Anyone used the website Vidaplayer?

Posted 10th Jan 2021
Hey. I'm looking to get PS Now and the cheapest place is Vidaplayer. it says the subscription is UK and it has good reviews on trust pilot. Just wondering if anyone has used it before as I have never heard of it.
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    A Trustpilot score of 4.9 with 21k reviews, but yet I’ve never heard of it before or seen it mentioned on here.
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    Hello, I represent and figured I would answer your question

    we have been around for 7 years now and have mostly focused on mainland Europe, but at the beginning of last year we have started to stock up on UK products and accept GBP without conversion costs to our customers. Please don’t hesitate to check out our trustpilot reviews as well, you will see a lot of very happy customers.
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    I think I just got scammed.I ordered something on the website but they didn’t ask for my address or postcode so how will they know where I live?All they took was my money,name and email.@Vidaplayer can I have some feedback about this?
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    I think I may have been scammed.I orders something on this website yet instead of asking for my address or postcode all they did was ask for my name.e-mail and bank account.They then took the full money.How will they know where to send my delivery?@VidaPlayer Can I just get some feedback on this and get an explanation 
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    It's a chinese key marketplace site, they're sellers of second hand game codes not boxed physical games or plastic gift cards.
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    So how do I redeem the code?

    So how do I redeem the code?? (edited)
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    You would go to the account/app/website of whatever it's a code for (often an actual game shop) and use the redeem a code feature there.

    It's hard to be more specific without knowing what you've bought.
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