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Brand New Motorola Moto 360 Rose Gold 2nd Gen Smartwatch 42mm Blush Leather Band - £69.99 @ Supreme Mobile Ebay
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Unsure how this will go down, or if it's even still relevant now, but seemed like a good price for a brand new one. The Moto 360's 1.37" LCD touchscreen has a native resolution o… Read more

Thank you


Nope September 2015


I still use my Moto 360 2nd gen and it is a fantastic smartwatch. I purchased mine in 2015 and had to swap the battery last year and it works amazingly still. It lacks 2 features for me, GPS and NFC. I believe the 3rd gen has these features. This offer is now out of stock anyway.


It should phone then it's not an issue (y)


Will this work on PocoF1 phone .? Does anyone know please

1st Gen Motorola Moto 360 Black With Black Leather Band, B Grade + 2 Years Warranty £66.50 delivered (£65 in store)  @ CeX
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Posted 5th Feb 2018Posted 5th Feb 2018
1st Gen Motorola Moto 360 Black With Black Leather Band, B Grade + 2 Years Warranty £66.50 delivered (£65 in store) @ CeX
£66.50CeX Deals
Seems like a good price for a full functioning, great smart watch? I've got one myself and its such a nice thing to have. Makes reading messages during lecture much easier (chee… Read more

Just a fitness and notification watch though?


A whole day is 24hrs ;)


Pebble Time Steel.




That looks really interesting, if only it did a few things that I can with my PTS I'd order one.

MOTO 360 Sport [2nd Generation] - £113.00 Delivered -
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Posted 14th Dec 2016Posted 14th Dec 2016
MOTO 360 Sport [2nd Generation] - £113.00 Delivered -
The new Moto 360 simplifies your mobile life, leaving you more time for your favorite activities. Easily find the model that suits you best among those specially designed for men o… Read more
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Vibration is far too weak missing any notifications. Absolute lint magnet and looks like crap in 5 minutes. Cost me £13 to return to Amazon France. Back to my pebble.


wait but its in french does that mean anything will change to the watch itself like core settings


one of the most LED heart rate monitors is the Mio Alpha.. I have the Alpha 2. Pretty basic features as a sports/activity tracker but the HR monitoring is very accurate. Very occasionally loses accuracy but only if doing something like HIIT training.


Not sure as Lenovo (Moto) have ditched wearables for the foreseeable future! It was a yes, up until last week. Here is the link


​yes. I own the normal 360 2nd gen which is pretty much the same as this.

Moto 360 2nd gen £160  @ o2
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Moto 360 2nd gen £160 @ o2
can't find cheaper. Ends 30th November - LOH1153

It's only the 42mm no option for the 46mm


Thanks op, this is a great price for a pretty good smartwatch


​flat tyre isn't a bad trade off for auto brightness imo.


Still has flat tyre display - can't like it.Moto 360 vs Moto 360 2nd Gen:

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Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch Black £122 delivered @ Amazon France
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Posted 21st Nov 2016Posted 21st Nov 2016
Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch Black £122 delivered @ Amazon France
Been £172 on Amazon UK for a while, with £139 briefly being the cheapest ever price. I've not seen it much cheaper at any other UK retailer recently either. I paid £121.12 at the … Read more
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Love my Moto 360 g2. Moto have said wear 2 is coming for it.


Flat tyre, had one, sent it back. Got it to record my running but completely unreliable, often losing part of or whole races. Poor battery life, charges reasonably quickly but do you really want to be charging your watch before every race?


second gen it should get android wear2.0


flat thanks


does this have the same awful 'flat tyre' as both the other 360s?

Black Moto360 2nd Gen 42mm - £158.62 @ Tesco Direct
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Posted 26th Sep 2016Posted 26th Sep 2016
Black Moto360 2nd Gen 42mm - £158.62 @ Tesco Direct
*Smaller, black, 42mm version* of the 2nd generation Moto360 going for the cheapest I've seen so far. This one is smaller than the 1st generation watch FYI. Quick summary below: U… Read more
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I guess this has now expired but damn I don't get why it's gone this cold. I hadn't seen a better price for this model anywhere else before - seems like it might have been a pricing error after all..


That's the 'Sport' flavour.


Perhaps I wasn't fast enough!


Think that's for the Sport model, seems to be a lot of deals around for that one. Unfortunately it's 46mm which is too big for my wrists!


Currently on discount at £137.90 (including delivery cost) from iBood: I received notification of it as a "Secret Deal" via the iBood newsletter. You won't find the offer on the iBood homepage.

