Posted 25th Jan 2023 (Posted 1 h, 13 m ago)
I have a ee sim, they wouldnt offer anything great, so will have to port out to port back in.
by experience, would anyone know what networks best to do this,
1. that doesnt require me to top up that doner sim,
2.a network thats pretty quick to do this?
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    Three Pay As You Go. Or one of the 5p Lycamobile SIMs if you would prefer to keep using your number with an allowance of calls/texts/data to stay connected for the couple of days that your number is on the temporary SIM Card.…e-1
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    Mmmmm.....doner sim, does it come with garlic sauce?
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    I thought there were no 3rd party sellers for EE contracts though. So surely EE would offer their own pricing on an upgrade?
    There isnt, they just wouldnt offer anything good. If you see the reviews lately, it seems theyve been offer nothing better than whats stated online- and thats a new customer offer.

    i even got a text saying they would price match, but the agent point blank told me to ignore it, they dont price match with other networks its just to get customers to call back. Take that as you will.

    i went for the bt offer, but have to port my number out and back in to get the same number on that bt sim deal.
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    I did this, this month. Thanks to a few people on here. Used free payg sim from Voda and did the double transfer. Some people said Voda wasn’t the best network to do it with but I was too late. 
    How it go? Did you need to top it up?
    thanks in advance
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    Must be the first time in years that the same question has been asked & nobody has mentioned ASDA.
    Same EE to EE was last debated few weeks ago…299
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