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[Xbox One] The Crew - £2.99 - CDKeys
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
£2.85 if you can be bothered with the Facebook code (y) The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving MMO developed exclusively for next-gen consoles and high-end PCs that l… Read more
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This is nailed on to be a Plus game at some point


Great deal, it's a shame CDKeys often have titles such as this and Assassin's Creed Unity for a few quid on Xbox One, but very rarely for PS4.


I platinumed the game so I would say there must have been something keeping me coming back. I enjoy pvp racing and ran missions with friends, so you need to factor that in. Without that you could be done in around 40 hours most likely and may not have as much fun if you were trying to do missions with randoms/sticking to solo. There is no way I could compare this game to the fun I’ve had with say, FH3, different as they are.It plays and looks kind of like it was meant to be a last gen game that got delayed and released this gen. For £3, it’s worth a look!


Crew 2 at the end of this month.


Thanks. Just ordered this for my sons birthday next week. Bargain!

Free Hendricks gin G&T at 9 posh Manchester bars and loads in London, possibly nationwide using Facebook
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
One bar in Manchester has amazing panoramic views with outdoor lounges 12 floors up! Use Facebook messenger to get code, which I think are unique. Follow instructions.

I went to use mine today and the manager of the bar knew nothing about it even though it was listed on the link.


Yes but we have to leave the whippets outside.(annoyed)


Ho ho my sides


Manchester has posh bars???

Pre order Fifa 19 (PC) for only £32.99 / £31.34 with fb code @ CD keys
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Releases on 27 Sept 2018

Am looking forward going towards more a subscription based with this and xbox game pass. As personally it will save me money plus I believe gamers will save cash instead of trading annual games


If it on pc or ps4 u can get a usb stick and put all the badges kits and other stuff on it. I just order a usb with it all already on each year from eBay about 9quid or if u have pc do it ur self


Different year, same price for the same game with a different roster and UI. And every year people lap it up (party)




No, in fact the PC version is more advanced in terms of graphical options.

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Rage £1.99 / £1.89 (fb code) [STEAM] @ CDKeys
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Rage is a groundbreaking first-person shooter set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid impacts Earth, leaving a ravaged world behind. You emerge into this vast wasteland… Read more

RAGE been out for years... No one cares. RAGE 2 announced, everybody cares. We Gamers are a fickle bunch.


Nice price this is a great game


Refund it quick, then buy a Toffee Crisp with the money saved.


Mega price for mega texture !


Dam. Just bought for £2.60 on Steam. Grrrr. (lol) Good deal tho Op. Thanks.

Agony PC £9.49 (£9.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Little bit cheaper now (pirate)
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This game is awful. Don’t buy into the controversy thinking that it’s a good game because of it. It is far from anything worth your time.


Still £9 too expensive a complete bug ridden mess.


This game was named after its gameplay , other titles considered during the marketing stage :- Torment , Pain & Suffering , Worse than Death ,MInd Numbing and Game Screen of Death.


They have released a fair few patches now, buy according to the patch details it just makes the game easier and repairs a few bugs, thus making and already short game even shorter, I'll buy at £5.


Everything apparently, this review seems to sum the game up! XD https://metro.co.uk/2018/06/04/agony-review-hellishly-awful-7602272/

Fallout 4 GOTY PC £16.14 (£16.99 without -5% FB code) @ CDKeys
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
I looked around on the site for a better deal than this and couldn't find one, please feel free to delete my post if there is a duplicate that i missed or a better deal. Sorry in a… Read more
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On console it is separate codes so can't see why it wouldn't be on PC. The whole reason behind it is it stops people selling the DLC for cheap as once you have installed it using the code you then can't resell it with the DLC forcing people into paying for a season pass


No, i got one code for everything. On PC anyway.


2 seperate codes oh... well then that solves everything... most games dont do that and one code unlocks both dlc and game... ahh nice work Bethesda i guess haha ok problem solved.. your a genius haha thanks.


Why don't you just buy the goty edition, the season pass it comes with is a downloadable code so just sell the code for the game online or gift it to a friend


No, if you use a key on your Steam account, it is tied to your account permanently. Being a retail copy means nothing really. IMO that is why PC games sell much cheaper than their console versions, there is no 'used' market anymore.