Moto 360 sport £129 after promo code from Motorola
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Posted 25th Aug 2016Posted 25th Aug 2016
Moto 360 sport £129 after promo code from Motorola
Found this deal after searching for back to school stuff From motorola official website Code: UKCRM164 UKWELCOME10

Sold Out :(


Yes they do on their own, but there's a £10 difference in discount, UKCRM164 gets you down to £129, UKHOT164 gets you down to £139. Not tried UKWELCOME10, but if it works with the new code it should be £119


UKHOT code does not work


To be fair its a different code, yesterday both new and old codes combined got you double the discount.


Motorola Moto 360 Sport - £129 including delivery (from Motorola)
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Posted 16th Aug 2016Posted 16th Aug 2016
Motorola Moto 360 Sport - £129 including delivery (from Motorola)
Similar to the Argos deal but these are in stock and £10 cheaper, including free delivery. Use codes UKHOT164 and UKWELCOME10 for £90 discount.
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Code seems to be working again now


Code stacking has been closed down by Motorola now, so you can't get the deal anymore :(


Themartian...can you expand on that pls...I been trying various codes and I can only get it down to 129


This did seem a good deal until I code stacked from another post on HUKD, £39 plus £6 delivery


Mine arrived yesterday, updated to Marshmallow and have had 3 successful rides recorded to Strava.

Moto X Force and FREE Moto 360 Sport Smart Watch £479.99 John Lewis
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Posted 10th Aug 2016Posted 10th Aug 2016
Moto X Force and FREE Moto 360 Sport Smart Watch £479.99 John Lewis
FREE Moto 360 Sport Smart Watch until 21.08.16 No redemption required - Moto 360 Sport Smart Watch (as shown in image 5) will be delivered with Moto X Force Phone.
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I ordered this couple weeks ago. and cheaper now too


Ain't this a hot deal?


​Second gen sports version.


which gen 1 or 2 ?


Only 32 gb :(

Motorola Moto 360 Metal Smartwatch, Android Wear, Light Chrome Case and Stainless Steel Band £99 (John Lewis)
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Posted 1st Aug 2016Posted 1st Aug 2016
Motorola Moto 360 Metal Smartwatch, Android Wear, Light Chrome Case and Stainless Steel Band £99 (John Lewis)
Moto 360 with metal strap. £99 with 2 year guarantee
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Sticking with my pebble until the fancy ones can go a week without a charge like mine ! Also pebble works with iOS and android which is helpful as I like to switch every year as I find both os's great.


Looks like a nice gadget & if it was in stock ide be tempted..But it's bad enough charging the phone everyday...i'll stick to me solar powered Citizen for now!


I so wanted one of these Moto 360 watches, but couldn't get past the small flat tyre niggle, knew it would bother me ... in the end I got the Huawei W1 on lightning deal £249 at the time ( .. at the time of purchase it didn't support voice calling. About a month after owning it, they updated the software to enable that. Bonus!! :-) For someone who never used to wear watches, to now having the W1, well worth the money, love it! £99 is a bargain for someone wanting a very decent smart watch.




​Pebble Time is overall I think. having tried a few different watches I concluded that I don't need interactivity and mainly just wanted to know who was notifying me and what about, without having to get my phone on my pocket. I also use timers and like it to track my steps. For all this the Pebble won out for me, and I even took it on my last holiday to Cornwall without the charger, since with Airplane mode on at night time the battery saw me right through. I liked the 360 as a nerdy toy but in my experience the battery was rubbish, it wasn't very smooth and responsive (because of the archaic TI OMAP CPU I suspect) and about three weeks after I bought it I woke up to find it had a black screen and would no longer switch on. In terms of build quality it's probably worth a play but don't expect anything amazing. Android Wear in its pre-2.0 iteration is horribly fiddly and unintuitive, and this watch won't be getting that update that fixes that!

Save £70 on Moto 360 Sport Watch  with Voucher @ Motorola
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Posted 29th Jul 2016Posted 29th Jul 2016
Save £70 on Moto 360 Sport Watch with Voucher @ Motorola
164Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the code at the checkout the add UKWELCOME10 ON TOP of UKHOT164 and Get a Real Bargain £139 instead of £219 Ends Soon !!!
Read More

Should the title say 'Save £80'?

Moto 360 v2 2nd gen smartwatch £209 delivered @ MyActive
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Posted 20th Jul 2016Posted 20th Jul 2016
Moto 360 v2 2nd gen smartwatch £209 delivered @ MyActive
Best price I can find plus free delivery this is the bigger size watch 46
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moto 360 sport £139.95 @ Argos
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Posted 17th Jul 2016Posted 17th Jul 2016
moto 360 sport £139.95 @ Argos
£139.95Argos Deals
Moto 360 sport now reduced to £139.99 at argos. Bought mine a few weeks back for £149.95, not bad, battery life not great and not waterproof. But works well otherwise, install and … Read more

I don't know if it helps you or not, but the 1st gen is also android with wear over the top.


