Minecraft Mood Light Alarm Clock b&m stores £12

Posted 30th Oct 2021
Minecraft Mood Light Alarm Clock.

In Minecraft gameplay, time passes exactly 72 times faster than it does here on earth. Thankfully, this blocky alarm clock uses the same 24-hour clock that we all live by.

Crafted to resemble a Grass Block, an item found in Minecraft Earth with colours that stay true to the famously pixelated video game.

This officially licensed alarm clock will wake you with the sound of the official Minecraft Sunrise music.

Micro USB cable included.

Dimensions: H15 x W13 x D13cm (Approx.)
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  1. replicant69's avatar
    Looks like a good deal, gotta find a store near me now to go look / buy
  2. Michlikeadeal's avatar
    Michlikeadeal Author
    Has them in both my local stores. Good luck
  3. replicant69's avatar
    Michlikeadeal30/10/2021 22:46

    Has them in both my local stores. Good luck

    You should post this as a deal rather than a discussion, I reckon it will gain some heat. Minecraft is popular and I see this being a great Xmas gift idea (edited)
  4. Michlikeadeal's avatar
    Michlikeadeal Author
    I thought I had lol
  5. sarahmaxwell's avatar
    They have them in my local b and m (north east) my 6 year old clocked it and desperately wants it for Xmas.
  6. D_Do's avatar
    Absolutely terrible product. Bought for my son, didn't work from day 1, set times and alarms then nothing... Reviews for this are also awful online. It's RRP is £24.99 and thus why it's reduced to half price pretty much everywhere.
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