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PUBG PC only £15.99 (£15.19 with FB) @ cdkeys
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
The stellar "original" battle royal game on PC from cdkeys at a "may as well give it a go" price! This is for a steam key. For those who are only aware of Fortnite, here's the de… Read more
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You need to watch some Wackyjacky youtube videos fella.


I agree we disagree but it's not the fact you dislike it that I don't understand. What I don't understand is this vendetta that you have about it. When most people dislike something they distance themselves from it. Stop doing it, stop reading about it etc. You have gone out of your way to slate it with no constructive criticism, just a rant about how it's rubbish and the people that play it are muppets. If millions of people are enjoying it daily why would you wish it to end? Something that does not affect you at all. Are you upset that people can enjoy something you can't? I'm not trying to be a dick here. I just generally am baffled by your attitude.


I have it. Just not my bag for the reasons i stated. I just dont get why people play it so from my perspective I would also like to state it rubbish. Couldn't think of anything worse to do and as pointless. Let us just agree to disagree.


I just don't quite understand your attitude. If you don't play the game why do you want it to end? It literally has no baring on your life at all unless you let it. Millions of people enjoy the game daily. Millions. Daily. Are they ALL wrong? There are many things I dislike, hate even, but I just exclude them from my life. Happy. I suggest you try it. People like different things.


There might be a few on here sitting on the fence. If you want to play a game full of kids waiting around sniping, getting bored with cheats and getting no where fast at least let me put a negative on this garbage. Sooner it runs out of steam the better

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PC - CDKeys £8.99 (or £8.54 with FB code)
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Great price for this call of duty on pc. Still a decent amount of players online. Could be good to tide you over until bo4 as a lot of people were disappointed with WW2. Get 5% of… Read more
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"Care to explain how this is in any way similar to "every other company in the world"?" Proceeds to ignore explanation because it's too many words. 12 lines isn't an essay (unless you're taking one of those dodgy online courses). Try reading it - it won't give you an aneurysm and you might learn something that will stop you making naive comments in the future.


"I don't see why we need to have this conversation" proceeds to write an essay lol. No one is reading that.


Because a core concept of business is 'buy low, sell high' and many companies take advantage of weaker economies in other countries to buy from/have things made in countries where it is cheaper to do so and then sell them in countries with stronger economies where they can charge higher prices. So in that respect buying game keys in bulk from, for example, a Russian store, where they're much cheaper and then advertising them in countries like the UK, where you can charger higher prices, is no different to getting clothing or electronics made somewhere like China for sale at premium price in the western world. If you have some sort of moral objection to this kind of business practice there are a lot more products and sites you should be boycotting. I don't see why we need to have this conversation every time a deal like this is posted. People say 'gray market' like it's illegal (because it sounds like black market, which is the illegal version) or immoral - it's not. The only real argument to be made is that buying through a site like CDKeys means the developer will get less money from you, but a) whatever price they've set, even in the cheaper countries, means they will be getting some money, and it must be an amount they're okay with, and b) if you're shopping around for game deals you're unlikely to be paying full price for the game anyway, so if this is the only way you're going to buy it then at least the developer gets some money from you instead of nothing (glass half full perspective).


So what? It isn't illegal. The publishers' business model involves charging you a higher price for no other reason than the region you live in. It's not like they're standing on the moral high ground!


Tesco, asda, Wilkinsons, Morrisons, sainsburys, aldi, Lidl, argos... Etc etc... All buying in bulk from other companies or farmers etc and reselling in stores for a profit. Its common sense about marketing and thinking just 1 company does it is just daft.

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TT  Isle of man - Ride on the Edge  pc game £17.99 / £17.09 (fb code) at CD Keys
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
New game came out on 27.03.18 and already big prise drop , Game looks very good I will try it out tomorrow I always wanna ride Isle of man and I can do it now :D

Reskin of daytona usa lol


My mate bought this on the X and says it's amazing, the sense of speed and urgency is unreal, I want it but still too steep for a game in a genre I'm not a massive fan of.


Got over 20hrs on the game so far and not come across any glitches but maybe I have just been lucky.


