Addison Lee, alternatives?

Posted 14th Oct 2021
I'm trying to find a cab or car hire company to take us home after our wedding, however, all I can seem to find is:

1. Usual cab services - your A1, star cabs etc
2. Places touting as 'executive' which really seems to mean one bloke with a Merc charging more than triple the above
3. Addison Lee, Executive.

I was all set on the last, seemed marginally more expensive than 1. For what sounded like a much newer, nicer, and cleaner vehicle etc, however, 3/5 in Google is a tad concerning, and reading the negative reviews about being charged extra after the event, random no shows etc it's kind of concerning!

Any recommendations for what we're looking for? Basically a cut above a typical local cab firm giving you a lift home from the pub, but not a full blown vintage roller you'd use to perhaps get to your wedding!

London/Essex based.

Cheers in advance, right now 1. Is looking more reliable and easier!
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  1. redcantona's avatar
    Get the bus mate. There's no way I'd want you in my cab. We're taxi drivers not chauffeurs.
  2. jameshothothot's avatar
    Addison Lee are smarter executive taxis. Think used to get them from my employer in the old days for airport pick ups after marketing. All a blur arriving at random times from random countries. But I think they will do what you want.

    How many is it for? For my wedding... Which was in historic York... I booked a horse and cart! Maybe can find something in London / Essex region?

    But if it is a wedding job they always charge extra... Wedding is an instant mark up as I am sure you are learning the hard way!! (edited)
  3. jsac's avatar
    Sounds weird, but if you know any friends that work in a pub/club/casino - ask them if they have any 'concierge' friends - I knew a few people in my casino days that would happily rock up in a flash car for 50 quid for a short journey (their car, not one they borrowed off a client lol)
  4. oldskooladdict's avatar
    Sadly I don't know anyone in that sort of industry or anything remotely like it :/ a good idea though!
  5. jsac's avatar
    oldskooladdict14/10/2021 22:24

    Sadly I don't know anyone in that sort of industry or anything remotely …Sadly I don't know anyone in that sort of industry or anything remotely like it :/ a good idea though!

    Was a long shot I know! But best of luck - and congrats on the wedding!
  6. deleted2402824's avatar
    Hire a limo or minibus. (edited)
  7. bigwheels's avatar
    Having done this work in the past I understand why the price changes etc.
    Wedding party books car etc for service and in my experience are 10-20 mins late leaving, then late leaving the church.
    Even later leaving the reception and so on.

    All the people I knew doing weddings gave up because of covid.
    Most work for mini cab offices, Uber etc
  8. oldskooladdict's avatar
    Cheers for the comments everyone. The fact this is for a wedding isn't of too much relevance I this point the day is finished and it's just someone taking us home to bed! All the other parts of the day are sorted.

    And yeah, as above, 'wedding' and markup. I'm sure there was a comedy sketch sbout it on Harry Enfield or similar, ahhh, wedding flowers sir, and they were identical but double price etc lol
  9. fisco2001's avatar
    Used Addison Lee my self never have a problem never been overcharged either
  10. oldskooladdict's avatar
    I believe we used to at work (going back a couple of years now) but recent reviews seem to be 1* or 5*, and overall 3 out of 5. I think it's gonna be a normal mini cab now tbh, I can't find anything else!
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