TUI have changed my seat reservations

Posted 21st Jun 2023
I booked a TUI flight 2 weeks go to travel on the 30th June 2023, and I paid £102 return to reserve seats as my wife needs an aisle seat, we also managed to select a part of the plane where seats were in 2's rather than 3's for the return. Yesterday, I received an email advising that my seats had been changed on the outbound flight. The plane has been changed from a 787 to a 738. I am annoyed as they haven't allocated us an aisle seat. When I called, they couldn't change to an aisle seat even though they were available. They said they were blocked off for allocation by the crew after boarding. I can see seats are available, but it won't let me select them as it means leaving a window seat empty. This wasn't a problem on my original booking as someone had already selected the window seat.

I am really annoyed. I know things happen, but I don't understand why they won't allocate an aisle seat when some are available ?

Never normally fly tui, but flight times were much better than the other airline's.

Any advice? Apart from don't fly TUI

Thanks in advance
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  1. bozo007's avatar
    Call them again and speak to someone else, or ask on social media? The aircraft change is a big one given that the 738 is a single aisle plane with 80-100 seats less.
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    Yes will try again today
  2. Pandamansays's avatar
    I take it they refunded you the £102 for reserving seats that are no longer reserved.
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    No, they didn't! I have used a contact us form and will see what they say. Hopefully, we will get our pre booked seats on return leg so they will owe me about £50. But I won't know until nearer the time.
  3. Justintime12's avatar
    £102! They better be extra leg room seats at that price unless it's long haul
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    Yes, extra legroom
  4. halsteadsj's avatar
    Did you manage to get the seat you wanted? The same thing has happened to us. I am furious that they have moved us from the front of the plane to the back. Their t&c say if they group the party together there is no refund!
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    We didn't, and our flight home was also delayed 28 hours so we had to buy a jet2 flight home instead as we needed to get home. TUI refused to refund the delayed flight or refund seat reservations, we won't let them get away with it, though, and will go to small claims court if necessary, the replacement flight home cost almost £350. We have just got back today from another trip to Turkey and used jet 2. I wouldn't use TUI again. (edited)
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