Posted 8th Feb 2023 (Posted 6 h, 24 m ago)
Just a heads up really.
been looking to book some accommodation at
I usual I use TCB for extra cashback. I had this property saved in my account with cost etc.
by chance I forgot to click via TCB but I noticed price was less by exact amount of 4% cashback.
so point it is bit of a con ?
so if you are looking to book at this site double check direct price on their site also.
makes you thing how many more places are like this?
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    I mean, maybe it's dependant on place perhaps?

    I did a short test by going to and searching for somewhere with a date, I then opened a new tab and navigated to TCB.

    Logged in, pressed to 'Get Cashback' or w/e with the exact same search and well... it's the same price?
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    Yes , I hv known this for a while . Also noticed same with some insurance quotes . Going direct rather than clicking through Quidco can be cheaper in some instances .
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    RAC/AA etc also quote different prices for people claiming cashback. It's all a bit of a diddle.
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    Insurance is especially bad for this. Never use TCB with insurance anymore.
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    I noticed this yesterday when looking for some brake pads for my daughters car. Price via TCB was higher than direct.
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    Me too...first I thought maybe it was just me.
    I would rather go direct to the supplier. At least you not waiting for cashback sites...
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    Also consider calling the hotel directly and check their prices. and similar websites charge the hotels around 15% of the booking cost so you might find hotel might be willing to pass on some of that to in the form of a discount if you approach them directly.
    The difference here would be if you are booking in advance.
    IE with you have in some instances free cancellation.
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