Hive are to discontinue support for Hive View cameras, Hive HomeShield and Hive Leak

Posted 11th Jul 2022
Received an email this morning from Hive saying they are no longer selling Hive View cameras, Hive HomeShield or Hive Leak. If you already have these products then support will continue until 01/08/2025 (3 years) after which these products will no longer work (they are still determining whether they can keep some very limited functionality). So be aware if any deals for these products now come up on HUKD or you see them still for sale elsewhere e.g. Amazon are still selling Hive cameras for £100 plus.
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    The explanation on why they are discontinuing is absolutely non sense... some catchy words put together..
    At Hive, we’ve got big plans to make Britain’s homes greener. So we’ve made the tough decision to discontinue our smart security and leak detection products – and develop more smart home tech that’ll get us closer to Net Zero.
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    The leak sensors will only be supported until 01/09/2023.

    Getting closer to Net Zero by forcing people to throw away tens of thousands of otherwise functional devices.
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    Good heads up - this has been threatened for some time though (Paul Hibbert on Youtube made a video about it years ago) - IIRC Google did something similar with Nest and dropped support for all the hardware. This is why you don't want to be tied in to one eco system - you really need to go open source and select something like Home Assistant.
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    Good heads up 😳
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    How is planned obsolescence good for the environment?
    It isnt
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    Will their bulbs / thermostats etc still be working ?

    I think it just mentioned security but how can you trust them again a lot of people have bought into their very expensive security system and they're just going to stop supporting them with the biggest lame excuse they could use, unbelievable
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    This is one of the reasons I look for ONVIF support, and avoid cameras that only function via an OEM server.

    Looks like they announced they were discontinuing the service in the US 9 months ago:-…th/ (edited)
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    No more surveillance support for the 360 hub either although it will still function as a hub.
    My 360 hub fell to bits (USB socket) last week so had to buy a new nano.
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    I imagine eBay will be flooded with hive products over the coming months
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