Uber Eats free delivery trick - free delivery at any restaurant when share a courier is available (app only - possibly only Android)

Posted 25th Feb 2021
Update - Following comments, very likely only working on the Android app. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just discovered an Uber Eats trick to get free delivery

I browsed the McDonald's menu and was put off by the £3.99 delivery fee. I then went to share a courier (below - available on app only, not website) and chose a restaurant offering free delivery.

Important - don't empty your basket from the previous restaurant when switching to one from the free delivery options and don't add anything when you choose a free delivery restaurant
I then left the restaurant menu offering free delivery without adding anything to the free delivery restaurant. I returned to the McDonald's menu and the free delivery had transferred to the McDonald's order.

I was skeptical about the charge going through at full amount but I was charged the total without the £3.99 delivery fee applied

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