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Resident Evil VII Biohazard PC £6.64 (£6.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Great Price :)
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I just want to know if this is going to have split screen!


Thanks for posting, been wanting to buy this for ages but kept thinking 'umm its still a bit too much (at £20)', no excuse now! :-)


Easily worth twice as much. Bargain


Damn ok thanks. I was an idiot and bought it full price at launch on PC hoping for VR.


No, you can do it with mods (VorpX) and such but there are still no plans for official VR support on PC.

PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC £4.74 (£4.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Refreshed 17th JunRefreshed 17th Jun
Good price worldcup
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How to get a FB code ?


Same as FIFA in the fact that defender's can catch up if given enough space , so tge trick is to play the offside trap within 25yds of the goal


Doesn't take ages to get a game on PS4. Currently been playing online divisions and every time matched for a game within (at the most) 30 seconds.


Good price. Off topic but Insurgency is a bargain, so happy I got a PC to play some good shooters. Insurgency is £1.50 and what a game.


PES is the better game, its been around this price possibly since xmas though. Hovering around the £5/6 mark. Cant wait for the new one tbh. Scottish license just in time for the Stevie G revolution :D

Rocket League Xbox One £6.64 (£6.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Great Price (pirate)
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It’s £8:99 now


Just jumping from Xbox to PS4 (for VR mainly), any similar PS4 deals and mention of crossplay? Although I have it on the Switch I suppose.


I just looked into it, I was mistaken, my bad.


Think it was playstation plus it came free with not gwg , whatever... Get it if not already


I've downloaded them all though somce inception never had rocket league, unless its was one of them accidentals like fable3 for a couple of days years ago

Battlefield V PC Pre Order £30.39 (£31.99 without FB code) @ CDKeys
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Good Price (pirate)
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You clearly look through rose tinted glasses then. Bc2, while fun, was a pathetic outing of bf, no prone for snipers, no large scale vehicle combat, small cramped maps, most of them with very narrow attack paths, which made massive bottle necks (you were lucky to get a squad past the bottle neck in the transport Heli lol), whoever decided to let you destroy a c4 objective with lrvolution of the building it was in, just lead to tanks sniping the target when a team was too rubbish to get in for the plant (even used to plant C4 on the back of building and keep doing till it dropped haha). Bf3 was epic, still is, but the net code could have been better, but compared to BF4 net code, was way better. Bf4 is still a better game overall, just would have been much better if the netcode was better than bf3. My wish is to see a 4k remake of bf3 and 4 into one online only version, with all the documents of both games and vehicles, kit of both games available on all maps. Plus add in the new mechanics of bf1 and v (especially the lay on back and shoot, nade throw back <3 )


If you love BF1, you should love this. Personally I have BF1. Went downhill after BFBC2. BF3 was good, but not that different from BC2. BF4 & BF1 were just re-skinned cash-cows.


Royal Mode, Destructible Environments, No Premium Pass Or Loot Boxs.


Fortunately I am too cheap to pre-order anything.


You can cancel, I pre ordered Sea Of Thieves through them after which Xbox said it would be on Game Pass and they cancelled the order for me

Nier Automata PC £13.74 (£14.49 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Good price :)
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Yep, not a single patch/update released since the PC version went on sale. Avoid!


Great game, but I'm waiting until they iron out the problems on PC. If they don't, as seems likely, I'm out


true but at least it doesn't completely crash your console (at least that I am aware of) on the pc it will at best crash the game but more often for me completely lock up my machine requiring a hard reboot. No other game or application has done that to me.


If we're honest it doesn't run great on PS4 either. Probably the most hitching I've seen on a console game this generation.


if you have a ps4 get it on that instead, the constant crashing isn't worth it. amazing game but awful port. (if you do get this install the far mod to improve performance - doesn't stop the crashing though)

Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition PC £ 11.99 / £11.39 with fb code @ cdkeys
Refreshed 18th JunRefreshed 18th Jun
Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition contains: Injustice 2 Base Game Access to 9 new fighters as they become available 2 exclusive gear shaders usable on multiple characters 3 Premie… Read more

The Legendary Edition includes all downloadable content characters: Includes 10 additional characters and 5 Premiere Skins – including Hellboy and TMNT. Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition contains: Injustice 2 Base GameAccess to 9 new fighters as they become available2 exclusive gear shaders usable on multiple characters3 Premiere skins adding a new look and dialogue for specific characters.


