Posted 14th Oct 2021
I'm trying to find a cab or car hire company to take us home after our wedding, however, all I can seem to find is:

1. Usual cab services - your A1, star cabs etc
2. Places touting as 'executive' which really seems to mean one bloke with a Merc charging more than triple the above
3. Addison Lee, Executive.

I was all set on the last, seemed marginally more expensive than 1. For what sounded like a much newer, nicer, and cleaner vehicle etc, however, 3/5 in Google is a tad concerning, and reading the negative reviews about being charged extra after the event, random no shows etc it's kind of concerning!

Any recommendations for what we're looking for? Basically a cut above a typical local cab firm giving you a lift home from the pub, but not a full blown vintage roller you'd use to perhaps get to your wedding!

London/Essex based.

Cheers in advance, right now 1. Is looking more reliable and easier!
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