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- Buy Meatless Farm Burgers, Mince or Sausages - Click on the retailer below you purchased from - Complete the form - Upload your receipt - Get your voucher code/cashback! https:/… Read more

Not cashback. Not free. If you read the terms, it's really Buy One Get One Free. They only give you a *voucher* to buy another pack! Not great if you didn't enjoy it first time. Missing the whole point of 'try me free' style promotions - you agree to sample their product at their cost. They also dump on you the cost and faff of having to print out your voucher at home.

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Aldi 1 kg 5% beef mince pack
Has anyone had a weird occurrence that when cooking this it had a whole lot of fat in it (not usually seen in a 5% mince), so much to the point it appeared to have pork mince insid… Read more

Don't single out Aldi because its cheap it was all supermarkets and wasn't it especially Tesco who was the worse offender. Honestly nothing wrong with horse meat, I would apparently tastes better than cow Only problem with it is they're selling something that isn't what it says it is on the label, if Tesco sold horse meat I would buy it but if I bought beef I want it to come from a cow.. Horse Is fine,could have been human or roadkill in those Fray Bentos pies..


No. Bit of a problem once it has been cooked. I've not eaten aldi meat for a fair while, so I couldn't comment on the quality


What I really wanted to do was complain to Aldi about this, but it's not like I have evidence to support my claim.


Sounds like it was batched wrongly, which is worrying .


Sure thing. My impression was that it was mixed with pork mince. Aldi does make a product like that already.

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Mince without candied peel?
Hi, My Nanna asked me to pick up some mince for mince pies which did not contain candied peel. I’m finding it difficult! Does anyone know any brand whiteout it? Thank you

Yes so did I but nothing came up. Strange because a lot of people I know don’t like peel. Thank you for your help (y)


https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meridian-Organic-Mince-Filling-320g/dp/B006DI94MI You could ask on amazon but there is no mention of peel in this one


Not cheap, but at least I’ve found some...Waterhouse Fayre £4.95


Tried googling it and nothing has come up. Have you tried searching the shops that she normally visits? There is a baking thread on here somewhere, hopefully someone on there might be able to help


She buys it but she can’t remember where it was from or which brand!

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Andy from athletico mince uses HDUK
Just listening to episode 104 and it turns out he got a kettle for just over £25 using this site but sadly Bob mortimer has never heard of the site

Could be this one https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/beko-cosmopolis-wkm8307-jug-kettle-in-various-colours-for-2999-delivered-at-currys-3447238 How exciting!

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Anyone familiar with athletico mince?
As the title says.

There's basically no football mate, I'm not into football but this is great


I listen to Adam Buxton (though I've followed him from the XFM/6Music Adam & Joe days) and Richard Herring's podcast is good, depending on the guest, if you can ignore the host's self-obsession and the same old tropes he repeats to get a laugh (such as the cringesome Emergency Questions). Been pondering listening to Athletico Mince even though I'm not into footy. Bob has appeared on both those podcasts and was hilarious. Much more engaging and witty in interview than Jim Moir (Vic).


Yep. The other one actually drags it down. It's not about football beyond the fact that some random comedy characters have the same name as famous football personalities. It varies between very very funny and very repetitive, so you only need to listen to about 3 or 4 episodes to get the full repertoire.


Its not about football anymore, I'd start with episode 102 and just go back.. Definitely recommend


Yes it’s absolutely brilliant!! Bob Mortimer carries it of course.

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Where is the best mince pie from
Where is the best Mince pie from this year?

lidl snowy lodge


Eh :/ Ahhh the predictive text strikes again, so glad you the French teacher was at stand by to correct. Lesson learned and thank you so much!


Cello, double bass, violin, VIOLA. Attempt to impress with a bit of French a big fail. ;)


If you are relying on store bought it is debatable as to whether you've ever had a decent one. (they tend to be sludge pastry). Homemade.