What's the difference between the Ultimate edition and the Legendary edition?


Have you seen many games these days? That's standard size now. For Honor is about the same size and is free too.


No, but thats available as Dlc for 29.99


47Gb???? Does it come with half of internet on it?

Batman Arkham VR PC £2.84 (£2.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Not a bad price :)
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OOS, hopefully it comes back in stock :( I was trying to buy it yesterday for a hour but I went to PayPal, clicked payed it said basket empty, the order didn't go through (the payment didn't go through either)


Out of Stock :(


Bought been meaning to get it for PSVR but it's always £10 in more. Might as well just get this for my WMR.


I finished it on Rift. Really good little game, especially for 3 quid!


Thanks, saving of over a tenner is good for me and a great opportunity to try the game too.

Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops 4 PC £34.99 or £33.24 with 5% FB Code @ CDKEYS
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
I think this may have been posted a while back but thought I would do it again just in case people never saw this. I was looking to get it from amazon for £49.99, this is a much be… Read more

For me I only want to run steam as everything is in one place then. I forget about things that aren't on steam (I appreciate you can add them in), and I have enough trouble playing all the games buy add it is!


Why do people care so much if it's on Steam or not?


Yep, same here. No single player campaign, no steam = no sale! Simples ;)


The campaign is missing, and it'll be missing from steam. No-buy



Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC £31.89 / £30.30 with fb code at CDKeys
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
If you are looking to purchase this DLC for Destiny 2 why not save yourself a few quid. Yeah, I know. Destiny 2 sucks, Destiny 2 is crap etc etc. Don't whine if you can't grind (y… Read more
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Don't act as if Destiny is the same, they take it to another level with multiple passes


Me too. Picked up a couple of copies of the game for around £8 each for me and my boy from HumbleBundle and have really enjoyed the switch from console to ultra on PC. Not gonna pick up this until its dirt cheap though.


Well, I meant to say that Bungie's bad policies go far beyond the fact that generally games get cheaper over time and complete editions are eventually sold cheaper.


Like every other game with a season pass you mean?


It should be noted to buy this expansion, you not only need to own the base game but also the Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLC. It's almost like Bungie don't want the players who left after the first few months to come back.


Get what for free? 12 month Subscription service?


My current subscription ends on the 28th June, can I use this to follow on from my current one?


I remember the days when they used to be sold for £25 on here in surplus


Heat. Thanks


I reckon this will probably as cheap as you will be able to get as, since the price went up, the lowest I've seen for 12 months membership is £29.99 CD Keys tend to reduce 12 months memberships to around the £32 mark (like now) every few months so for me, personally, I'm waiting for Amazon Prime day to potentially pick up a deal like last year (15 months for £30...but that was before the prices were raised)

Prey PC £7.59 (£7.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Good price :)
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£9.99 now.


I will get it when its a £5 but I have a funny feeling that it will be featured in next humblebundle so hmmm might as well wait.


Coming up as £7.99 for me. <{:D Prey PC + DLC PREYPC1£ 7.99 Subtotal£ 7.99 Discount (XZF6XKLMG) -£ 0.40 Grand Total £ 7.59 Milky milky...


Tempted!! Maybe after I complete fc5

Sea Of Thieves Xbox One & Windows 10 £25.64 (£26.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Cheap copy if you dont wanna get it through Game Pass (pirate)
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This really is an amazing game, especially if you have some friends to play it with. Even on your own, it can be a chilled experience, just sailing around and trying to find some treasure. 6 free dlc's planned so far, will keep this going for quite a bit.


Dropped £49.99 on this bad boy, dropped my pants royally. It is a good game and does look amazing on the One X. This hurts my ass bad. Doesn’t feel good, like robin hood (devil)


They need to make this free on GWG, down to the 16th most played game on Xbox live a few places below SoD. MS are having a bad run lately.


Awful game


Meanwhile I am on my 4th 14 day trial.

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