Posted 14th Dec 2022
Looking for a monitor 32-34 inches for my 80 year old Dad who uses it for Xbox gaming, mainly Assassin's Creed. He currently has a 27 inch one but think a bigger one would be better as his eye sight isn't great. Have a budget of a few hundred. Any suggestions welcome
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    Buy him a cheap 4k telly with around the size of 40 to 55 inch, can't go wrong. hisense or TCL

    I don't have a console, but i'm sure others can recommend an exact model for you.
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    that guy is a legend how he get into gaming (edited)
    He's always had an Xbox since they came out, his grandsons help him when he gets stuck at something. I think it keeps him young
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    Respect to him!!
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    We don't stop playing because we get old - we get old because we stop playing.
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    For a minute there looking at the title I thought you were trying to swap your grandparents
    A monitor has gotta be worth both sets of grandparents at least!!
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    Like many I'm not here to help. I'm here for the details - an 80 year old gamer - please tell more. Made me smile
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    I have the smaller version of this and it's pretty good. I'd say anything ASUS is worth checking out.…1-5
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    I have a mate who is mid-70's and plays regularly on X-BOX COD and all the likes - he also has a flight sim - triple monitors with all the gear worth several thousands.
    There's quite a few of us 'oldies' started with the space invader games in the pubs, been hooked ever since.
    Me and some of my buddies meet up to play CoD mostly for a chat - which seems to really annoy the youngsters screaming about defusing the bomb or whatever.
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