Anybody else having problems logging into Top Cash Back?

Posted 16th Dec 2015
keeps coming up "Oops, login has failed. Please try again."

I have entered the correct infomation
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  1. oumk2001's avatar
    Yes! I can't log in and tried several times!
  2. Spudboy's avatar
    Same here - site must be down.
  3. Eryngium's avatar
    Me too...tried password reset a couple of times also and still can't log in
  4. PD101's avatar
    Same here. Does appear that we broke it!
  5. deleted633089's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Me too!
  6. anthea's avatar
    and me oO
  7. deviouspaul's avatar
    same here
  8. huxley1's avatar
    Same here
  9. deleted827435's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Just logged in to the site. On a mobile device though
  10. 85NH's avatar
    Ive just logged in no problems. Maybe its been sorted in the last half hour.
  11. Hey.Jay's avatar
    I thought it was me, - that i offended it.... phew Im glad its not only me having trouble logging in.
  12. Polar1's avatar
    I didn't even log out but when I went back to the site I was logged out and now can't get back on. Strangely my mother can log into her account using same laptop.
  13. deleted79175's avatar
    Anonymous User
    I still can't log in- just getting the oops login failed message. I've cleared cookies, reset my password and used a different browser- was beginning to think they had banned me for some unknown reason!
  14. deleted1394643's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Its a shame they dont have the livechat facility that quidco have. Would make things so much easier

    Does anyone know another way to get in touch with them instead of just support tickets?
  15. deleted1394643's avatar
    Anonymous User
    TopCashback ‏@Top_CashBack 2m2 minutes ago
    We're aware some members are experiencing log in issues. We're investigating & hope to fix it soon! I'm sorry for any inconvenience. ^Matt
  16. deleted1421376's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Same here, just when I'm trying to do som Xmas ordering. I get properpy tired of these sites hiring cretins and imbeciles to do their coding.
  17. bexmatty's avatar
    Not working for me, desktop site or mobile app ... Sort it out TCB!
  18. jude7219's avatar
    Me too, glad its not just me!
  19. frakker's avatar
    This is completely amateurish. I've not been able to login for several hours now and I'm baffled as to why it would take so long to fix.
  20. deleted618256's avatar
    Anonymous User
    TCB have posted an "official" message in facebook one hour ago but have done nothing in their own web page to advise the users. WHY?
  21. bo84gle's avatar
    Works for me
  22. deleted2222634's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Hi - I know this thread is over four years old now but I've just found it after Googling re why i can't log into TopCashBack! Is anyone else having problems now please?
  23. HogarthHughes's avatar
    I can't login in either and trying to contact them doesn't work either!
  24. Addy258's avatar
    I know this thread is old but I can’t login. Says wrong password and I’ve reset it and definitely put the right password
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