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Posted 29th Dec 2022
Would appreciate people's thoughts. I purchased a second hand switch on eBay. Described as fully working and great condition. Arrived with no charger. This wasn't mentioned in the description. Granted, there was no charger in the pictures but I just assumed it would be included as without the charger its pretty useless, a bit like selling a car with no key.
Maybe I'm wrong :/
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    message the seller, it really should have been mentioned..

    and then send it back maybe?
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    If it’s not included in the description technically you’ve not got a leg to stand on however as you’ve rightly pointed out it’s useless without it so you would assume it was included.

    Just message the seller or start a return - you’ll probably find the seller will refund you without getting into an argy bargy about it.
    I'd argue the opposite. If sold as Used, there's an expectation that the item is in full working order and complete as originally sold ( but maybe minus original box etc), which would include the original charger. If anything deviates from this expectation, it has to be mentioned in the listing.

    This is a perfect case for a partial refund to cover the cost of buying a charger. (edited)
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    Can't you just use a USBC charging cable with a plug you already own for your phone etc? If it wasn't mentioned in the description nor were they any pics there's not a lot you can do tbf.. they've not technically miss-sold it..
    Yes I suppose I could however had I known I wouldn't have paid the price I paid because I assumed it came with genuine charger which would have been useful incase of any charging issues or incase I decided to sell on.
    I have tried my phone charger and it isn't actually charging it.
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    Or to put another way not a fully working item as incomplete?
    Or to put yet another way..what you see is what you get.Maybe just an oversight by the seller or they knew what they were doing,if it isnt in the worded description i would guess they knew and they hoped someone wouldnt pickup on it.So assuming could be a costly error.I dont know how Ebay works but you could lodge it with them.Whats there feedback % ?That might give a clue.
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    have a look at 2nd hand charger sale prices & then message them asking for a partial refund of that amount.

    It is a missing item. They may have forgot to pack it up when sending
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    Message the seller and see what they say first, if it didn't state in the description or show it in the pictures that is was included then you might have to fork out for another charger or see if the seller would accept a return if you decide you can't find a suitable charger.
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    I don't think you can assume that items come with chargers anymore. Given that neither Apple nor Samsung include a charger with their devices, it has become standard practice to buy the charger separately. Of course it shouldn't be this way - but that's the world nowadays!
    So many USB plugs around these days they shouldnt have to come supplied.But i would rather they were to get the right charge rather than get a dodgy one that buggers the item up through faulty charging or worse starts a fire.
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    It's often a case of "what you see is what you get" in the picture, we can never take anything for granted.
    I guess you still have feedback to leave?, but you need to ask yourself "did I mess up", as we ALL do now and again.

    That said, I believe it should have been made clear it didn't have what might be considered an essential piece of kit.
    I agree with most of what you're saying. What I don't feel is fair is stating about the feedback. Surely the buyer should see what the seller has to say first. People like you so quick to leave feedback or say leaving feedback is an option....(I assume negative based upon the content of the thread) really can make it an unpleasant experience as a seller. Always give the seller a chance to rectify or clarify the situation before jumping the gun and leaving feedback. Just my thoughts. (edited)
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    Didn't Nintendo update all the switches to support standard USB-PD rather than the weird 15V-only profile they started with?

    If it does just require a standard USB power supply then it's not a big deal.
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    Same thing happened to me - can't really do much about it. I just use my phone charger, but it's been collecting dust since I got it as the screen is too small for me and the kids won't bother with it as the controllers suffer from drift. Problem is I can't really sell it on as everyone expects the PSU and I'm be selling it at a loss if I include the PSU. Lesson learnt!
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    Ask the seller regarding the charger and ask if they'd help contribute towards you purchasing one (I think they are about £15-25), see if they'll give you 50% towards buying a charger.

    Worst case you open a case to return and see what happens.
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    Don't just get any USB C PD charger, whilst the switch itself is ok with them the dock mode is still pretty fussy and needs a 45w+ charger. Personally I'd expect the charger if they'd not said it was missing. (edited)
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