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Posted 7th Mar 2022

Been with EE for some months now, and conference calling is a feature I miss from being with other networks like Vodafone.

Is there a way to make it work?

You may ask why it's necessary, and just use WhatsApp or some other service - a lot of times professionals still call using carrier and it's handy to initiate a 3way call as necessary!

Surely a network like EE has some facility?
I asked customer services and they told me I need to downgrade to 3G before initiating a merge of calls which of course didn't work
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    AndyRoyd07/03/2022 22:43

    Vague recollection EE binned "group calling" around Jan 2021.

    To expand my own observation:
    "Group Calling is no longer available as of 31 January 2021."
    As lifted from EE Group Call help page archived Feb 2021:
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    Vague recollection EE binned "group calling" around Jan 2021.
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    What a shame, thanks for checking Andy.
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