​ Yes you are correct, apologies too desheperd, I didn't realise this was the second revision.


thanks for the apology, but desheperd is also correct.


​ Apologies bouncy, I was replying to desheperd.


"They don't run the Android OS like phones", i didn't say that. "Also they never made a version before this, unless you mean the no sport version." I haven't a clue what this is a response too, unless its deshepered in which case you are wrong. Motorola have the gen 1 moto 360, and the sport is gen 2. Also android wear, is android. In my case, my huawei w1 runs marshmallow or 6.01 with android wear version I can provide a picture if you really need proof. you might want to get a fact checker before correcting other peoples statements.

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Posted 16th Jul 2016Posted 16th Jul 2016
*** Thanks to Goonertillidie for original deal and codes **** Was on a few weeks back at £129 but for anyone that missed out its back on, however is now £139 with codes which is… Read more

expired codes not writing


So great that yours is broken!




The sport is a great watch, especially with the eink in bright sunshine


Hmmm i like big girlstoo look at them beautiful eyes :)

Moto 360 1st Gen various straps £39 @ John lewis - Bristol
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Posted 3rd Jul 2016Posted 3rd Jul 2016LocalLocal
Moto 360 1st Gen various straps £39 @ John lewis - Bristol
Found a great deal in john lewis today, moto 360 1st gen Stainless steel £39 - i bought 2! ;) Black steel £47 Leather £34 Also had fit bitz for £99 if interested Location Bristol… Read more

Thanks for this mate. I think I will pick one up as I will be travelling about this weekend so I may pop into a couple of different John Lewis stores and see what they have in stock. I always wanted the plain black with the black leather strap but the stainless steel is growing on me. Hopefully they still have a few left! :)


ive had mine for a nearly 2 weeks now and still haven't got bored, i had a Microsoft band 2 and got bored of that in days, sold the lumia and band and got my 360 with a new android and the difference is unreal. Like how apps you install on phone have a "wear" app version on watch, battery is lasting over a full day with plenty of work emails, personal emails and google speak usage, Controlling music is handy to. google kicks Cortana in to touch massively. To answer your question, Now i got one i would have happily paid the £99 i see on JL website to be honest. So if they match it or not its worth the money, and 2nd gen is really about physical build alterations mostly. For me £39 for used was an obvious buy, the logic of if 1 min on someone else's wrist means used then every new car is used. Sour grapes and all that for people that say other wise. Happy to answer any queries on them.


Yes this is what I was thinking along the lines of. But if I showed them this thread, you think they would price match the watch? They should right?


for your uses it would be fine, especially for 35quid! let alone any one of the sub 100quid prices :0) I use mine to control my music, messages and funnily enough, to tell the time ;) ......great a proper new steel one (not a return) for 79quid as JL in Oxford Street price matched when I showed them a hukd post :0)....go for spending nearly 300quid.....


I have seen some on my lunch break at Nottingham Victoria Centre. I just wanted to know from people, whether these are worth getting as I would really like to get the second gen via Moto Maker but they never have any stock. And also the price is a bit of an issue, the variation I want would set me back £289 or thereabouts, whereas these can be picked up from around £80. I have a Nexus 6P and was wondering whether it would be worth getting one of these instead of the second gen as I know these wont be getting any updates and the second gen will so will be more future proof. All I'll ever use this for would be the time, health apps, checking the odd message and google maps, so is it worth getting for this kind of price range or better to hold off?

Watch it! - Motorola Moto 360 Sport [2nd Gen] £129 with code stacking @ Motorola
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Posted 28th Jun 2016Posted 28th Jun 2016
Watch it! - Motorola Moto 360 Sport [2nd Gen] £129 with code stacking @ Motorola
Absolute steal for this, tempted myself now! Add item to basket, go to basket, add code UKSPORT and it'll drop to £139 which is a bargain anyway BUT then add code UKWELCOME10 and i… Read more

Well that seemed to end quickly. I am looking to buy the sport version tonight for £50 and hoping it has improved a bit after 7 months. did anyone keep theirs and still like it. band still holding together?


Well after one week I've sold mine to CEX for a £30 loss lol (£96 credit) on a brighter note I repurchased my old garmin vivoactive HR which is awesome again... Until the next one ;)


Well that's it, mine is going back too. The OK Google commands are just too unreliable. I'll hold out for something more reliable further down the line.


Its completely tied to the phone for anything useful. Theres no browser without the phone switched on, and I cant even use the gps with an offline google or here map. The battery drops like a stone and Ok Google is unresponsive most of the time. I thought the flat tyre wouldnt annoy, but it does. Wanted to love this watch, but I'll wait till something better comes out withWear 2 installed.


