey import sense, more a Chinese phone in the 'all phones are made in China' sense


​does it work on life £6 sim? my Chinese mobile does not recognise life sim and was told by customer service that life mobile does not support non-European mobiles, mine showing roaming, can't use internet.


Cracking phone, using it to write this - but paid £169 which is about the right price - work out for yourself if the deal is worth the extra.

Honor 7/5X is back with Valentine's deal £249 with freebies @ Huawei honor store
Found 10th Feb 2016Found 10th Feb 2016
Honor 7/5X is back with Valentine's deal £249 with freebies @ Huawei honor store
Those who missed the last offer of Honor 7/5X, this also seems to be a good deal. - It has below offers if you buy for 249, so not a bad deal. They’re giving away Gameloft voucher… Read more

The 5X is a cracking midrange phone, was using one last night. Quality and feel beats the moto g.


That only applies to the Honor 7 not the 5x £195 for the honor 7 & the speaker is £20 on gearbest, so it seems OK if you want a £20 bluetooth speaker I think I'll wait, these are not fully featured phones - the 5x doesn't even have 5ghz wifi!


anyone know where there is a good deal like this for the Honor 7 with 64GB instead of this one that only has 16GB? reason - the 64GB has NFC and the 16GB does not


Use code HONORGB16 for £40 off order.


now its saying £234.99 plus - On February 11th from 10:30am receive a free AM08 and View Flip Cover with your order and a £80 Gameloft voucher! https://www.vmall.eu/uk/honor-7-grey-281214/

Honor 7 for £169.99 @ vmall.eu - Use HONORGB16 for £40 off + poss TCB 4.04% @ Huawei honor store
Found 4th Feb 2016Found 4th Feb 2016
Honor 7 for £169.99 @ vmall.eu - Use HONORGB16 for £40 off + poss TCB 4.04% @ Huawei honor store
Was £249.99 Now £209.99 + If you use code HONORGB16 you get another £40 off + 4.04% TCB! All in all a really good deal!!

H7 is slightly technically advanced but P8 looks more premium :D


What are you thoughts between the 2? TIA


I got it too. Also got Huawei P8 from CPW deal. Whole family is upgrading :D


Code works again but brings it down to £209.99, meh


I got it. Seems good, still sorting out some of the EMUI nuances.

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