Posted 18th Feb 2023
Got a new chatty badge today, 500 comments. It's only taken almost 16 years!!!!!
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    More importantly, you probably saved a lot more by not spending too much time here
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    Seems like you lost HUKD soon after finding it!
    I have 9,000 comments and haven’t been here long .
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    That means you're not very chatty then
    Would like to be more chatty but work monitor the net and poor 4g coverage in the building. There you go another chat
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    Looks like I joined a day after you.
    And a month
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    Think that makes me a bit too chatty then

    Joined April 2008, just over 12k comments..

    Must have too much time on my hands lol
    I have 16k in just over 8 years
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    September 2006 - 24.5k comments.
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    Well done!
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    Joined January 2008 no idea how I found the site or why I joined.

    Almost 6k comments in the intervening 15 years none of them of any value.
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    I joined 20 Feb 2007 514 comments, rolled over from the thedvdforums

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    That's a long time. I joined in 2008 have over 2000 comments and I hardly ever comment.
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    I joined 20th Dec 2008... I must have been bored before the big day! Thousands in unnecessary purchases later, I'm still here daily!

    9800+ comments (edited)
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    Created my account couple years after although I was probably stalking the forums before then.
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    22K+ comments. Someone who was being a bit of a troll actually said "you need to get a life obviously, judging by your comments count" about a year ago (bit weird when someone actively looks at your profile to make a dig) - I had no idea (didn't even know there's a Followers count till reasonably recently) and I do other stuff apart from online and on here!

    Also, I found Hotukdeals thanks to Moneysavingexpert back in 2007, where I was much more active (there can be a few prickly souls on there as well but their moderation has got better - some may say that's debatable). There was even a weirdo (male) on there who used to randomly PM female-sounding profiles some years ago, but that's a whole other thread (MSE strange stories). (edited)
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