Posted 18th Mar 2023
As the title suggests I’m looking to buy a MacBook Pro and wondered if anyone knows where a little saving is to be had. I appreciate finding discounted apple gear is like trying to fly to the moon, but any saving is welcomed.

Probably the biggest issue is that I’m buying a M2 Pro max with a larger 2tb SSD, the hard drive really narrows down purchase locations as it’s not a standard build.

Currently ebay is the best bet from Deecies with around 150 to 200 saving.

I also have blue light but this doesn’t appear much use as now now also.

Thank you. Mike.
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  1. windym's avatar
    Apple Education Store
    Apple Staff
    Vouchers from employer for Apple

    Are any of these likely?
  2. mikefearn83's avatar
    Apple education a maybe
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    turn on your dms and i will send you the link for apple EDU
  3. srb_'s avatar
    Have you tried Costco?
    mikefearn83's avatar
    Yeah they don’t do my config unfortunately. Thank you though.
  4. Gumbon's avatar
    If you looking to save money I'd imagine 1TB is enough to keep projects that are actively going on the device then have seperate drive for backing up, likely better anyone rather then risk 2tb of footage on a device?
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