Tha'ts a pity its glitchy, would have loved a more up to date tt game.


Graphics on this are brilliant, attention to detail on the course are fantastic, I live near the course and you can see my house! 😁however the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired, awful handling and far too many glitches, the game is in need of a patch to sort it out

Life is Strange - Complete Season 1-5 (PC) £3.99 / £3.79 (fb code) @ CD keys
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Didn't think I'd enjoy this game, as I thought it would be a cheesy teenage drama. But it's actually a very good story with an interest game mechanic. Life is Strange is an award… Read more
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Ok thanks, think I'll wait a while, will probably go back & replay the original now, will hopefully become free to download by then, thanks again for the info.


Yes you need to. I bought the deluxe edition for PS4 which came with the farewell episode all along, so no idea how you can get it on Steam, but must be an option just to purchase only this episode. However, the episode itself is a half an hour quick episode where you play as 12yeard old "Young Max" and basically "sticks" the "Before the storm" story with the firs LiS one. You can buy it if you are a fan of the game, but if you played and didn't liked it (something I will never be able to understand), I'd probably not worry to pay the amount, unless is less than the average episode


Quick question, just finished episode 3, do I need the 'deluxe edition' to play the 'farewell' episode, as when I clicked on the bonus episode, it took me to steam client but there was no option to download it, apart from purchasing the deluxe edition?, thanks.


I just played "Before the storm" (the second part of this game which is a prequel) and although was developed by another company, is still so good that made me want to play this game again. Might look like the typical "teenager high school american history", but is actually one of the best scripts I've ever played on a game, taking all the usual cliches on our society and making with them something so... "unique". Definitely love it and would recommend it to anyone who didn't play it yet, whether you like to play video games or not.

Fallout 4 VR £21.99 @ cdkeys.com (£20.89 with facebook code)
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
price dropped a little - was waiting for sub £20 price, but this is close enough I think. Although flawed on release, it has been patched a bit and there is a fix to get it to work… Read more

Crappy engine, Crappy vr support etc, skyrim vr is much much better


What was wrong with it and what did you not like. I like fallout and was thinking about getting VR version but if it is not too good I might save some dough.


Didn't like it personally on my oculus


It is cheaper now - 20.99


Is it easy enough to get running on the rift? F4 is on my wish list but the bugs just seem too many to command the price it does.

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A Way Out for Xbox One, £19.95 with Facebook 5% off Digital Code (£20.99 without) @ Cd Keys
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
From the creators of Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons comes A Way Out, an exclusively co-op adventure where you play the role of one of two prisoners making their daring escape from p… Read more
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Sorry mate, forgot to say Xbox one - don’t think it’s cross play but fair play to ya mate




If anyone buys this and realises they need somebody to co-op - message me and I’ll play it with you - :D Cheeky but worth a shot lol


Do you really go by this retarded idiots review on all games??? His reviews are so biased. He whines and nags about each and everything. He expects all games to be like how it happens in real life hahaha... Was waiting for a drop in price. Thanks OP. Heated


I played this with a mate. We both thought it was brilliant. Sometimes it's good to step away from the normal usual AAA games and try something refreshing. I hope they release another game with the same type of game play. Overall a solid story, good graphics and soundtrack, unique gameplay and hilarious talk sequences. For £20 it's well worth it

Minecraft Story Mode Episodes 1-8 Xbox One £5.79 (£5.50 with 5% FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Cheapest Ive Seen It :)
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It's £5.19 via the Microsoft store...per episode! I just bought using the 5% FB code, heat added!


Only Episode 1 is free.


Is this not the one that’s free on Xbox at the mo anyway? Xx


The code is limited use - you can’t keep re using it anymore


Tales from the Borderlands was consistently hilarious!

Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One/PC) - £14.99 / £14.24 with fb code at cdkeys
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition includes: Halo Wars 2 – Early Access Play Halo Wars 2 four days early Halo Wars 2 Season Pass Grow your war chest with the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass… Read more
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Hi Billysablo. I decided to pick up the Ultimate Edition from Kinguin with the knowledge that I may not get HW:DF for the PC. Anyway, I registered HW2:Ultimate Edition through the Windows Store and...So, I don't know how it happened, but HW:DF is definitely downloading on my PC right now. Maybe things have changed?


