Posted 31st Jan 2023
Looking for a cheap phone for the kids birthday, budget is 100-150. Used or refurbished is fine

I am looking at alot of the deals here and there's so many phones at this price point so I'm getting decision and battery are the key features am looking for
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    Moto or Motorola phones are great value & perform well.
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    Redmi 10 2022 is on offer today.…2/? (edited)
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    Huawei P30 Pro (curved screen) or P30 (smaller and no curves). Samsung S10 or S10 plus. Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
    Huawei P30 Pro for up to £150?
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    I got my mam an OPPO A54 5G at Christmas for around £150, seems a really good phone for the money
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    Someone posted the Pixel 4a 5g the other day for £100 used fair condition from Clove Technology. That might be a good option. There are usually sales on redmi phones such as the note 10 pro, note 11 etc for £100 and some change, might be worth waiting for one of those.
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