Posted 6th Feb 2023 (Posted 18 h, 44 m ago)
27 or 29 leg measurement, 38 waist. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    i normally buy the asda Mid Wash Slim Fit Jeans £17
    or Blue Mid Wash Slim Leg Jeans £18

    thay last ages and wash good.

    i have tried the cheaper asda basic brand jeans but they look and feel like grandad LoL
    Those absolute basic ones at Asda have actually been good to me. They certainly don’t feel like your average pair of jeans when you feel the material for the first time. But they’ve outlasted the usual ones that I used to buy, most commonly from Next for significantly more money.

    It took a mishap that left me needing a change of clothes nowhere near home to get me to run into a supermarket and buy a mega cheap replacement outfit. It was originally just going to go straight into the first charity sack to come through the door but actually turned out to be decent and I have since saved a lot of money.
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    Primarks skinny stretch jeans are around that price and really comfy
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    Bit of a weird one, but have you tried Matalan? They have a good fit range and was the best out of the cheaper supermarkets in terms of colour, cut and fit (everywhere else seems to have mostly skinny on the racks). Ample free parking too. So a coupla quid saved already (edited)
    Worth a try for sure. Unfortunately live out in the sticks nearest Matalan about 25 miles. I prefer the normal fit rather than those skinny one's
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    I usually wait for the Next sales and buy a dozen or so pairs for work etc depends on what styles are on sale, if there's certain ones I save for other occasions, Don't think I've paid more than £15 for any over the years.

    There where Levi's for £15 on Amazon yesterday not sure if it's still running. (edited)
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    Jacamo for me, short and tubby ha ha. Esp strech ones. Bit more flexible.
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    Crosshatch are decent and always have 50%-60% off codes.
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    Jack jones on Amazon or hollister do deals
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    Are skinny jeans appropriate though?
    Not on 38W / 27 Leg

    Source: Me
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    I have been pleasantly surprised by Land's End. Got a pair from a deal here just a few months ago for around £15 and it is quite well made.
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    LMFAO and here's me thinking I was the only short I @rse that needs to lose weight.
    I did get some of the Primark ones as I am those exact measurements, but I did not get the skinny ones and I can confirm that they are stretchy.
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    BoohooMan does decent jeans. Very good quality and wash up well for the prices and not all the styles are skinny jeans. Take a look online and if you find some always Google for promo code there are usually a few floating about.