​What put you off?

Moto 360 First Gen Leather and Steel from £59 down from £79! @ JL Cardiff
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Posted 26th Jun 2016Posted 26th Jun 2016LocalLocal
Moto 360 First Gen Leather and Steel from £59 down from £79! @ JL Cardiff
Only a few left so be quick! Steel is £69 but one left.
Get deal*Get deal*

Any luck in Trafford?


Awesome :) I know the Horsham one well - my step sister worked there until recently


No worries - I risked it and went to my local JL today (Horsham) they have about 5 of each left - and did price match after a bit of discussion :) Just setting it up with my phone now. Thanks for posting the deal!


Off the top of my head I'm not sure. Could ring tomorrow and ask? They'll be able to check on the system how many there are. If I remember, I'll look too


Cameron are these still in stock in Cardiff or night there be more in the future?

MOTO 360 Sport (2nd Gen) - £149.95 c&c @ Argos
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Posted 26th Jun 2016Posted 26th Jun 2016
MOTO 360 Sport (2nd Gen) - £149.95 c&c @ Argos
£149.95Argos Deals
was waiting the price on these to come down, looks a lot more affordable now. Get everything you need for your run—without the need for your phone. The Motorola Moto 360 Sport giv… Read more

No problem, I guessed that might have been the case after a bit of searching afterwards :)


Yes it was £89, last week when i typed in Google smart watch 3 black at Very it was still showing as £89 but now its £99 oos, sorry for confusion.


That's strange cos when I posted this it was still £89 for the black one I checked first but now £99 oos, and its just to point out there is cheaper options if your looking for maybe the first time. Or I'm just still excited lol.


Yes everything fails at low depths, but the SW3 is waterproof in the sense that I can take it in the shower or the pool and it works fine. I use the SW3 for recording my lengths in the pool, and sync it to


Ah ok that makes more sense, I thought it was a current deal. Thanks for the info.

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch, Android Wear, Light Case and Leather Band £79.00 Free Delivery & 2 Year Guarantee @ John Lewis
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Posted 21st Jun 2016Posted 21st Jun 2016
Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch, Android Wear, Light Case and Leather Band £79.00 Free Delivery & 2 Year Guarantee @ John Lewis
FULL SITE SHOWING STOCK More than 10 in stock A classic round watch design combined with modern technology and the power of Android Wear, the Moto 360 Smartwatch from Motorola wi… Read more

Got my leather watch today, just can't pair it with android wear, apparently you have to download updates using android phone first to make it work, so will try later when I get my spare android phone back. Ordered at 2 o'clock when it came back to stock and just received it today.


I originally ordered the Stainless Steel one for £99, as the grey leather was out of stock, then ordered the grey leather one also when it came back into stock, thought i'd get both, see which one i linked more, seeing as JL have free returns. Picked up both yesterday from my local Waitrose store, and have to say the steel one is much nicer, much more premium feel to it. I find the grey leather one too light, and the strap to me seems a bit naf and plastic. Go going to return the leather one, and keep the steel one. Not too sure about battery life yet, only getting less than 12 hours on a full charge (and that was overnight also), but i think that's down to the watch downloaded 2-3 updates, and those seems to really eat battery life. Took it off charge @ 100% at 11am this morning, installed and update, and it's now down to 60%. Let's see.... Also, when doing updated the watch does get quite warm at the back cover when on your hand.


As previously stated ordered at 1545 yesterday , arrived at my local Waitrose today on C&C , playing with it now .


​orderd at 2pm yesterday. Back order email received just before midnight. Not holding out much hope.


I ordered immediately when the grey leather came back into stock yesterday, got my 2 warranty email yesterday an hour later, and then it dispatched last night around 12am. Just had a text from Waitrose saying it's awaiting collection in my Waitrose store. Will pop up later and collect

Goldeneye (N64) Android Watch face (Great for Moto360!)
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Posted 21st Jun 2016Posted 21st Jun 2016
Goldeneye (N64) Android Watch face (Great for Moto360!)
Thought I'd repost this with the new Moto 360 out and the old one dropping in price yesterday :) Just a bit of fun, but this puts a face on your android smart watch to mimick the N… Read more

Does this come with the option to detonate remote mines????


Used it when it came out a long time ago but was a huge drain on battery - has that improved?


OP you really should put a download link for people to get the sound effect from the game! :p (get to it)


I've got this. It's pretty awesome. Only downside is that you still get shot when you look at it!


I cannot see the option to make it Square. It puts a round face on the square screen and misses using a lot of the screen. Not very good.

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