EU Roaming hack

Posted 30th Jul 2022
Lebara has not yet introduced roaming charges for travelling in Europe.

Can I "call forward" my incoming calls on my regular (Three) number to this new Lebara SIM when travelling IN EU, for holidays? Lebara allows incoming free calls in Europe, so I can avoid this silly post Brexit gouging.

Anyone has experienced and tried this hack?

Ideas Welcome.
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  1. Palwan's avatar
    most probably 3 will charge you out of allowance (O2 used to do that earlier).

    try with a test call before you commit call forwarding
    bozo007's avatar
    The days of Lyca and Lebara calls being charged by other operators are gone. They are now no different than any other service provider. For Three (and for any other service provider), it is a call from one UK number to another, so within the allowance; where the call is actually picked up is irrelevant.
  2. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Gouging lol, gibberish for sure lol
    Gollywood's avatar
    "I never voted for this".

    Yes you did
  3. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Easiest hack if out of contract: move to 3 PAYG for the duration of Euro holiday. Job done.
    SoperMan's avatar
    How is that going to help? 3 PAYG doesn't have free roaming.
  4. gobble_bobble's avatar
    Three don’t charge for incoming calls when abroad.
    joyf4536's avatar
    Try it in India, £1.25 per Min !! for incoming calls on Three. (edited)
  5. gobble_bobble's avatar
    well ive learned something new today, i was in france 3 weeks ago and I didnt get charged for incoming calls.
    joyf4536's avatar
    I was in France for 2 months and nobody phoned me (I'm pleased to say) but a don't often give my phone number out.
  6. Gavin_DaviessTb's avatar
    Just leave a message on your Three voice mail with your temporary phone number for Lebara. Then people can call you if need be.
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