Yeah and a bloody good expansion at that. Consists of 5 campaign missions, 2 leaders and a new game mode - terminus firefight.


Yaap Yaap Yaap


Oh :(, so it's just an expansion that's missing?


Same here (mad)

Minecraft Story Mode Complete Adventure XBOX One - £5.99 (+5% Apple Pay/FB code) @ CDKEYS
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Great price The Minecraft Story Mode Complete Adventure Includes: All five episodes of Season One All three episodes of the Adventure Pass Be the Hero of a Grand Adventure in… Read more
Sloth/Mod Get dealGet deal

Yes it really is, I love telltale games and this is actually good and well worth the play


Not a Minecraft fan but enjoy telltale games, is it worth it?


Really enjoyed this game! Deal not for me but super hot, recommended for all players


Thanks OP

Just Eat Magic Hour - 25% off Just Eat Orders on Easter Monday via Facebook
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Saw this on Just Eat Facebook page. You need to go to messenger and sign up to get code for 25% off on Easter Monday. Facebook link. https://www.facebook.com/justeat/posts/101562… Read more

just checked my FB messenger - looks like no one answering messages now! complete failure Just Eat! Not impressed.


Its been 14 hours since I contacted CS with no reply. do you think I should start making dinner? ;)


Signed up to receive a code about a week ago, contacted customer services 4 hours ago, absolutely nothing....pizza hut it is then I guess...


Goodness, why do JE make it where there's SO many hoops to jump through?! Was hoping to share a spare code, but I didn't receive anything!


CR5X-DY21 If someone wants to try it

1 Month Xbox Game Pass (New accounts only) £1.32 (With Facebook like / Apple Pay) £1.39 (Without discount) @ CDKeys
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Very good price for this. You’ll always have something new to play with Xbox Game Pass. For one low monthly price, you get unlimited access to over one hundred Xbox games on Xbox … Read more
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£2.99 now


Yeah, all the naff games nobody actually wants to play let alone buy.


Just keep making new xbox accounts and then get unlimited 14 day trials😚


I now get to rent SoT and Recore on PC due to this at the cost of £1.39. Thanks Microsoft I really like this gamepass. Then again I can't see myself paying £8 a month for it.


So I think we have 4 accounts on the Xbox. If I add this code to my main account - once downloaded can my son access the games on his account on the same Xbox ? If so then I can add a code to the accounts in turn after 1 (or 2 maths turning auto renew on then off) ? If so then that results in up to 8 months game pass for £5.28 (less than the cost of one month) !

Railway Empire PC game with GAMESDEAL - still £39.99 on steam - £16.73
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Was thinking about giving this game a go for a while and just saw that it had dropped to the sub £20 mark with a few of the online serial providers. I think GamesDeal is the cheape… Read more

I din't take it as a dig ! I agreed with your to each their own. I agreed also with gibblesuk comment. It IS more in depth and flashier, but still essentially the same


I guess the true Miers' fans will love it. Just personally i couldn't be bothered sorting out the signal lights for 40 minutes using the hapless key design on the Xbox. It's probably a very enjoyable PC Game.


It wasn't a dig, your comment was perfectly valid. As Gibbles said though, it looks like a different game and was only released in January. I wouldn't imagine it would be in a humble bundle at those prices for a long long time.


Much more in depth than Sid Meier. I had the Xbox version for a few days before shifting it out on ebay.


Yes, but this game seems little different to Meier's Railway apart from a few scenes And that was almost given away (less than £1 for handful of his games) with Humble Bundle in last year

Free Captain Morgan & Cola via Facebook Chat.
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Captain Morgan is giving away free Captain and Cola from selected bars - all you need to so is have a quick 30 second chat on Facebook and you get a code which you can then use to … Read more
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I think it loosely translates to only 1 free drink per person - don't be greedy ;)


Not sure what they mean by this, in the terms & conditions: One digital voucher per person per day. One digital voucher per bill. A digital voucher may only be used once, once it has been redeemed, as described in clause 4 above, it may not be redeemed again for another 24 hours during the Offer Period. There is no cash alternative.


