Posted 26th Sep 2021
I'm not a big Amazon user so someone should know what I can do.

I placed an order for a pack of 12 items last month. I had to wait 3 weeks for it to arrive. They only sent 1.

So I contacted them and they told me to return the 1 item and they'll send me the 12 pack.

Which I did same day.

2 days later they sent me 1 item again, not 12!!

Back on chat, they apologised and refunded me and said keep the 1 item. And put £5 promo credit in my account as a goodwill gesture for their screw up.

Last week I bought some boots from them. Size 10. Used the promo credit and rest from my bank card.

They arrived yesterday. And the sizing is way out, they're like a 12, they're huge!

Back on chat they said they'll refund but I'll lose the promo credit. I argued that is just rewarding them with screwing up my order twice last month and taking back the apology and credit they gave.

So I asked for a replacement if that's possible, next size down - they agreed.. but say it has to be the same size

I refused both because I can't get my head around their solution. If I return, they get off for messing me around for 2 orders. If I replace, I get the same boots again!

Any advice? Cheers
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