Don't seem to be any in London (besides a few in the outskirts), sad times.


Glad it works for you - enjoy :)


nice i got free drink from p and p, brew dog and now Yates 😁😁

Fallout 4 VR PC CDKeys £24.69 with Apple Pay or Facebook code @ CDKeys
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Fallout 4 VR PC Steam CDKeys £24.69 with Apple Pay or Facebook code works with both Vive and Rift (Tutorial for rift: https://www.pcgamesn.com/fallout-4-vr-oculus-rift-fix )

I've played this with a Dell Visor with controllers and it works fine with Windows Mixed Reality straight with Steam VR. There are a couple of issues with scale etc but these can be fixed really quickly via the ini file. There are guides all over the web about this. I would rate this in the top 5 VR experiences out there right now.


I am using the Oculus and Oculus Controllers with Steam VR, works perfectly well.


Will it work via Steam VR for the xbox controller? (as no native VR controller available). (Basically no native VR controller, just xbox one controller via PC using Steam and alternative VR setup via mobile phone).


I have held off on purchasing this due to the lack of rift support, but due to a kind friend I now have this for my oculus. The fix required to get it working took me about 15 minutes to implement, and the control scheme is... okay. Not great, but usable. I played for 3 hours before dragging myself away, but I am definitely logging back into the wasteland tonight. I am still not convinced its worth parting money for, but the fix is bearable, and for all the buggyness, it is still an amazing experience.


I bought LA Noirw which uses a custom patch to b ‘compatible’ with Rift and it’s barely playable. Very finnicky and the controls are borderline broken

Battlefield 1 PC £9.99 less 5% facebook like £9.99 @ CDkeys
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
further discounted!
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I have Origin Access and just bought the BF1 Revolution ( includes season pass ) and Titan Fall 2 Ultimate Bundle for £23.99, gonna cancel the access as soon as they download :) The Origin Access BF1 does not include the DLC :( :(




Im getting back into this recently. Not touched since the first month it was released and then, as Destiny 2 got a little boring, decided to give this another shot. Operations are just awesome, cant get anough of it and so much so, i bought the premium pass (yeah i know) but was £11.99 a few weeks back so not too bad ish :) great price op, have some heat!


Also part of ea access for £20 a year


They push. We push.

Diablo III 3 Battle Chest PC (includes base game and Reaper of Souls) - £12.99 or £12.34 with Facebook like code @ cdkeys.com
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Great game , I have just started playing , I did have it on PS4 , but I tend to prefer mouse & KB for these types of game , PLUS I seem to of gone RPG & ARPG nutz ! picked … Read more
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Torchlight is made by some peoples from Blizzard, creators of Diablo II. NOX is another good game.


Path of Exile is made by original authors of Diablo. New league starting on 2-Mar. It is free to play and microtransactions are only for desired looks and guild stash tabs. Great game!


does the story mode start again , or would I go on a different path .


As part of the season journey you get a free high level class set for completing chapters. You only get ONE set per season so be certain what class you want to get the set. Strongest set this season is probably Demon Hunter.


I read to join the seasons you should set up a "seasonal" character ?

Free T-Shirt for You and Your BFF Worth £6 @ LOTD.com (facebook page) [you and a friend have to opt in to merchant email database]
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Just sign up at LOTD facebook page and receive a free t-shirt for You and Your freind Want a FREE T-SHIRT FOR YOU AND YOUR BFF? To celebrate 'International Women's Day' on March 8… Read more
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I got 2 this afternoon too. Had forgotten all about this deal lol


I got two but I didn’t sign up


The wife's have also arrived Just goes to show its always worth at crack at these freebies (y)


got ours today, thanks, not bad t-shirts for free.


For some reason I had four delivered - 2 small and 2 large so gave the other 3 to friends

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